Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More Dead Soldiers and Canada's Doomed Mission

Six more Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

A roadside bomb has killed six Canadian soldiers along with their Afghan interpreter, as the Taliban continue to launch bold attacks in an area the military considers largely pacified.

So much for the pacification of the Panjwaii. So much for Stephen Harper's Great Afghanistan Adventure. So much for this crazy war.

I'm sorry for the young and so close to the end of their tour of duty.

I feel sorry for those who loved them. I will almost certainly weep when they come home.

But as for the rest of the rah rah rah from the chickenhawks in Canada they can just stuff it. Any more of that jingoistic bullshit.... and I'll vomit.

The cold hard fact is we NEVER should have gotten involved in this doomed and war like mission. Paul Martin got us into it because he wanted to apologize to the war criminals in the White House for Jean Chretien's decision not to join them in Iraq. The idiot.

Stephen Harper extended the mission because he wanted to blow George Bush...and play Warrior King. The traitor.

Stephane Dion's Liberal Party collaborated with Great Fat Chickenhawk Leader because they didn't want to upset Count Iggy. The fools.

Militarily this mission NEVER had a chance. We didn't have enough troops to pacify the country and we couldn't turn off the Taliban tap in religious fanatics like those in the Red Mosque.....

Some believe that the mosque is a liaison centre between religious extremists and the security officials and cannot be dismantled as long as Pakistani security officials feel they need such elements as pawns in their foreign policy agenda.

....will keep pouring across the border. And the bloodshed will go on and on.

And to make matters worse....if that's possible...if this NATO mission was ever a noble one it isn't's killing too many Afghan civilians.

Which makes what the idiot general said today even more grating.....

They have managed to kill six great young Canadians today, which is an absolute tragedy,” Brig-Gen Grant said. “The other part of this is that they're killing lots of Afghans. They're attacking the weak, they're killing women, they killing children, they're killing policemen. These are not the tactics of anything other than terrorists.”

Killing women? Killing children? You mean just like NATO does?

"I saw many women and children with their heads, legs, arms, separated from their bodies," Mr. Dad said. "I saw tractors burned, and women and children were burned in their seats ... some of them, we couldn't tell if they were men or women."

And don't think WE don't call in airstrikes because we do. All the time. Because we don't have enough troops.... any kind of skirmish with the Taliban usually ends the same way with our soldiers calling in jets and attack helicopters.

Just like the British do....

Oh yeah!!! ! Love that precision bombing!!! I wonder how many women and children that big one killed? And don't you love the thrust of that last Globe story?

The scene of Afghanistan's latest civilian bombing was still smoking, the injured still moaning in the dust, when villagers witnessed the Taliban's unnerving ability to exploit the carnage for propaganda.

Let me get this straight. NATO bombs a village wounding and killing all kinds of villagers. But can't tend to the injured and dying because it's too DANGEROUS? And then when the Taliban move in to help we accuse them of scoring PROPAGANDA points? Huh?

I thought this Great War on Terror was all about helping the Afghan people. Not just killing them. What a fucked up mission.

How could this country have lost its way so badly? If we truly believed in Canadian values.... if we REALLY supported our troops..... we would demand that that this doomed and disgraceful mission be ended SOONER rather than later. As Jack Layton demanded today.

But of course we CAN'T. Thanks to Stephen Harper and his absurd yankee poodle chickenhawks, and his idiot Liberal collaborators, we're committed to be ground up like hamburger over there until 2009.

We SHOULD have been pulling out of Afghanistan in a few more weeks ...after having done more than our share of the fighting.

But instead we're preparing to send in the Van the French Canadians can take THEIR turn dying. And killing. For nothing. On a mission doomed to fail. Which is making Canada a more dangerous rather than a safer place.

What a tragedy. What a farce....

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