Saturday, September 11, 2010

The New Con Assault on the Gun Registry

Hee Haw. Blow me a dog whistle. I see Stephen Harper's Cons are going all out to try to buy the votes of their rabid duck hunter gun nutter base.

By putting up even MORE porky billboards.

The huge 10-by-20 foot billboards will go up in the key ridings early this week, calling on constituents to pressure the local MPs to vote with the government and support Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner's private member's bill to scrap the registry later this month.

And referring the rednecks... who can their fancy website.

Because they and their friends in the big gun lobby got all the money eh?

While those of us who believe in a less violent Canada, must rely on the humble power of reason and gentle persuasion.

You know that homicide rates for women in rural communities across Canada are higher because of the availability of guns. You know that, while many gun owners use their weapons responsibly, women in those same rural communities are painfully aware that the shotguns and rifles in their homes are not just used for duck and moose hunting. Their injured and sometimes fatally wounded bodies are, too often, the damning evidence.

To save the lives of women in rural and urban areas. As well as the lives of police officers, teenagers, and so many others.

“Too bad none of today's MPs were there with them, as I was, that awful, heart-searing day in 1975 when a kid with two long guns in a duffle bag shot up Brampton Centennial Secondary School, killing 17-year-old John Slinger and teacher Margaret Wright, and seriously wounding nine students before killing himself ... Too bad the prime minister can't face the surviving Slinger children, Rob and Jayne, and make his argument for getting rid of the registry in front of them.”
Oh boy. Don't you hate those gun nutters who would sacrifice all those lives just because they're too lazy, ignorant, selfish or paranoid to fill out a simple form?

But here's the good news eh? When the AmeriCon porkers say this:

"These MPs need to be reminded they work for their constituents who want the long-gun registry scrapped, not their Ottawa bosses who want to keep it."

The same thing applies to THEIR MPs in urban areas where the gun registry is popular.

Don't they need to be reminded they work for their constituents who want to save the registry, not the slobbering bubbas who want to kill it?

And don't they realize it could cost them?

Because boy will it EVER. If the Cons kill the registry with this whipped government bill, it will trigger the biggest backlash this country has ever seen. No Con seat in an urban area will be safe.

We will make sure their constituents know whose bloody fingerprints are on that cold dead registry.

And of course, like I always say. Because you can't say it ENOUGH.

We will REMEMBER...

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