Saturday, September 04, 2010

Blogging in Stephen Harper's Canada

As you know I spend most of my time on this blog attacking and mocking Stephen Harper and his Con government. Just like they attacked and mocked their opponents from the time they came to power.

Because I hate bullies of any stripe more than I hate anyone in the world. And just like I did in school, I believe in giving bullies a taste of their own medicine.

But I attack the Cons so much that sometimes I worry that I am becoming like them. When in fact I want a kinder, fairer, gentler world, and they want to turn Canada into a jungle.

I also sometimes wonder what kind of person people who read this blog must think I am. Do you understand that the only reason I attack the Cons is because I want that better world? And I know it will never happen as long as they are in power.

Or do you think I'm an angry one-trick pony hedgehog on a one-track mission?

When the truth is I'd rather write about other stuff than politics. And I'm interested in a million other wondrous things, from the mysteries of the universe, to life at the bottom of the sea. And just about everything in between.

So I thought since it's the long weekend, I'd try to stay away from politics, and share some of those other things with you.

Starting with this German video on poverty...

Because poverty does tell many stories, I see it in the faces of the suffering every day. In one of the richest countries in the world. And we can't have that better world, until we heal it.

Oh well. It's going to be an interesting few days trying to stay away from politics. A bit like flying a plane I've never flown before.

So you better fasten your seatbelts eh?

But I have to admit trying to pretend I don't live in Con Canada will be a blessed relief.

A sweet taste of the glorious day when Harper and his bully Cons are finally defeated.

When Canada will once again be Canada.

And I can breathe again...

Harper. Who dat?

Have a great weekend everybody !!!

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David Evans said...

The idea that you will become like them is an old myth. You are reacting to a threat, as any person faced with a personal threat would do. It is a defensive posture, and any force must be met with an equal or greater force.
It seems so often that people fear losing their "niceness" if they "cross over", but it isn't true and I have been so saddened to see good people do nothing to defend their principles for fear of being seen to "be just like them". To defend good by any means necessary is honourable. Canadian soldiers know this, and you do too. Keep at it. When the threat is neutralized you can go back to stories of the sea and flowers.

skdadl said...

Beautiful post, wise comment following. Good way to wake up.

Anonymous said...


I often find my way to your blog through

At one time I blogged regularly and enjoyed it immensely. Then came the death of Robert DziekaƄski by police Taser. I couldn't bear my feeling of helplessness. At the time I blogged at A Creative Revolution. Our little band of bloggers, time, trial, and inquiry have proven, got it right the first time. Pale and the rest just wouldn't let go of the issue. At one point the stun-gun company threatened to sue her.

Police operatives responded to the blog within hours to defend the RCMP. It takes courage and an incredible amount of stamina in the face of present difficulties to carry on. Unfortunately, an unrelated medical issue along with the extreme discouragement I felt kept me from continuing blogging.

In the meantime I continue to read and occasionally comment. You are one of the best bloggers in Canada, taking on your issues and opponents with wit and insight that is rare. For what it is worth, I don't find you becoming jaded, nor do I think you have become like "the other side".

Catch your breath. Regain your energy. Do what you need to do to clear your head. Come out swinging in the next round. There's a bully's nose just waiting for some digital indentation from you


thwap said...

Keep 'em flying.

ck said...

I agree with David here.

Besides, Stevie Spiteful, his Harpercons, their cheerleaders like one finds over at the Blogging SupposiTories have brought out the worst in most of us.

They're just evil; no redeeming qualities. When I read about them cheering about folks in the civil service losing their jobs and wishing more unemployment to more, or wishing Americanized health care and saying health care isn't a right for all & idiocies like diabetes type 2 is a lifestyle choice and thus don't deserve tax payer funded care, or even recently, in Sun media paper saying that we should "lock and load" that Tamil Ship or that it was A-OK for cops to rip the prosthetic leg off an amputee's body and then drag him savagely to the police station or about a few I've run into who have come out and said that General Augusto Pinochet was their hero, and just more justification for greed and a perverse pleasure in watching others suffer, I know they're evil, and evil must be stopped. For good, decent folks to not at least try to fight them with any tools we may have at our disposal wouldn't make us all that much better. So no, it doesn't make you or me, for that matter, bad people. It makes us conscientious people and I wish more would hop on this band wagon.

Anonymous said...

Simon: I read your blogs very often and find myself agreeing with you on most points.

Do not fear. You (we) will never become like them simply because of your (our)values. There are many voters like us. They are the ones who have not voted for Harper and his reform gang over 3 elections since 2004.

Harper is only in power because of:(a)our archaic electoral system which allows a party with 1 in 3 voter support to form the government, and (b) a weak opposition (especially the Libs) which had allowed Harper to "vandalize" Canada (quoting Travers) because they are scared of Harper getting a majority.

Things are looking up though judging from the criticism and disdain being expressed for the Harper govt in the MSM daily. It is only a matter of time when Harper will be turfed out.

Simon said...

hi David... Good points. And don't worry all I want to do is take a short break from politics, and prepare for what's coming this fall. I could never stop criticizing this hideous government, because I'm not kidding when I say I believe they could wreck our country. Even if I could forget about their retrograde policies, I could never forget how they have degraded our political process, and turned our Parliament into a pig pen. And my aversion to bullying is visceral.
And besides...I'm come from one of the most belligerent clans in the whole of Scotland. So you might say
I' combative... :)

Simon said...

hi skdadl...thank you, and David's comment was a good one. Of course you weren't on the receiving end.Ouch. :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...thank you for your encouraging comment too. As I told David I just want to take a short break from politics to recharge my batteries...and just have some fun. Of course I didn't dare tell David about the fun part... ;)
Seriously though, I'm quite encouraged by the political situation. I believe that Harper is more vulnerable than he has been for a long time. Ignatieff is looking stronger. So the next few months look quite promising.
And yes bullies noses were made to be indented.... :)

Simon said...

hi Thwap...don't worry I will. I'm already having trouble staying away from writing something about Korny's latest problems. You know... his missing credibility.
The idea of letting these Cons off the hook for even a couple of days is beginning to torment me, so I'll be back soon...

Simon said...

hi did I know you were going to say that? ;) Of course I agree with you. I do worry that by attacking them like they attack others we are further degrading the political process. But I don't think we have a choice. The stakes are too high, they changed the rules of the game, that's the way it is whether we like it or not. And we've got to play to WIN...

Simon said...

hi anonymous two... yeah you're right, I could never stoop as low as the Cons have. Our strong but gentle Canadian values trump their thuggish alien ideology any day. I guess it's my anti-bullying reflex kicking in. When everybody starts attacking someone I automatically side with the victim or victims. I just have to remember that we're the victims, and the bullies deserve it... :)