Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Under Attack by the Dominion Wingnuts

Oh boy!! Now I've really done it. Moved out to my top-secret Doomsday Bunker in the countryside just as Sébastien is about to return home.

What am I going to tell him? That I thought it was good idea to move out here...because it's just as hot as in the city except here we DON'T have air conditioning .......but that's a GOOD thing because I think I remember reading that it's bad for you?

When the REAL reason is that the Wingnuts at VD are after me!!!!!

Uh oh...this is BAD. What could possibly be more scaaaaarrrry and disturbing ...or more PATHETIC....than being attacked by an army of angry old white geezers in pyjamas and housecoats.

Although I'm not quite sure what this freakazoid is trying to be.

When will Simon understand that being a homo is a deviation of normal and many, many people do not like or want to put up with deviants. looks like a cross between a spinning sea urchin, a pineapple, and a grenade. But whatever it IS will some wingnut please sit on it? Or squish it. Before it goes off.......... its rocker.

Which reminds me... I do have a question for Connie the Fascist Mommy of that garbage site.....who seems to be even more stoopid than usual...

Hey ya dumb homophobe!!!! What's your problem? Didn't you read THIS POST?

Where one of your freaks said dis:

Does anyone know of a support number for the people in B.C. fighting this dictatorial decision to promote this deviant lifestyle.


And another of your nazis said dat:

Canadians must wake up to the fact that our country is being run by the Jew. unless canadians solve the Jew problem..... Canadians are going back to the dark ages.

And then of course there's this one....

let's behead the homos'

Hmmm...that does sound crazy....and VIOLENT. Remind me to shoplift a copy of the criminal code. Because as we all know you can't be too careful.

As for Connie's suggestion that I (or My Blahg) made up the gaybashing story...I'd just like to say...

Chewing and spittin tabaccy is a pretty good skill to have....for a redneck. But reading is EVEN BETTER. Duh?

I mean really... with enemies like those who Although with the old geezers at FD shouldn't it be ENEMAS?

But who knows....insanity is contagious.

So I'm taking no chances.

Maybe it is time to check out new horizons...

Maybe this time I'll lead the way. Maybe after all this time abroad he'll have to catch me all over again. Will he catch me in the end? Only if I let myself be caught. Will I? Oh probably....

As for those crazy old geezers at the FD hatesite...if they want to know how far I'm prepared to go to defeat their stoopid bigotry I can love the guy I love in peace....

They can read my mind ....or watch the video.....

Get it geezers? To the End of the World....

Now I've got to scoot....I'd love to stick around and kick some more redneck ass....but Sébastien's long journey home is almost over....

And I'm swimming out to meet him...

We are life. They are death. WE are not afraid. Eat your hearts out bigots!

Hate kills.

But love conquers all...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Ugly Duckling and the Hate that Kills

I've always loved the story of the Ugly Duckling because it's such a cute story....and because it's so GAY.

Every gay or lesbian person goes through that misery and confusion before they realize who they are.

And that they are beautiful too.

I remember the day I met my swan. It was the most awesome day of my life.

Too bad the man who created the duckling .... Hans Christian Andersen.

Wasn't so lucky.

He was gay like I just KNEW he had to be.

When he was asked near the end of his life whether he intended to write a biography, he said he already had; The Ugly Duckling

But according to a recent biography he was probably a virgin all his life. He never found HIS swan.

But he did masturbate a lot. And every time he did he noted it in his diary with a black cross. Isn't THAT depressing? He wrote so many beautiful stories that still bring joy to so many children and adults all over the world.

But his own life was so sad.

He was a victim of his religious beliefs. A victim of his times. A victim of the hate that kills...and still does.

Sometimes homophobia kills you quickly with a knife through the heart. Or a baseball bat to the back of the head.

Sometimes it just steals your life away. Bit by bit.

One day after the other.

Hans Christian Andersen died sick and alone. Admired but never loved.

He wrote the best coming out story EVER. He never could come out himself.

But his little duckling swims towards his swan forever.

Lighting the way for others...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stephen Harper: Now it's REALLY Animal Farm

Remember how I predicted the other day that Great Fat Leader would soon be posing as an animal lover to try to soften his image?

After taking this torpedo of a poll right up his big fat ass.

And receiving this advice from the pollster and former Liberal hack Peter Donolo...

Women may be uncomfortable with Mr. Harper's combative style, said Mr. Donolo. He said the Prime Minister needs to get back to stressing his middle-class values and family orientation.

Well let's take a look at the Prime Minister's website shall we? And what do we find? Yikes!!! A brand New/Nouveau section on......wait for it..... pet adoption.

OMFGAM! Isn't THAT Prime Ministerial? Talk about Great Fat Leader's Animal Farm....can we call him Napoleon now? Don't you feel safer already?

And what's that Wiggle Waggle Walkathon all about? Is that a NEW name for the Tory Caucus?

Isn't Harpo DESPERATE? Isn't this government a FARCE?

Isn't that purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect? Meow!

Coming next week.....Gentler Kinder Great Leader feeds baloney sandwiches to the homeless ..... AND adopts AIDS orphan from Africa.

Or failing that.....due to ReformCon backlash over darkie immigrants.... orders his consort John Baird to make sure Mrs Harper has another child....before the next election.

Oooh....that might be REALLY difficult.


Monday, July 23, 2007

The Great Canada-Chile Soccer War

In case you were wondering whether my last stoopid post meant that I had finally lost it can relax. The only condition I've been suffering from is too much summer... and of course too much soccer on my mind.

All the boys in the bunker LOVE soccer...outside AND inside. I've had to put a barrier around my computer because it isn't uncommon for soccer balls to come whizzing into my bedroom.

So when Canada officially became a banana republic by having a soccer war with Chile it was huge.

And ridiculous. The truth is the police were right to intervene because of the disgraceful way some of the Chilean hotheads behaved at the end of the game.

But why did police stop the Chileans from greeting their fans? And how could they use pepper spray and a taser on teenagers who are soccer players not criminals? When I saw the picture of the Chilean kid with two taser holes in his side it made me really angry.

But all that was forgotten when the best team won the championship.

I felt sorry for the Czechs, but I spoke to this VERY friendly Czech player after the game and he was just fine....

(click to enlarge)
As he signed autographs for Argentine fans...and got ready to PARTY!!!

As for the Chilean players...they got some of that lost honour back by winning the bronze....and they finally got to meet their adoring fans.

And pose for pictures with them

Argentina's fans got to greet their returning champions

And the best thing is Argentinian-Canadian and Chilean-Canadian fans got to celebrate side by side...

There wasn't a single ugly incident...police just let things happen...and everyone went home happy.

So much for the Great Canada-Chile Soccer War....

The only disappointing thing for me was that the war didn't break out when Great Fat Leader was visiting Chile.

So an enraged mob could have greeted him everywhere he went with a barrage of insults, eggs, grapes, enpanadas, and the odd papaya or two.

Instead of just those colourful signs: "Fuck off Harper-Crite!!! Tu mama es una llama!!! Go home you hijo de puta yanqui gringo pig!!!!!"

(sigh) I know you can't win them all.

But wouldn't THAT have been fun?

As for the day all of us in the bunker live for....the day that Canada becomes a soccer power....I'm counting on this little Canadian...

Hope springs has to...we're THAT bad.

Oh more thing.... I promise to get back to posting about SERIOUS subjects. (yawn)

As soon as it rains...

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Invasion of the Rubber Duckies

I must admit I just LOVE the story about the rubber duckies who used the world's oceans as their bathtub.

Not just because the British tabloids are breathlessly reporting the latest developments.

And that's ALWAYS hilarious....

THE first of 29,000 rubber ducks circling the oceans may have landed in Britain.

Retired teacher Penny Harris, 60, found this toy while walking her dog on a North Devon beach.

Penny said last night: “It’s covered in brown algae and has got barnacles on it.”

But because the incredible journey of the little bathtub toys has its wistful side.

The rubber ducks are, in a way, the duck-shaped kindred of the speaker of the Anglo-Saxon poem The Seafarer, who "wretched and sorrowful / on the ice-cold sea / dwelt for a winter / in the paths of exile / bereft of friendly kinsmen / hung about with icicles".

They knew nothing and cared less, as they travelled the barren expanses of ocean, of the September 11 attacks or the disappointing sales of the third Spice Girls album. They did not follow the ins and outs of David Beckham's career or the cash-for-honours scandal. They forgot the cry of gulls.....

Wow that's As deep as the oceans they've been bobbing across for fifteen years.

But it really does makes you think about how we're all just floating along on the currents of life. And isn't it good to know that the little floaters will probably be around long after we've gone?

On the other hand....... I must admit what I REALLY want to know is where did Gay Ducky end up?

Not with Ernie I hope...

Oh well.... somebody had to scrub the barnacles off....

And everybody needs a ducky to squeeze every now and then. Or squeeze you...

So don't forget to squeeze yours.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Stephen Harper: Big Daddy or Big Brother?

Uh Oh. It looks as if Great Fat Leader's plans for Total Canadian Domination have just suffered another major setback. No matter what Stephen Harper matter how many billions of dollars of our money he spends trying to buy himself a majority.

Canadians STILL don't like him.

Discomfort with Stephen Harper's Conservatives is deepening among women, francophones and wealthier Canadians, according to a new poll that puts the government in a dead heat with the Liberals in popular support.

Awwwww...isn't that too bad....or TOO excellent. Thank the Maple Syrup God for Quebec and Canadian women.

Oh yes and don't forget to thank the war in Afghanistan too. If we didn't have that little warlet to worry about we might REALLY be in trouble. Our soldiers may be dying for nothing over there. But at least they're KILLING Harper...

But what worries me is this advice...courtesy of the former Liberal hack Peter Donolo.

Women may be uncomfortable with Mr. Harper's combative style, said Mr. Donolo. He said the Prime Minister needs to get back to stressing his middle-class values and family orientation.

Oh no! Groan. ANYTHING but that old cheesy act... Not Stephen Harper as Big Daddy or Mr Nice Guy. Again.

You know what that means? Tons of pictures of the Harpers at home ...or at rube rodeos ....or tip toeing through war cemeteries...looking like cardboard cutouts. Or shots of Harper taking his kid to a hockey summer. Or Gentler Kinder Great Fat Leader posing as an animal lover....

Except that I don't think it's going to work this time. Even cats aren't that dum. matter how hard I try I just can't see the image of Great Fat Leader as Big Daddy going very well with his other image as Big Brother.

You know this one....

It's just such a bad mix....

How can we feel safe and comfy cozy in Big Daddy's octopus arms, if Big Brother is scaring the living daylights out of us? By threatening to arrest any Canadian who hasn't already been jailed for smoking pot.

Poor Great Fat Leader. If he tries to play Big Daddy after acting like a zombie tyrant for so long, Canadians will think he's trying to FOOL them into giving him a majority....and boo him mercilessly. Or laugh in his face.

And if he tries to play Big Brother he'll remind Canadians what a Stephen Harper majority government might actually look like....and have them shitting their pants or running for the exits.

And if he tries to play them both at the same time the combination could

I suppose if all else fails he COULD try to play Big Mummy...

But nah...that won't work either. He's got the tits for the role but the outfit is all wrong....and surely Canadians are smart enough to tell the difference between a drag act and a Great Impostor.

Which I suppose means he can't win. So we can't lose.

Isn't Stephen Harper fucked?

Isn't life grand?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

With Gay Leaders Like These Who Needs Enemies?

If you are a gay kid and you are being bullied in school it's really very simple. All you know is that you are being insulted, teased, and physically assaulted every day because of who you are. You may not understand where that hatred comes from, but you know how it feels.

Just like this guy does.

But in the surreal world of Canadian gay politics it seems that things are more Let me explain what I mean. First a deranged religious bigot ...writes a crazy letter that declares war on gay Canadians.

I cannot pity you any longer and remain inactive. You have caused far too much damage.My banner has now been raised and war has been declared so as to defend the precious sanctity of our innocent children and youth, that you so eagerly toil, day and night, to consume.

Calls us criminals

Don't allow yourself to be deceived any longer. They are perverse, self-centered and morally deprived individuals who are spreading their psychological disease into every area of our lives. Homosexual rights activists and those that defend them, are just as immoral as the pedophiles, drug dealers and pimps that plague our communities.

And strongly suggests we should be exterminated.

It's time to stand together and take whatever steps are necessary to reverse the wickedness that our lethargy has authorized to spawn. Where homosexuality flourishes, all manner of wickedness abounds.

Then after a gay kid is beaten up, a decent university professor and human rights champion files a complaint.

Although he is supported by police officers,social workers, and even the Alberta government, our hero is having a hard time matching the resources thrown against him by the yankee dollars of the religious extremists.

So what is the position of EGALE ....the main gay group in Canada? Believe it or not ... it's NOT supporting him.

“We want Pastor Boissoin’s assertions aired, debated and subjected to public scrutiny....Pastor Boissoin’s letter is over the top, but it is about a political issue, in that it expresses opposition to making schools safe for LGBT children and children of LGBT parents.

We know there is disagreement on whether Pastor Boissoin should face legal sanctions for his letter. We think the best course is to expose his misguided views to public strutiny. We believe that sunshine is the best disinfectant.”

Sunshine? What's that a detergent? Good for washing away homophobia...and bloodstains? JUST over the top? Just a political issue? I don't know what part of the Gay Forest these Ottawa fairies live in...but it certainly isn't mine.

Mine is a far darker place where words have consequences. Where they can be used to make a kid's life hell.... even drive him or her to suicide. Or create a state of derangement that can lead to gay bashing and murder.

I'm all for freedom of speech....but gays are already a targeted group....and the victims of the most insane hatred and violence. In THAT context this kind of rabid hatemongering can only make things worse and even more dangerous.

How sad and pathetic. What a way to let down gay kids. What a way to let down a human rights champion. EGALE should be ashamed of itself. With gay leaders who wimp out like that.... who needs fucking enemies?

But that's OK it won't make any difference to me. I won't forget that words can hurt and kill. I march to my own drum.... in case you hadn't guessed. And my only loyalty is to this Freedom Flag.

Which may be about love and tolerance...

But which ALWAYS stands against hate.

And NEVER surrenders...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Is Anything Quite as Grubby As a Right-Wing Hypocrite?

Uh oh. It looks like another Republican Family Values Champion has been caught soliciting a hooker in a toilet. A hooker who unfortunately for fatso on the right...seen here at the signing of an ANTI -CRIME bill...turned out to be a COP.

A tearful Florida Rep. Bob Allen said Thursday that he is not guilty of soliciting an undercover male officer for sex and had no intention of resigning his House seat.

Police arrested Allen Wednesday afternoon at a Titusville park bathroom after officials said he offered to perform oral sex on an undercover officer and to pay the officer $20 for the opportunity.

And the details in the charge sheet are even MORE frightening.

Holy rump roast!!!! Can you imagine hearing the door of your toilet stall open and close.... ...and when you turn your head to look...there is Big Bubba Bob all hornied up standing right behind you? That cop deserves a medal.

Although HE shocked me too. What kind of a cracked out hooker is he? Going on a date with a pig like that for only $20 bucks. Doesn't he have any RESPECT for himself?

I guess that's what happens if you hang out in toilets too much....

But seriously what is it with these Republicans? These Family Values Champions. And their hookers?

Aren't they and all the quacking religious fanatics who support them a crazy sicko bunch.?

And here's the this latest tale of Republican depravity.

Blow Job Bob was the author of Florida House Bill #1475, the 'Lewd and Lascivious Behavior Act' which would have made public sex even MORE of a crime than it already is!!

It failed to pass. Lucky for Bob.

But honestly is there ANYTHING quite as creepy and grubby as a right-wing hypocrite?

Doesn't the word FAMILY VALUES just make you want to barf?

Or laugh...

Encore. Encore. I want MORE!!!!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bush, Iraq, and the New Secret Weapons

I watched George Bush this morning trying once again to turn Mission Accomplished into Victory Is Just Around the Corner..

And I've never seen anyone sound so optimistic.

U.S. President George W. Bush said Thursday he is among those who consider a new mixed-results report on Iraq's progress in meeting U.S. goals to be "a cause for optimism."

And look so beaten.

As if after more than four years of war...and more than half a million dead, a month and a half is going to make any difference

But that was until I read that the British troops in their Alamo called Basra have a new and deadly weapon.

British forces in Basra, blamed for a host of ills from militia turf wars to rising Iranian influence, are being held responsible for the latest danger to strike the city – a plague of giant man-eating badgers.

Whoa!! I don't know what the Geneva Convention says about that....but it just might work.
I still don't think it would be as effective as riding into Basra on the back of an army of giant pigs. But if it can eat snakes AND cows ......gobbling up the terrorists should be a cinch.

Which made me wonder whether the Americans might have something up their sleeves with their new Killer Puppy Program....

Nah. On second thoughts I don't think that one is going to work. It's too much like the ORIGINAL plan.

You know....First you raise the hopes of desperate Iraqis that things are going to be better. Then you tease them by keeping any progress out of their reach. Or not giving them enough of ANYTHING. Then you torture or kill them....or just treat them dogs.

And then you're surprised when those ungrateful Iraqis bite the hand that's killing them.

Those dirty yankee bastards. Do you think they'll ever realize why they LOST?

As for the little honey badgers.....they say they are the most fearless animals in the world.

Do you think I could train them to attack homophobes? If so I WANT one.

If those hatemongering snakes think they've seen a surge.

They ain't seen nothing yet.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why is Stephen Harper Destroying Canadian Kids?

It takes a really evil monster to do what Stephen Harper is doing to Canada. Not only is this neocon fascist killing our troops in Afghanistan to please George Bush and the other criminals in the White House.

Now.....for the same reason.... he's destroying Canadian kids by declaring war on the killer weed.

The number of people arrested for smoking pot rose dramatically in several Canadian cities last year after the Conservatives took office and killed a bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

What kind of monster would destroy a young person's future for just smoking a joint? Even though most Canadians support decriminalization. Even though we know it's the right and DECENT thing to do.

Education and drug prevention programs are the Canadian way to go. Not the Amerikan way of locking people up. What the fuck are we doing? Except hurting harmless pot smoking Canadians and giving Quebec another real good reason to SEPARATE.

Because that crazy yankee shit just doesn't fly in Quebec. Not with the people. Not with the police.

One Montreal cop who asked not to be identified said some officers can spend an entire career on the force without ever arresting the people they catch smoking a joint.
"I'd rather stop someone breaking into a house or stealing a car," he said.

Wow!!!! What a concept...Oh boy.....once Canada was a young and cool country.

Now we're really old and BORING.

Once we were ahead of the curve and an example for other countries. Now we're just American stooges. Now we're the laughing stock of the whole civilized world.

Now it's REEFER MADNESS all over again.

Oh not the old scary movie that taught me to stay away from joints....and stick to brownies....

The even scarier neocon fascist version...

Oh yeah if you're young or think that kids shouldn't be jailed ....or have their lives ruined... for nothing.... you've got to hate Stephen Harper. If you love Canada you have to hate these fascist Cons...

Would it be too much to ask our useless opposition parties to put the interests of Canadians ahead of cheap politics..... and try to put as much pressure as they can on these idiot yankee stooges to get them do the RIGHT and CANADIAN thing?

So we can put this crazy Reefer Madness where it belongs...right next to Harper in the garbage can of history.

End the hysteria over what is a relatively harmless drug compared to extremely dangerous ones like booze.

And give young Canadians another reason to be proud of Canada.

By at least TRYING to be cool....

Monday, July 09, 2007

Stephen Harper, Stalin, and Canada's Big Sleep

I've been calling Stephen Harper Great Leader, or Great Fat Leader , or Great Fat Chickenhawk Leader for a long time. Not just because I relish ANY chance to insult him. As any good Canadian should.

But because I always KNEW he was living in some kind of sinister authoritarian fantasy world, and was secretly modelling himself after some kind of warlike tyrant. Like wonky nerds usually like to do.

The funny thing is I always thought that with the absurd banner of Canada's NEW Government....his funny costumes... and his fat belly..... it HAD to be Benito Mussolini. Who knew it was really Stalin?

Months ago, I quoted a Conservative source, who said that Stephen Harper's political mentor was Joseph Stalin. Harper was fascinated with the Russian dictator, had read all the historical literature. Quite a unique circumstance to have the leader of a democratic nation, who rose to power through a supposed egalitarian movement, seemingly curious about a ruthless dictator.

Unique yes....who could EVER guess that the crazy neocon had a secret crush on the killer commie Uncle Joe?

But not surprising. The extreme left and the extreme right always meet up in a place called Fascism.

But don't panic Canada!!!!! We may be as dumb as spoons for giving him Harper the reins of power. But there are some signs that the country may be waking up from its Big Sleep. Even our chickenshit media is starting to notice that the tyrant has no clothes. And that Great Fat Leader is really weird.

Mr. Harper has a style, and he's sticking to it - the most controlling, stifling, rigid style of any prime minister in memory. He's got a formula, and he's also sticking to it - short speeches, no spontaneity, tight scripts, rehearsed political choreography, utter discipline within the ranks, media kept at a distance. It's all about Him.

And power....and control...just like his idol Uncle Joe...

.... to say that power is centralized in the Canadian political system is to repeat something every student of government understands. But at least by degree, and arguably by much more than by degree, this is the most centralized, controlling, scripted government Canadians have seen in their lifetimes.

Oooh boy.... And here am I thinking that being a graduate of the sinister Calgary School, a secret religious fanatic and member of a homophobic Doomsday church, who prefers the U.S. to Canada, and lies ALL the time... was bad enough. Now this? Now Stalin? Oh no. Say it ain't so Joe. the rubble of our own stupidity ....the good news is that if Harper and the ReformCon Party become one... if and when the crazy tyrant is toppled... the Cons will bite the dust too. For a generation.

The bad news is that waking up from the Big Sleep comes too late to save our troops in Afghanistan. Because too many Canadians failed to see the warning signs. Failed to speak out when Great Fat Chickenhawk Leader said he believed that having his own people killed only makes them stronger. Just like Uncle Joe did....

He even mused that the deaths of Canadian soldiers were a boost for the military -- cathartic after years of not being able to kill or die like real soldiers. "I can tell you it's certainly engaged our military. It's, I think, made them a better military notwithstanding -- and maybe in some way because of -- the casualties."

Now we're reaping what he sowed....

It's too late for these brave Canadians. But the rest of us are running out of time too. Great Fat Leader NEVER fooled me.....except for his crush on Stalin. But how long will it take before most Canadians realize that we have a fucking MANIAC for a Prime Minister?

And that even in the land of the bland .....where passion is a fruit....where these things NEVER happen...a monster is a monster.

A tyrant is a tyrant....

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why Afghanistan is NOT about Women and Gays

It always amuses me when right-wing chickenhawks claim that our doomed mission in Afghanistan is all about protecting the rights of women and gays.

In the case of Afghanistan, in particular, this defeatism is grimly ironic coming, as it is, from a politician who postures as the champion of gay rights and feminism: But not for the presence of brave NATO troops, the country would fall into the hands of medieval theocrats who behead homosexuals and treat women like burka-clad dogs.

Golly! Who knew the right-wingers loved us? With enemies like that who needs friends? Or maybe it's more like with arguments like that who needs bullshit?

The cold hard facts are that Afghanistan is, and always will be a barbarous place. More girls may be going to school now, but they are still hauled out by their parents at the age of twelve. They are still being married off to old men... and if they run away they are still being jailed. And if they are found guilty of adultery they are still being killed.

If they haven't been murdered or burned by their husbands...or burned themselves first.

And the situation for gay people is also just as bad. Maybe they aren't having walls collapsed on them...or being thrown off tall buildings. But they are still tortured, killed and jailed. As our brave "liberators" look away....

But then in a backward, ignorant, brutal and corrupt Islamic Republic what the fuck do you expect?

It's a question of CULTURE. You can kill the Taliban for the next hundred years, but you CAN'T change that. The mission is doomed. We ARE just playing into the hands of the Americans. We ARE making Canada less safe rather than safer. We may have good intentions...but the road to hell is paved with them

As for the right-wingers who claim they care about saving women and gays. I'd take them a lot more seriously if they weren't the same crazy neanderthals who spend all their time attacking us.

as RT points Afghanistan we're victims....

“Disgusting, offensive, hateful, mean-spirited liberal-leftist homophiliac Christianophobes...turning the other cheek when people are executed in the Islamic world for nothing other than suspected un-Islamicness or for being female, for being gay, etc...

But here at home we're fascists....

Next thing I know, the Bizarre Sexual Indoctrination Schutzstaffel will be breaking down my door to take me away... stomp, stomp, stomp *yelling orders in German, door being broken* stomp, stomp, stomp... ‘You! kommen vith uz! ve teach you to vuck in der buttzen und you vill like it!'"

Or rather they are....

Cheering on the Harper nazis as they cut funding for women's groups...kill the Court Challenges Program.

And of course do NOTHING for gays. Nothing to stop the epidemic of anti-gay bullying in our schools.

Like the British government is doing

If you want atrocities, and crimes against humanity you don't have to look further than our own backyards...or schoolyards....or for that matter our native reserves.

So much for Canada as a champion of human rights...

So here's the deal chickenhawks....the day that women assume their rightful place in Canada...and in our government. The day that the neverending shameful treatment of our native people ends...and that National Disgrace is fixed once and for all. The day that every Canadian has a place to call home...and child poverty is a thing of the past. The day that the neverending attacks on gay rights cease...and young gays are allowed to live free from fear and pain...without having their lives snuffed out or damaged.

That'll be the day I care about what happens in the barbarous and corrupt Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Until then FORGET IT!!!! Just SHUDDUP!! And when this bloody, doomed, multibillion dollar waste of time, energy, and Canadian lives is finally over.

Just bring the fucking troops home.....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More Dead Soldiers and Canada's Doomed Mission

Six more Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

A roadside bomb has killed six Canadian soldiers along with their Afghan interpreter, as the Taliban continue to launch bold attacks in an area the military considers largely pacified.

So much for the pacification of the Panjwaii. So much for Stephen Harper's Great Afghanistan Adventure. So much for this crazy war.

I'm sorry for the young and so close to the end of their tour of duty.

I feel sorry for those who loved them. I will almost certainly weep when they come home.

But as for the rest of the rah rah rah from the chickenhawks in Canada they can just stuff it. Any more of that jingoistic bullshit.... and I'll vomit.

The cold hard fact is we NEVER should have gotten involved in this doomed and war like mission. Paul Martin got us into it because he wanted to apologize to the war criminals in the White House for Jean Chretien's decision not to join them in Iraq. The idiot.

Stephen Harper extended the mission because he wanted to blow George Bush...and play Warrior King. The traitor.

Stephane Dion's Liberal Party collaborated with Great Fat Chickenhawk Leader because they didn't want to upset Count Iggy. The fools.

Militarily this mission NEVER had a chance. We didn't have enough troops to pacify the country and we couldn't turn off the Taliban tap in religious fanatics like those in the Red Mosque.....

Some believe that the mosque is a liaison centre between religious extremists and the security officials and cannot be dismantled as long as Pakistani security officials feel they need such elements as pawns in their foreign policy agenda.

....will keep pouring across the border. And the bloodshed will go on and on.

And to make matters worse....if that's possible...if this NATO mission was ever a noble one it isn't's killing too many Afghan civilians.

Which makes what the idiot general said today even more grating.....

They have managed to kill six great young Canadians today, which is an absolute tragedy,” Brig-Gen Grant said. “The other part of this is that they're killing lots of Afghans. They're attacking the weak, they're killing women, they killing children, they're killing policemen. These are not the tactics of anything other than terrorists.”

Killing women? Killing children? You mean just like NATO does?

"I saw many women and children with their heads, legs, arms, separated from their bodies," Mr. Dad said. "I saw tractors burned, and women and children were burned in their seats ... some of them, we couldn't tell if they were men or women."

And don't think WE don't call in airstrikes because we do. All the time. Because we don't have enough troops.... any kind of skirmish with the Taliban usually ends the same way with our soldiers calling in jets and attack helicopters.

Just like the British do....

Oh yeah!!! ! Love that precision bombing!!! I wonder how many women and children that big one killed? And don't you love the thrust of that last Globe story?

The scene of Afghanistan's latest civilian bombing was still smoking, the injured still moaning in the dust, when villagers witnessed the Taliban's unnerving ability to exploit the carnage for propaganda.

Let me get this straight. NATO bombs a village wounding and killing all kinds of villagers. But can't tend to the injured and dying because it's too DANGEROUS? And then when the Taliban move in to help we accuse them of scoring PROPAGANDA points? Huh?

I thought this Great War on Terror was all about helping the Afghan people. Not just killing them. What a fucked up mission.

How could this country have lost its way so badly? If we truly believed in Canadian values.... if we REALLY supported our troops..... we would demand that that this doomed and disgraceful mission be ended SOONER rather than later. As Jack Layton demanded today.

But of course we CAN'T. Thanks to Stephen Harper and his absurd yankee poodle chickenhawks, and his idiot Liberal collaborators, we're committed to be ground up like hamburger over there until 2009.

We SHOULD have been pulling out of Afghanistan in a few more weeks ...after having done more than our share of the fighting.

But instead we're preparing to send in the Van the French Canadians can take THEIR turn dying. And killing. For nothing. On a mission doomed to fail. Which is making Canada a more dangerous rather than a safer place.

What a tragedy. What a farce....

The Glasgow Bombers and the Real Terrorist Threat

Whenever I visit my family in Scotland I almost always fly to Glasgow Airport. Where before I jump a cab or a shuttle bus to take me to the railway station, I like to have a cigarette just outside the main entrance. Which is EXACTLY where these bumbling terrorist wannabes crashed their car.

Wow!! Isn't it a small world?

Thankfully nobody was hurt...except the guy who poured gas all over himself.....thank god I wasn't there having a cigarette or I might have thrown it at him...and shown him that smoking kills.

But should serve to remind us all where the REAL terrorist threat comes from....not from abroad but from WITHIN. And even more importantly.... WHY?

The 911 bombers were mostly Saudis who hatched their plan in Hamburg...but struck from within the United States. The young Muslims who bombed London's transportation system were British. The young Muslims who are charged with terrorist offences in Canada are Canadian.

The accused in this latest plot were all working in Britain.

They all have that insider status in well as something else. They were ALL moved to do what they did or are accused of, because they were angered into a crazy criminal state by the presence of Western armies in Muslim Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and of course Iraq. of Bilal Abdulla, a doctor who is accused of riding a flaming Jeep into Glasgow’s international airport on Saturday, say he was a religious zealot and a lone wolf whose anger about political developments in Iraq may have driven him to an act of terrorism.

Armies THEY see as acting like conquerors instead of liberators...

Armies THEY believe are killing Muslims to impose Christian values...or are insulting their religion...

In a YouTube world it's REALLY easy to get really angry.

Who is right or who is wrong doesn't really matter. The cold hard facts are homegrown terrorists wannabes who live among us are the ONLY ones who can REALLY hurt us.

And having soldiers in Afghanistan isn't making Canada's actually ENDANGERING our safety. Making it MORE not less probable that we'll eventually be hit by a terrorist attack.

You can argue that it's worth it....or it isn't...... but NOBODY can deny that.

But then that's what George Bush and the insane Dick Cheney are probably counting on. Another terrorist attack on North America so they can scare people stupid just like they did after the last one.

And sometimes I think Stephen Harper feels the same way. Goes to bed every night praying to his bloodthirsty god that Canada will be hit just like the U.S. was. So that he can scare people into giving him a majority....and turn Canada into a police state.

For warmongering neocons like Bush, Cheney and Harper fear is EVERYTHING.

Not that the government and the media aren't already doing a good enough job of scaring Canadians.

A federal study says the explosion of a small dirty bomb near the CN Tower would spew radioactivity over four square kilometres, resulting in mass anxiety, a rush on medical facilities and an economic toll of up to $23.5 billion.

Mass anxiety? Geez. Thanks a lot. Just what we ...... and any wannabe terrorists out there....needed to know.

I live less than THREE kilometres from the CN Tower....

Wow!! Isn't it a small world?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bigot Bishops and our Awesome Gay Powers

As you may know Britain is recovering from its wettest June on record, and cleaning up after some severe flooding.

Most weather experts....and sane people...are blaming the deluge on the reemergence of La Niña ....El Niño's chilly sister. And of course on a stationary low pressure system. But not the idiot bishops of the Church of England.

They're blaming "God" ....and gay rights.

One diocesan bishop has even claimed that laws that have undermined marriage, including the introduction of pro-gay legislation, have provoked God to act by sending the storms that have left thousands of people homeless.

"The sexual orientation regulations [which give greater rights to gays] are part of a general scene of permissiveness. We are in a situation where we are liable for God's judgment, which is intended to call us to repentance."

Holy monkey poo poo!! Who KNEW we had such powers?

First we brought down the Twin Towers. Then we destroyed New Orleans. But at least they deserved it. There are not enough homosexuals in New York..... and too many jazz musicians in the Big Easy.

But why Britain? It's gotta be a mistake....

On the other hand.....if we DO have these awesome powers....I say let's use them. Just improve our AIM a bit....

Hmmm....let's see.... how about splitting the Anglican Communion?

Anglican leaders have given the U.S. denomination until Sept. 30 to unequivocally pledge not to consecrate another openly gay bishop or authorize official prayers for same-sex couples. If Episcopalians fail to agree, they risk losing full membership in the communion.

Oh sure. Guess where most of the MONEY comes from? Let these nazis commune with the bigoted savages of the African Church. They'll be forced to hold cannibal fundraisers.....coz NOTHING hurts these crazy homophobes more than hitting them in their pocketbooks.

Or while we're at it...why don't we bring down the SoCon porkers of the Harper government ..who would impose a brutish theocracy on Canada if they ever got a majority.

If we were able to destroy the Roman Empire,incinerating the Neocon Empire should be a cinch. They are already bleeding from every orifice, so a couple of lightning bolts should just about finish them off. personal favourite.... dare I hope that the bigot bishop decides to use a rowboat to visit his flooded we can conjure up a violent storm out of nowhere...and deposit him head first into the water.

So he can wash the fecal matter off his filthy body....or even better drown in his foul muck. Glug.Glug.Glug.

But seriously people much MORE will it take before people realize that religion is a monstrous fraud? And we need that hatemongering ju ju monkey nonsense like we need a hole in the head.

Accusing gay people of hurting others when they are the ones who are being hurt by these bigots is TOO disgusting for words. And I'm not the ONLY gay blogger who feels that way. So does Canuck Attitude.

But as I've always said..... give these Christofascists, homophobes, and fetus fetishists enough rope.

And they'll HANG themselves. Jebesus! Jebesus! Choke. Choke. I'm SHITTING myself!!!

Poop. Poop. Poop. AARGHHHHH.....

Oh lardy lardy...hallelujah!!!

Won't that be a beautiful sight?