Sunday, July 01, 2007

I've Been Banned by the Big Blue Bigot

When my blogging friends BC Waterboy and then Zac and JJ wrote in to inform me that I had been banned by the Big Blue Bigot..... for daring to call her a homophobe and giving her a taste of her own first I was elated.

Wow!!! What an honour!!! Woohoo!!!! Recognition at last!!!! I felt like I had been awarded the Blogging Order of Canada. I swaggered around like a guy with a fourteen inch dick. My baseball cap didn't fit...because my head was so swollen.

Although the monstrous christofascist never did answer my first comment.

Or my last question: Does she pull that hideous pickled fetus behind her on a string...walk it like a dog...or sleep with it under her pillow?

And alas that giddy feeling didn't last....

Farmboy told me I was CRAAAAZY to get tangled up with the Christian Taliban...because they're as dangerous as the ones over there...and they could kill me or blow the bunker up. Or at least take me prisoner...and force me to memorize their bloodthirsty ju ju monkey Bible...which of course would be even WORSE....

Then Scout from Harper Valley wrote to remind me that by engaging in their rage I was just feeding their machine....and she's ALWAYS right.

Which in turn reminded me of what I'm SURE Sébastien would say if he was here:Simon my bagarreur (brawler) fight them as hard as you can....but always remember we must be BETTER than them.

Which of course I really wasn't..... I was so angry I descended to their level.

Sorry. I won't do that again.

From now on I'm going to stay away from blogs that smell of homophobia, formaldehyde, and death.....where a one-inch embryo is more important than the life of a real kid.

While still trying to fight what these religious extremists are trying to do to our beautiful country.

Which leaves Aaron Unruh....the pollie bigot from the who wrote the original smear post. That tried to turn our beautiful inclusive parade into something ugly.

I can't promise not to visit his blog again....because I'm sure he'd be TOO disappointed. As you know Aaron writes nasty things about gay men ALL the I strongly suspect he ADORES ME.

Although BTW.....I'm also SURE that if I told Sébastien that he wouldn't be jealous.... he'd just LAUGH. Damn!

But when I think about it....Sébastien.....not just beautiful like anyone can be...but strong, gentle, noble and kind....and Aaron..... mean, twisted, ugly, racist and homophobic....I have to laugh too. A prince is a prince. A bigot is a bigot.

So to make up for what I realize must be a CRUSHING blow....and because it's Canada Day... I'd like to play a little video for Aaron. To remind him what tolerance is all about. And that it isn't just good for Canadians. It's good for our country too..

The pictures in the video by this American band aren't that great....but it's the spirit and the TRIBUTE to our country that count...

Oh yeah...I think Pansy Division caught our freedom spirit all right...even though they forgot Womanada...which of course is FABULOUS too!!!

Despite all our flaws....and our bigots....we DO have so much to celebrate.

We're a beautiful country, with beautiful values we can be proud of....a country still young enough to be able to hope to be better. Just like I can. How lucky we are. How lucky I am.

Happy Canada Day everyone!!!!


  1. Anonymous11:14 PM

    That's right Simon, don't feed the biggots. They're nothing without an audience.

    Happy Canada Day honey.

  2. i surfed some so-called bigot blog,i realized they r really funny."So why do we have to conform to their choices? We don't. We should always stand up and not be afraid of stating our disagreement"C'mon,it's you poor bastard who involved our life,so we askin for the right is BASIC.Get out of our own,pure life,you homophobias deserve to taste Crap.

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I regularly partake in a forum on the Kelowna homepage Castanet, and get into it with homophobes and christobots. When they get smacked with their bullshit, all they know how to do is avoid direct questions and mock. It drives them crazy that I won't let them away with. All in all, the best we can do is to keep the spotlight on wretches like Suzanne and Aaron, but we can't win with people so arrogant on their turf. BTW Simon, I loved your comments on the Blue Fetus Sucker, it was a well deserved smack and Suzanne proved yet again, that she is a disher outer but not a taker.

  4. Simon, scout and bruce are right -- don't feed the biggies. (But you still make me laugh)

    Hope you had a happy canada day!

  5. Anonymous12:05 AM

    I don't get you, man. I quote Jason Cherniak, yet you hold me up for abuse. I make fun of Cherniak by arguing that old men have a new entrenched right to go nude in public, and you dedicate three posts to my "hateful, homophobic rant"? Hellloooo?

  6. Happy belated Canada Day, Simon! I love your posts and your fierce tenacity to stand up to the ignoramuses that pollute the blogosphere. Keep fighting the good fight!

  7. Anonymous11:18 AM

    blue fetuses....ohg! but i laughed ;)

    i see you have an admirer here. you must have fed im peanutes but he wants a banana ;)

  8. Hi Bruce!!! ...I SUPPOSE you and the others are right. But it just made me so mad that they would try to smear our parade because it was so beautiful...and they are so ugly.
    And happy Canada Day to you brother!!!! Thank you for inspiring me to start blogging...I'll NEVER forget that.
    Which of course means when I fuck up...It's all YOUR fault!!! :)

    Hi Ur Merit!!! Well said. These bigots are such cowards. It's easy for them to spew their filthy hate and kill gay kids or drive them to suicide...but when I say come here you fuckers and fight...they usually turn and run. And if they don't they would be sorry... :)

    Hi Waterboy!!....Castanet???? I'm going to have to give them a click...or a clack :)I know it's probably a waste of time trying to reason with these bigots...coz fanatics are usually REALLY dum. But although I do admit I enjoy it...sometimes...I also think it is important to expose their views so decent Canadians can see them and recoil in disgust. I'm glad you enjoyed the little comment I fired off at the Big Blue Bigot.I was just telling the I can't IMAGINE why she hated it so much...heh heh heh ;)

    Hi JJ!!! Awww...I'm starting to think you, Scoutie and Bruce got together and AGREED to tell me that!!!Besides ....if it makes you laugh....that makes my day....and it can't be ALL bad...;)

    Hi Aaron! Now come may have linked to Cherniak's post...but you quoted him out of context...and your intention was to try to make gays look bad and you are ALWAYS trying to do. And I wasn't the only one to get that impression...just read your comments. It may surprise you but I read the not because I want to monitor it for homophobia...but because I'm generally interested in all kinds of political expression...and I especially want to find out more about the West...a place I find fascinating like every other part of this country. I rarely agree with ANYTHING I ever read there...but hey that's democracy. You've got so many interesting things to write about so why pick on gays? Gay people and gay children only have one life to live just like you why go after them? You're not as bad as the Blue Bigot...and as I explained in my admittedly rather angry note to you that I DON't lump you guys in with those freaks.So here's a don't go after gays...and I won't go after you. And one more thing...had I known the pompous Liberal nerd Cherniak was going to be in the Gay parade you can be sure that I would have bought the biggest water cannon in the world and hosed him down like he deserves!! :)

    Hi RD!!!! Thanks a lot.I really appreciate it.And boy did it come just in the nick of other blogging friends are ganging up on me HELP!!! Seriously though I will keep fighting because if you've read my story (in the sidebar under favourites) you know that I was a bullied if the ONLY thing I ever do is help fight that problem you can be sure I will. And happy Canada Day to you too!!!! :)

    Hi Scout!!! Oh YES!!! you laughed's sooooo important to do that...if I didn't laugh all the time I would have EXPLODED long ago...and Sebastien would have left me for sure...:( When I was a JD they taught me a lot about anger management...but I learned about the healing power of laughter all by myself! As for my admirer he's not getting ever getting the banana...but he might get the peanuts but only if he is a good monkey ... :)

  9. Anonymous12:23 AM

    I’m glad I inspired you to blog and fight the good fight, but all JJ and Scout and all the others can do is watch you and throw in a suggestion now and then.

    My biggest hope is that you don’t take that righteous temper of yours and waste it on people you don’t need to. At the risk of sounding like Sebastien, there are many battles to choose from so you need to choose yours carefully.

  10. yes Bruce you are right...and I do appreciate your advise and those of the others. But actually my temper is pretty good these days....I haven't been in a fight for months...and i think blogging helps me sublimate the desire to throttle our enemies. So throwing insults at bigots is actually therapeutic. So I really can't afford to give it up altogether. And yes it is fun. But I will pick my targets fact I've already picked out some big juicy ones...!!!!! ;)