Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Sad and Fishy Story of Kory TV

Oh dear. I see that  Fox News North Kory TV has ended up just where I thought it would.

And that Kory has gone fishing.

And all I can say is I'm glad Ottawa police and the RCMP have been called to investigate this sordid incident.

Teneycke's resignation comes after the group behind the petition,, formally requested the Ottawa Police and the RCMP to begin a criminal investigation to determine who posted "fraudulent" signatures to the petition from an Ottawa internet protocol, or IP address.

Because we really need to know whether that address lives at the PMO, or at Fox News North headquarters. You know the ones who want a special licence.

This isn't over. Canadians are not just concerned about a Prime Minister's former spin doctor, they're concerned about a channel that backs the Prime Minister's political agenda, asking for special government favours to fund its launch.

Oh well. Poor Kory. He set out to destroy us and ended up destroying himself. I can't say I'm sorry. But after reading what the fishing magician idiot had to say:

"It has morphed from one of market differentiation to something more vicious and vitriolic and yes, at times, I have contributed to the debasing of that debate myself,"

I'm still puzzled about one thing eh?

Who called the (bad) Karma Police?

This is what you get. This is what you get. 

This is what you get when you mess with us.

Golly. I LOVE that song !!!!!!

Anyone wanna buy a dead fish?

I didn't think so.



Anonymous said...

A modern day Icarus? A forerunner of conservative MPs and their leader?

How many more will there be starting next week when the house resumes its sitting?

Anonymous said...

Do you think poor Greg Weston will get his job back?

Simon said...

hi know I'm told that Kory was quite a nice guy before he went to work for the Harperites.
I blame the evil culture of the PMO for his act of personal debasement. I hope for his sake he sees things the same way...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...thanks for reminding me about that one. Quite apart from Kory's hyper partisan meltdown, and his plan to brainwash Canadians, his treatment of Weston, for breaking the Fake Lake story, was absolutely disgraceful. And who can forget when he called the grand old man Don Newman Canada's Helen Thomas? In my opinion he should go back to the advertising business because he sure is no journalist...