Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ann Coulter and the Blogging Tories

Dr Roy, the humungous idiot from the Blogging Tories, wants you to know that he really really hates Pierre Trudeau.

But really really REALLY loves Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter recognized me from her Canadian tour and greeted me with a hug.

Her speech was pretty funny. She expressed her views against same sex marriage in a respectful way.

And isn't it exciting to think that other Blogging Tories, like Uncle Fred from Gay and Right were there? And that Uncle Erik, living in dignified isolation in rural Ontario, also thought the Con whore with the humungous Adams's apple, was absolutely fabulous.

Until you read what she actually said.

In one of a series of racially insensitive remarks that pervaded her speech, Coulter added, "Marriage is not a civil right. You're not black."

In addition to her comments about civil rights, she also accused single parents of breeding muggers and blamed the decline in marriage in the African-American community on welfare, "the subsidization of single parenting" and overly liberal child support laws.

And then you have to wonder if Dr Roy knows what the word "respectful" means? And if those old Con queens are crazy or just masochists.

This is the same Coulter, of course, who is comfortable with the word "faggot," wrote that Rick Santorum's comparison of gay sex to bestiality is an "indisputably true point," told an interviewer that sexually active gay men should "feel guilty about it," and mocked the "irritating lesbian" teenager in Tennessee who wanted to bring her girlfriend to senior prom.

And after that what more can you say eh?

Except to point out to Uncle Erik that when he graces his blog with this quote:

We recognize that simply being in the room is not enough, but you have to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run.

He's neatly summing up the difference between his pathetic Con queens and the new gay generation.

We think Ann Coulter is a racist, homophobic, Con whore.

We prefer Canada to Amerika eh?

And we don't crawl for ANYONE...

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