Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What the Gun Registry Vote Means to Me

It was close, it was divisive, just as Great Ugly Leader hoped it would be, but in the end my country won today.

Canada ONE. Amerika ZERO.

I'll talk about the porky politics in my next post.  

But right now all I want to say is this:

Michele, Natalie, Annie, Sonia, and all my other poor beautiful sisters.

The foul AmeriCons tried to dishonour your memory.

And destroy your legacy.

But we didn't let them...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Simon.

Unfortunately some have forgotten those women. How could they forget the more recent shootings at Dawson College?

How could the Cons characterize the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police as a "Cult"?

Awful demeaning rhetoric on an issue meant to distract Parliament and the media away from more important concerns.


Anonymous said...

Thank you

ck said...

I remember Terry Dimonte played that song after the massacre happened on his radio show. Beautiful video tribute.

This battle was won, but as you know, the war is still very much on. I expect that Suzanne Laplante-Edward and Louise De Souza, along with Heidi Rathjen & Nathalie Provost will keep on keepin' on, and I think we should somehow lend their support to them, in any way we can.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yeah I's hard to believe how a government can be so callous and brutish. The fact is that those killings are part of our history, they have shaped our attitudes, and they can't be ignored.
I wonder if the Harperites ever thought what it would be like to have tens of thousands of police officers, and their families, bitterly resentful that the government had stripped them of a tool they believe helps make their jobs safer.Because I have and it's not a cheery thought.
And of course you're right... this issue is just a diversion, distracting us from more important concerns.
But with a diversion like that who needs a horror show eh? :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous're welcome. I wanted to say so many bad things about the Cons. You know me. ;)
But then I thought no not tonight.
Tonight belongs to those women whose legacy included the gun registry, and a vision of a less violent Canada.
I'm just so glad we were able to save it because I would have been shattered...

Simon said...

hi ck...yes that's what it said on the YouTube. I spent quite a while looking for a video to express my feelings, and although I thought that one was moving, I'm going to try to make a better one in time for the next anniversary. It's been so many years, their pictures are fading along with their memory, and I want to do all I can to help keep them alive, so that nobody ever forgets...

Anonymous said...

Did you notice where Harper was when he spoke to the media? He was on the stairs leading back up to his office.

In other words, he was looking down his nose at the assembled media and gave his pronouncement--free from the interference of microphones blocking his visage.

The looking down tactic was one of Kissinger's favourite tactics. His office chair was higher up than those for his visitors.

This government is filled with fear, centralisation of message and near parnic. There's a strong similarity to the Kremlin in this and it's not a proper fit to the Canadian way of doing things.

By the way, the Auditor General's report should be coming out soon and we'll find out the real costs of the Action Plan and many other recent events like the census issue. Let's see if Harper & Co. will stall the Auditor General's release of her report. If it does happen (the stalling, that is) then it'll be good grounds to go to the country.

That selfish and self-serving so-called "smartest guy in the room" is going to get a nasty awakening.
Just ask Thatcher and David Brown about that.

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...yes I noticed his lofty perch, and since I was watching it live, I saw how he positioned himself for the best possible effect. I'm surprised he hasn't used the stairs, but then he gives so few newsers I suppose I shouldn't be.
Too bad because if he did he might pull a Humpty Dumpty and you know I'd enjoy that. :)
As for the Auditor General's report, I've been pinning my hopes on that for a while. Harper came to power cruising on the wave of outrage caused by the sponsorship scandal. And it would be only fitting if a similar scandal destroyed him....