Thursday, September 09, 2010

Why Do So Many Men Love Stephen Harper?

Damn. Life isn't fair. There I was enjoying the sight of that killer blue slope in this sunny poll.

Dreaming of skateboarding down it as we dumb guys like to do. Or sliding down it face first. Because it's a beauty eh? 


And then I saw this other poll.

And then I was HUMILIATED.

How could those Con stooges make us guys look DUMBER?

Men also tend to support those they think will attack deficits and keep the economy moving, Mr. Gregg said.

“You have to continue to keep that male advantage,” he said of the Tories. “You have to position your opponent as a wimp and as an effete snob and out of touch with manly concerns.”


Then I remembered....wait a minute.... this is a STRAIGHT guy problem. Because you can fit the number of gay men who would vote for Stephen Harper into a closet...or a shoe box.

I mean gay guys and straight guys share a lot of "manly concerns." Like our love of sex, sports, sex, video games, sex, sports, and of course toys of every description.

Like the one that flew over my house the other day...

OMG. Baby come back. I LOVE you !!

But try as I might, I probably will NEVER be able to understand why so many straight men are attracted to this sinister nerd...

I mean what part of him turns them on so much?The vote hooker, the flabby ass, the hockey book he's been writing forever, the torture freak, or the wild look in his cold dead eyes?

Is it his nerdly musk those straight boys find so irresistible...or do they just enjoy being his BITCHES?

I mean really dudes MEN UP. Stop acting like pathetic weaklings and stooges. 

Are we really going to let the women save this country all by themselves? 

No way eh?  They're obviously smarter than we are.

But we can still do some things better than they can...

Or can we? Gawd. That's it isn't it? The painful truth.

Until the day women rule the world.

We're all in terrible DANGER...


Dr.Dawg said...

Did you really say "nerdly musk?"

Yes, I believe you did. :)

Simon said...

hi Dr Dawg...yes I must plead GUILTY, but plead for a reduced sentence on the grounds that it was very late at night, I was drunk, and living in Stephen Harper's Canada has driven me insane.
On the other hand...something apart from the deficit (he created) must explain the fatal attraction so many straight men seem to have for him.
I'm desperate for a rational explanation.
So the more I think about it,the more I like it... :)

CanNurse said...

...."The vote hooker, the flabby ass, the hockey book he's been writing forever, the torture freak, or the wild look in his cold dead eyes?" LOL!! You nailed him, Simon!
Although you might have added the "round squishy cuddle tummy". And the helmet of hair, reminiscent of the military? ;-D