Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday Night in Con Canada

OK. Because it's Saturday night, and we live in Stephen Harper's redneck Canada. So you don't have to aim too high eh?

Three videos to try to make the pain more bearable.

Starting with the crazy lady on the radio who just got the bad news.

Her son is a heterosexual...

Gawd. For a moment that crazy lady, and those dumb scribbles on the screen, reminded me of Candace Hoeppner trying to explain her bill to kill the gun registry, without reading what the PMO wrote for her. 

Because this is a BIG site for a Private Member's Bill.  Isn't it? And she's as dumb as a spoon. 

Oh well, never mind. You know how every post about Con Canada has to have a porker eh?

Because lordy knows there are enough of them in Stephen Harper's ghastly government.

How about one with a monkey on its back?

Awwwwwwww. I mean oh no. Let's hope little Jimbo Flaherty doesn't see that video. Or he'll start hitching rides on the back of Jason Kenney. SOOOOOOOOOEY !!!!!

And now for something a little more classy.

And a QUIZ !!!!

What would the Cons do if they came across a money tree?

And they couldn't put a Porky Action Plan sign on it...

Answer: Back up a pick up truck. Take out a chainsaw. And drive off with the tree and all the money.

And then claim the Liberals did it.

Because it's in their nature eh?

But don't worry, the Auditor General is coming. And so is Maxime Bernier.

It’s nice to have dreams, but when you use borrowed money to achieve them and act as if money grows on trees, you may have a brutal awakening.

OMG. Spooky. They ARE after the money tree. We do live in dangerous times. 

But here's to the brutal awakening...


Beijing York said...

OMG, "your son is a heterosexual" prank had us laughing pretty loud.

Simon said...

hi Beijing...I'm glad you liked it. I was a bit afraid it wasn't up to my usual high standards. Ahem. But when I saw my friends cracking up I figured it was safe to run... :)