Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stephen Harper: Now it's REALLY Animal Farm

Remember how I predicted the other day that Great Fat Leader would soon be posing as an animal lover to try to soften his image?

After taking this torpedo of a poll right up his big fat ass.

And receiving this advice from the pollster and former Liberal hack Peter Donolo...

Women may be uncomfortable with Mr. Harper's combative style, said Mr. Donolo. He said the Prime Minister needs to get back to stressing his middle-class values and family orientation.

Well let's take a look at the Prime Minister's website shall we? And what do we find? Yikes!!! A brand New/Nouveau section on......wait for it..... pet adoption.

OMFGAM! Isn't THAT Prime Ministerial? Talk about Great Fat Leader's Animal Farm....can we call him Napoleon now? Don't you feel safer already?

And what's that Wiggle Waggle Walkathon all about? Is that a NEW name for the Tory Caucus?

Isn't Harpo DESPERATE? Isn't this government a FARCE?

Isn't that purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect? Meow!

Coming next week.....Gentler Kinder Great Leader feeds baloney sandwiches to the homeless ..... AND adopts AIDS orphan from Africa.

Or failing that.....due to ReformCon backlash over darkie immigrants.... orders his consort John Baird to make sure Mrs Harper has another child....before the next election.

Oooh....that might be REALLY difficult.



  1. Anonymous3:13 AM

    ewwww.....baird and laureen! that would mean blonde pigs running around 24 sussex. gross!

  2. Simon, you are great!

  3. Yes...but since Baird is a Bairdy...these pigs could fly!!! Oops that could be messy... :)

    Hi John !! Hey thanks a lot. Coming from a great blogger like you that's quite an honour. I've been telling the boys that for years but they STILL don't believe me :)
    Although I have to admit I did feel guilty for dragging Mrs Harper in. I actually think she's a pretty cool woman. So I should have left her out. The only thing I hold against her is her DREADFUL choice in men...

    P.S. I'm adding you to my blogroll. I want everyone to know I might not be able to buy a good review like that one...but anyone who says nice things about me WILL be rewarded!!! :)