Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why the Census Coalition Will Bury the Cons

It was such a sweet  moment. One week to the day when they lost the gun registry vote, there was the Con regime getting another democratic slap in its fascist face.

The regime will of course ignore the will of Parliament. And its crazed leader Stephen Harper will no doubt use the vote to claim he is fighting some sinister coalition.

And I hope he does. In fact I'm counting on it. Because NOTHING could make the idea of a coalition appear more attractive to Canadians, than the sight of the Cons trying to strangle, stab, or shoot a coalition like this one. 

Not when that list just keeps getting longer and longer.

"We believe that the decision by the federal government to eliminate the census long form was a mistake and that it will impact negatively on the provision of services to the people of our provinces."

Not when the insane act of gutting the census affects so many, from businesses, universities, and city planners, to pensioners, poor people, and cancer patients.

Not when it has revealed the Cons to have IQs somewhere in the murky zone between pigs and plants.

I am sure that the member opposite will agree with me when I say that it is ridiculous to put honest citizens in jail for refusing to say how many bedrooms they have in their houses or even what kind of cereal they eat in the morning.

Not when it has exposed the real and disturbing face of the monster himself.

Shown him to be a bestial political thug, who would put his foul ideology before the lives of Canadians. And allowed us to hear the angry voices in his helmet head.

"He amassed executive power on an unprecedented scale and often uses it in a manner more befitting a despot than a democrat. 'Gangster politics' someone called it. Or peace, order, and hood government."

Oh yeah. Let Stephen Harper scream about that nasty coalition and sound even crazier.

The Conservatives should know – and when they pause to think, they do know – that the Canadian public is not gullible. They cannot persuade the electorate or win their desired majority by repeating the word “coalition” again and again.

But I'm putting my money on the Great Canadian Coalition of the Reasonable. Because I think it's going to BURY those dirty Cons.

So bring on an election. I can hardly wait eh?

I can't wait to hear all those other angry voices screaming in the darkness. We don't know what we're doing, and we can't plan ANYTHING,  because we don't have enough information !!!! 

Or even better. They tied granny to a chair because they had no idea they would need so many beds !!!

Or of course, as you know, my personal FAVOURITE. 

The Cons are dead meat !!!!!

And we're getting HUNGRY !!!!!

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