Monday, June 29, 2009

My Gay Pride Day and the Stonewall Kids

Well I have to admit it was my strangest Gay Pride Day ever. Hanging with some friends on a pile of rocks sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean. Trying not to talk about Michael Jackson.

Or feel guilty about missing the Gay Pride Parade.

Or celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots..... in a seafood joint with the sign "Happy Birthday Mr President (Bush)" over the doorway.

But then as I explained in my last post I desperately needed a break. So did Sébastien. He needed a break from the real world. I needed a break from the blogosphere.

Because I'm tired of having to waste so much time fighting homophobic wingnuts, who have been bombarding me with the most disturbing creepy messages I've ever seen

Like this gem accusing me of being responsible for the Toronto garbage strike:

Toronto, leftie dominated, garbage collectors refuse to bend over to pick up faggots' trash. They are claiming increased risk of getting sodomised and contracting HIV/AIDS while they are doing their jobs.

Raging faggot Montréal Simon still denies his own involvement in leftie movement that is behind this fiasco and tries to blame Conservatives for this latest development.

Yikes. What do you do with stuff like that? It's so easy to demolish their crazed arguments. But the stench of their twisted bigotry lingers, disturbs and distracts me from writing about other things. Which really pisses me off.

But then I read a story about the gay people who started the Stonewall Riots.

A prominent Stonewall myth holds that the riots were an uprising by the gay community against decades of oppression. This would be true if the “gay community” consisted of Stonewall patrons. The bar’s regulars, though, were mostly teenagers from Queens, Long Island and New Jersey, with a few young drag queens and homeless youths who squatted in abandoned tenements on the Lower East Side.

Although several older activists participated in the riots, most stood on the edges and watched. Many told me they were put off by the way the younger gays were taunting the police.... They believed the younger generation’s behavior would lead to even more oppression.

Which made me laugh and feel better... even a little ashamed. WTF am I complaining about? I should be honoured those crazies are after me. Because when you're gay you only have two choices: fight for or surrender your humanity.

And if those kids could start the gay freedom struggle, then our generation will FINISH it.

Which is a long way of saying I'm back. It was a good break, although I am sorry about missing the Big Parade. Especially since my friends said it was the best one EVER. It actually started and ended on time *gasp* and for once it wasn't too hot. Just my luck eh?

But then for me gay pride day is every day. If my role in the blogosphere is to attract homophobes.... like a light attracts bugs to a zapper.... so be it. The stench of scorched bigotry will be EVERYWHERE.

But I can handle it. As long as you know who covers my back.

And no matter where I go.

I take my rainbow with me...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Boulevard of My Broken Blogging Dreams

It was so hot in Montreal's Gay Village today they were hanging out the laundry. My friends were getting ready to party all night. Because tomorrow its the Fete Nationale.

But I'm sitting under a tree, sweating like a pig, gasping for another frappuccino, staring at the blistered remains of my dreams to become a famous gay blogger.

Because let's face it this is THE END...

As if it wasn't bad enough that Mark and Gay Person of Color beat me AGAIN. Just because they got talent. Big deal.

But when Uncle Fred of Gay and Right beats you to the Gay Hall of Fame you know it really really is OVER.

Damn. Why didn't I throw in a little climate change denial and Muslim bashing....instead of defending Omar Khadr.

When he isn't even gay. Just a Canadian with an Arab name and a brown skin....who has been tortured for just eight years. What an idiot. Sébastien, Sébastien, I coulda been a CONTENDER !!!

On the other hand I haven't been feeling too much of anything winningly in the blogosphere recently. Just a lot of ugly stuff that doesn't go well with summer. Like crazy Con monkeys hurling their own excrement at you. And other nasty things.

You know some guy called me a drama queer the other day. And he was defending me !!!!
Can The Abyss be far off?

But it wasn't until I saw this guy playing the violin in the hellish heat that I realized how I REALLY feel...

Because if you do it just because you have to ....or you feel you have to....and it isn't fun anymore. Then you probably should give it up or take a break.

So I am. I didn't want to be famous anyway. And Sébastien is very persuasive. You come with me or ELSE.

See you when I see you eh?

Maybe I'll make it back in time for the parade.

Can't stop. Won't stop.

Bring Omar Khadr home TOMORROW...

Monday, June 22, 2009

When the Fetus Fetishists are Homophobes

If you want to know why I am a feminist as well as a gay activist, it's not just because I love my beautiful sisters....and want need them to save the world.

It's also because we share the same enemies. Like this fetus fetishist and homophobe in Halifax.

I'm not going to comment on drooly Julie's disgusting rant. I've heard it all before. Like this homophobic filth:

Why should any society endorse a movement that tries to recruit members, when the activity promoted actually causes disease?

When everyone knows that it's the crazy Christianist hatemongers who are diseased....riddled with syphilis of the brain and soul. Just like their deranged movement is riddled with TERRORISTS.

Which reminds me.... let's check out what Granny Hate had to say the day Dr George Tiller was murdered.

I just got an email from Operation Rescue that George Tiller, aka Tiller the Killer, was shot and killed while going into his church this morning. Tiller operated an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas and was known for his late-term abortions. Now Tiller has met his maker.

One person will be convicted for this crime, but I believe that a large portion of the responsibility for it lies with those who failed to serve justice and continued to allow Tiller to behave as if he was above the law.

Nice eh?

But then let's not be too hard on Julie, because whatever hidden qualities she may possess, intelligence isn't one of them.

Not only doesn't she understand that Jesus is supposed to stand for LOVE not hate. She's too dumb or crazy to know what NOT to steal.

Which shocks me because how dumb can you be eh? And saddens me because Mark is my beautiful gay brother and he'll NEVER live this one down.

I'll make sure of that....heh heh heh. You see he's the good polite brother, I'm one.

Which is why I am DELIGHTED that Julie has decided to join the gay pride festivities.

So July 25, let's take a stand - we Christians have been silent for far too long....Let's gather on the steps of St. Mary's Basilica and pray.We need to show this movement that freedom does not exist in surrendering to base sexual behaviour; freedom comes from living in the truth purchased for us by Jesus Christ who loved us to the point of death.

And why I'm hoping she comes dressed for the orgy she's expecting...wearing nothing but a chastity belt, a pacifier in her mouth, and a loud clanging cow bell around her neck. So hopefully some big proud but drunk (she'd have to be) dyke can take pity on her, find the key to heart. And bring her closer to Jesus.

Jesus..Jesus ....JEEEEEEEEESUS !!!!!

And so the gay boys can hear the wingnuts coming. And prepare a 21-Super Soaker salute. Because they deserve it eh?

And the really good news? Mark is still in shock, but his doctor assures me he'll make a full recovery, and be back at his blog today.

And I was born gay eh? So I get to hang out with all the best and coolest gay and straight people. And fight these Christianist Taliban FOREVER.


What more can a poor boy ask for?

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Blogging Tories and the Homophobes

I don't like a lot of things I read on the Blogging Tories. The racism, the xenophobia, the relentless assault on modernity. And of course the mediocrity of it all.

But I never bother to leave comments because I'm not interested in flame wars. And what's the point ? Why stir up the batty cave? And have them fly out at you... SQUAWK SQUAWK ...FART FART....IT'S THE LIEBERALS AND THE MOOOOOOSLIMS !!!!

But today I HAD to eh? Put on my rubber booties and wade into the pigshit and the insanity. Because this is the LIMIT.

I'm not going to bother explaining to Shane Edwards why the Cons are donating money to the Gay Pride parade. I'll leave that up to brother Mark.

But I do want The to explain to me why they would allow the disgusting feminist basher and homophobic hatemonger Karol Karolak to promote hatred against gay people in the comments.

And why they would allow him to slander me.

(Note Karolak's vile comments have since been removed ....see note at the end of the post. But this is the line that concerned me)

BIG HOMO propaganda machine in a full swing again; Montreal Simon calls for confrontation and violence against heterosexuals in Canada.

By accusing me of promoting violence with this post.

Which of course is outrageous because I don't promote violence against ANYONE.

But here's what I don't understand. Karol Karolak is well known as probably the most disgusting homophobe in Canada. When he tried to hijack a thread on the BT Forums recently, Craig Smith had the decency to take it down.

So your Honour ....why won't The ? And do you think they'll have the decency to apologize for giving Karol a forum to promote hatred, libel me, channel his crazies my way, and possibly endanger my life?

NOTE: The administrator who deleted Karolak's comments says he was not aware of them for 48 hours. And as soon as he saw them he deleted them. And that furthermore that neither he or his blog condone Karol's views. Not that I said that ...just asked why they were not deleted. See note at the end of the post.

Or at the very least bore me to death, or cause my fingers to hurt from hitting the delete button.

Hmmm...I wonder how much I can get for that? Especially since I play the piano eh?

And what does Stephen Taylor have to say about this? Is he proud of Karol? And will he share the court costs.... or put up his bail ?

I also want to say that I'm not intimidated by any of the death threats I'm receiving...although I recognize the police may think differently. In fact, in a certain way I'm DELIGHTED. Because I started off thinking I needed a new i-phone.... but now I think somebody is going to buy me another big-screen TV !!!!!

But seriously....can you imagine that kind of hatemongering material ever appearing on a progressive site? I can't either.

Which only goes to show what kind of people the ReformCons really are. Why this country has to be cleaned up.

And why we're so much BETTER than they are. Pat yourselves on the back my progressive family.

Have a great weekend.

This one's for you....


UPDATE: 22/06/09

This afternoon I was informed by the administrator of the that all of Karol's offensive and libellous comments have been removed from that blog. And that the delay in deleting them was due to the fact he was unaware of them. And NOT because the condoned Karolak's views. And I accept that explanation, although I still cannot understand how such comments should have been left up there so long.

I also want to say that although in my original post I believed the blog's author Shane Edwards was responsible for moderating comments I have been told that only the administrator can do that. So I can't blame Shane, and I'm sorry I did. Although I can't understand that since it was his post, and he was aware of my request he didn't write something or alert and administrator. For the complete exchange read the last few comments...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gay People and the Hatred that Kills

The scary thing about homophobic violence is that it can happen suddenly and anywhere.

In the crowded streets of Sao Paolo.

Or a quiet street in Toronto.

"They were drunk and had open beer bottles in their hands," says John. "When they approached us they were making remarks as 'faggot,' 'fudge packer' and 'you and your girlfriend.'"

When cowards attack. And even the police are no help.

John says he isn't impressed by 911's handling of his first call, made while he and Majikwa were being hassled but before he was allegedly struck.

"[The 911 operator] insisted that we walk away and hung up the phone," he says. "Could you imagine that?"

Then they wonder why more hate crimes are not reported.

When everybody knows the homophobia that fuels the violence is in the schools, it's in the streets, it's at work, it's EVERYWHERE. You're not even safe in your own home.

A B.C. Supreme Court justice has rebuked a well-heeled family for harassing a gay couple living next door to them in an upscale Vancouver condo.

Court heard the Harrisons played annoyingly loud music, summoned the police with false accusations, tried to instigate fist fights, hurled slurs, let the air out of the couple's car tires and threatened to kill their cat.

So why aren't we doing more to fight they are in the more advanced European countries? Answer: because this is Canada where bad things don't happen.

Except that they do. I've been attacked by drunken homophobes at least a dozen times, and if I didn't know how to fight ...or run.... I probably wouldn't be here today. I'd be dead or lying in some hospital with brain damage. Because they ALWAYS go for the head.

And who will be next? Your brother, your sister, your friend, your neighbour, or you or me and my lover? Hurt or killed just for who we are.

Because that's one thing we all know. One thing we can't escape.

Until this crazy hate is crushed. Until these violent bigots are leashed or jailed.

Tomorrow could be our lucky day.

Or it could be our last one...

Harper, Ignatieff, and Who Really Killed the Coalition?

I see that Gilles Duceppe hasn't wasted any time calling it the Harper-Ignatieff Coalition.

Speaking to reporters in Ottawa after Ignatieff and Harper, a fuming Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe suggested Ignatieff had followed in his Liberal predecessor's footsteps by propping up the Tories and entering into a "coalition" that would deliver "nothing for the unemployed.”

"He just choked,” Duceppe said of the Liberal leader. “He looked in the mirror this morning and saw Stéphane Dion.”

But I'm not going to get into the partisan slag fest. There's enough of it out there. All I want to do is to lament the grubby politics.

The decaying state of our political process, that puts cheap machinations before the needs of suffering Canadians.

And point out that if the real coalition was still around, none of this would be necessary. Because we would have been better than that.

Which is why I still want to know who really killed it.

Because something about this story really STINKS.

"They did it at the Canadian Council of (Chief) Executives, there was three presidents of major banks who stood up in the room – and this is not from cabinet so I can talk about it – stood up and said, `Ignatieff, don't you even think about bringing us to an election. We don't need this. We have no interest in this. And we will never fund your party again.'"

Not just because it says something about the Liberal Party...but also because it raises the curtain on how our political system really works.

The taped comments raise questions about what role the banks may have played in nixing the coalition, and also what power they wield over the severely financially strapped Liberal party.

Which is so disgusting and such a tragedy.

Because if the centre left wasn't divided it wouldn't be forced to grub around in the mud with the filthy Cons to try to make a sloppy deal. It would sweep the Cons from power and keep them out FOREVER.

Stephen Harper realizes that, and that's why he was still trying to demonize the Coalition today. Even though it's rotting in the grave, it's ghost still frightens him.

But somehow we don't get it. Don't understand that as long as the Bloc doesn't collapse and the great regional divide remains intact, and four parties of the left fight one party on the right, nothing will ever change. And the chances a centre-left party will ever form a majority government are very very slim. So we have to work with each other.

But still parse each other's policies like wingnuts parse the Bible. Or fight each other like the Communists and the Anarchists fought each other, as the fascists advanced on Madrid. While the Cons torch our country and its values.

Instead of trying to find common ground so that one day we can form a grand coalition, sweep the Cons into the garbage can of history, and make the kind of beautiful, progressive creative Canada most of us want.

Oh well. I know nobody listens to me. Slagging one another is so much more fun. And the more you slag the more popular you are in the blogosphere.

But I don't care because I know I'm right. One day the left WILL unite or be forced to recognize the need to form coalitions. But by then it will probably be in the ruins of what was once Canada. And it will be left to the new generation to ask why the fuck did it take so long ?

And why did you let the Cons destroy our future when you could have wiped them off the electoral map anytime you WANTED?

In the meantime, I'll settle for finding out who really killed the Coalition.

Because the answer is important for the future.

And I still REMEMBER...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran: When the Regime Tries to Cheat

Isn't it nice to know that as 100-thousand pro-democracy demonstrators put on black to mourn their dead.

The midget monkey Ahmedinejad has to photoshop his rallies.

To make them look bigger.

But of course anything they can do.

The freedom side can do better.

So all his brutish supporters can count on is violence.

Listen to the sounds of pain and freedom.

Down with the fascists.

Long live people power...

Fucking Stephen Harper: The Play

Oh no. I can't believe it. I thought I knew EVERYTHING about Stephen Harper....his twisted ideology, his bullying nature, his monster moments.

But apparently I didn't.

FUCKING STEPHEN HARPER: How I Sexually Assaulted the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada and Where It Got Me, which Maclean's has called "An hilarious and powerful take on Canadian politics, the media, the gay community, and what Stephen Harper's balls feel like."

And now I don't know what to think. Stephen Harper as a VICTIM? The monster has BALLS? OMG. I don't think I can handle it.

Although they say it's funnier than Rob's last play.

Which is just as well eh? Because living in Con Canada is depressing enough.

But now I'm curious. Does John Baird play the role of the jealous consort ?

Will Lisa Raitt debut her new hit song..."I love Cancer in the Springtime?"

And does Jason Kenney make at least a brief appearance?

Oh Lordy I hope so. Because ever since he said gays could get married if they married someone of the opposite sex, I've always felt he deserved a cabaret act.

But of course the biggest question I have is what on earth is going on between Harper and Iggy?

Because this was supposed to be a bad date not a hawt honeymoon.

And I knew Harper would claim he'd topped Iggy.

In an internal memo circulated within Tory ranks, the Prime Minister's Office appeared to be claiming victory over Ignatieff.

"The Liberals have reversed themselves on EI reform (their 360-hour demand has been abandoned) and withdrawn the threat to force an unnecessary summer election," the memo said.

"Instead, the Liberals will vote for the next round of stimulus in our Economic Action Plan."

The nasty little piggy.

Oh boy. You know I have a confession to make. I was pulling for a fall election. But now that I see Stephen Harper crawling on all fours waving his ass in the air like a werewolf in heat I figure he must desperate.

So I figure we should have gone NOW.

But of course it's too late for that.

Although I do have a consolation prize.

I have managed to get my hands on a tape of Jason Kenney rehearsing his act...

You know after watching that tape again I don't think it is La Jason. The guy in the spandex is not as chubby and far more talented.

Oh well. Spare a few thoughts....and a few cans of food... for the unemployed.

Bye bye politics. Fuck Con Canada.

Hello summer....

The Gay Book Burners Strike Again

Well I see the Christianist crazies in the United States are up to their old tricks. Once they burned women and gay people. Then it was the Harry Potter books.

Now it's a book about gay teens.

The offending book is Francesca Lia Block's Baby Be-Bop, a young adult novel in which a boy, struggling with his homosexuality, is beaten up by a homophobic gang. The complaint, which according to the American Library Association also demands $120,000 (£72,000) in compensatory damages for being exposed to the book in a display at West Bend Community Memorial Library, was lodged by four men from the Christian Civil Liberties Union.

Their suit says that "the plaintiffs, all of whom are elderly, claim their mental and emotional well-being was damaged by this book at the library," and that it contains derogatory language that could "put one's life in possible jeopardy, adults and children alike."

Which sounds pretty outrageous until you check out who they are...

Kookamunga. Do you think they call him Redneck Moses...or Crawdaddy Jesus?

But of course it's not funny. Because these are the kind of crazies that whip up the hatred that leads to the killing of abortion providers and the murder of gay people.

The number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people killed in bias-motivated incidents increased by 28 percent in 2008 compared to a year ago, according to a national coalition of advocacy groups.

"What we're also seeing, more disturbingly, is the increase in the severity of violence...The more visibility there is the more likely we're going to see backlash, and that's exactly what we see here."

Which means until these Christianist terrorists are arrested or locked up in an insane asylum, more gay people are going to be hurt or killed.

Because we're not going ANYWHERE. And if they think we're visible now they ain't seen nothing yet.

Which leaves me with one nagging question.

If I used the Holy Dirty Book those bigot crackers read, to start my barbeque.

Not that I would eh? But say I did.

Do you think my sausages would taste of possum.... or SQUIRREL?

The Christian Civil LIBERTIES and Book Burner's Union?


Don't make me VOMIT...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran: When Freedom is Everything

As I explained in my last post, I'm in full summer mode. But as I lay in the sun in this field of poppies this morning they reminded me of this story.

Of the blood and the bravery, and the desperate struggle of the Iranian people against the bastard fascists..

Whose filthy savagery makes my blood boil. And makes me feel so helpless.

And then I read this account.

At times, Mousavi's victory march threatened to crush us amid walls of chanting men and women. They fell into the storm drains and stumbled over broken trees and tried to keep pace with his vehicle, vast streamers of green linen strung out in front of their political leader's car. They sang in unison, over and over, the same words: "Tanks, guns, Basiji, you have no effect now." As the government's helicopters roared overhead, these thousands looked upwards and bayed above the clatter of rotor blades: "Where is my vote?" Clichés come easily during such titanic days, but this was truly a historic moment.

And I saw this video...

And my spirits soared again.

Now all I want to say is long live the heroic struggle of the Iranian people.

I may be lying among the poppies, but my heart is in the clouds.

Because I know that tomorrow will be better.

"We should go under the rain.
We should wash our eyes,
And we should see the world in a different way."

Go go go my brave and beautiful brothers and sisters.

The whole world is watching and cheering you on.

Because freedom is EVERYTHING...


P.S. I've resisted signing up for Twitter...because quite frankly I don't need more online excitement.

But after reading this.

Now I think I will....

The Ignatieff Ultimatum: The View From the Beach

I finally got to watch Michael Ignatieff's ultimatum. final warning gentle reminder to Stephen Harper. After spending the day at the beach.

And I'm going to give him an A for strategy, but only a C+ for delivery. And only because I'm feeling so mellow I'm prepared to ignore the way he looked down and closed his eyes and practically HYPNOTIZED me with those eyebrows.

But seriously... it's good to throw the ball into the Con court, but if you're going to threaten an election and you want Canadians to get motivated. You better remember that because Canada is what it is, at this time of the year...

You're competing with this...

And the challenge is to make Canadians feel that even though our summers are so tragically short, and these are such worrying times, being bombarded by attack ads and screaming politicians coming at them from every direction is better than soaking up some rays and thinking of NOTHING.

Or just nice things. Like what shall we throw on the barbie tonight?

Which isn't easy. You REALLY need to connect....instead of just talking eloquently but boringly like Ignatieff did today.

For example....while it's good to bring in the EI issue it needs to be framed in a way everyone can understand. Like saying:

"What am I supposed to say to Fred in Fredericton, or Henri in Trois-Rivieres, or Rusty the Cowboy in Alberta? That they can't qualify for unemployment because in their areas unemployment isn't a PROBLEM?

"When everybody knows that it could happen to ANYONE in Canada no matter where they live? *points at camera* Like you and you and YOU"

Because that's the kind of thing that gets everyone's attention eh?

And as I said that's not easy in summer.

Because there are so many distractions...

And then there's the isotope issue....he could have said something like this:

What am I going to tell Mildrid in Victoria? That she's not going to be able to have her cancer test because the Cons fucked up the reactor...and now they want to SELL IT ?

And BTW they think cancer is SEXY?

And when Ignatieff said that Canada was abandoning the world on the isotopes issue...which was excellent and the only thing my dumbo friends remembered...he could have said it even more forcefully:

"And what are we supposed to tell the world? That although we pioneered the technology we allowed it to rundown, we can't be bothered to fix it, and now we're giving up? And furthermore that Canada doesn't care if millions of people suffer. Because our BushCon government wants to sell everything off and use tax cuts to destroy the power of government.

Followed by something like this...

"That's not the Canada I believe in. And that's why if Stephen Harper doesn't start behaving like a Canadian Prime Minister....and stops making us look like dumb redneck LOSERS in the eyes of the world, I will REMOVE him."

Which is something everyone can understand. Fuck that eh? Dumb maybe but losers NEVER.

But then what do I know? It looks like Great Desperate Leader used his extra hook-like appendages to add up what saying no would mean.

And has decided to bend over and take it.

Which will only reinforce the Canadian public's view of Harper as a weak leader. Excellent .

And BTW proves me right. Again. We WILL have a fall election.

Of course, I'm ready for an election ANYTIME.

But until it really happens. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

You know where to find me...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Obama, Iran and My Crazy Weekend

(click to enlarge)

I guess I should have known that it was going to be a very strange weekend when the Cirque du Soleil invaded the waterfront.

Which was great.

But then there was the bad news about Obama

Which made me really angry.

And the news from Iran which made me even angrier and depressed.

The midget monkey madman stole the election.

But then I saw the pictures.

And the YouTubes.

And I read this.

Yesterday, we showed that together our strength is limitless and no force in the world can stop millions of united people. It is a new day today … a new bloody battleground and together WE WILL WIN!"

And suddenly my spirits soared. Because then I knew that the Mullah dictators might be able to put down the demonstrators with their brutal security forces. But they will never be able to silence that struggle for change and freedom. And NOTHING will ever be the same again.

And on the Obama front there was this encouraging development...

So at the end of the weekend I was all confused. Slamming the punching bag to get the anger out of my system. While doing a little dance to make Sebastien laugh.

You know angry and defiant. But happy because the new generation seems to have FINALLY realized that if they don't save their future who the fuck will?

They are not taking no for an answer. They are taking it to the streets.

And we WILL win.

So now all we need to do in this country is defeat Stephen Harper and his foul Cons.

So I can finally give up blogging. Swap the bullshit for a bull rush hat.

And run away with the Cirque....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Obama's Shameful Betrayal of Gay Americans

He gave the pig homophobe Rick Warren a central role in his inauguration.

He promised to stop discriminating against gay and lesbian soldiers by repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell.

But he gave in to his generals.

Now he's defending the segregationist Defence of Marriage Act

President Obama, who said as a candidate that he would seek repeal of a law denying federal recognition of same-sex marriage, has angered gay rights groups with court arguments portraying the law as a nondiscriminatory measure that "preserves scarce government resources."

The one he once called abhorrent.

He actually argued that the courts shouldn't consider Loving v. Virginia, the miscegenation case in which the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to ban interracial marriages, when looking at gay civil rights cases. He told the court, in essence, that blacks deserve more civil rights than gays, that our civil rights are not on the same level.

Obama is quite literally destroying our civil rights gains with this brief. He's taking us down for his own benefit.

I guess Obama is just taking gay people for granted, and forgetting what it's like to sit at the back of the bus. Or what it feels like to be sold down the river.

I guess he forgot that Martin Luther King said "wait usually means NEVER."

I don't know what Obama's problem he could disappoint all those people who worked so hard to elect him. But he will pay for this betrayal.

I'm always the last one to give up hope, because what are you left with eh? So I'm still hoping that Obama will have the decency and courage to do what is right.

But right now some things are for sure.

Gay Americans will get to that promised land of equality and dignity.

Hope ain't what it used to be.

And Obama is no Lincoln...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

When is the Best Time to Defeat Harper?

OK I admit it. The suspense is killing me. I just don't know what to do.Should I run down to Canadian Tire right now and buy an axe? So I can be the first in line to chop the hollow head off this statue.... and use it as a garbage can.

Or can I wait until fall?

Of course...only Michael Ignatieff knows.

But I'm going to guess..... the FALL. And say that although I live for the downfall of the Harper regime, maybe that's a GOOD thing. Because I'm not sure the timing is quite right.

After all, as Nick Nanos points out , Harper is now an anvil around the neck of the Cons

Overall Prime Minister Stephen Harper is twice as likely to be identified as a weakness than as a strength which suggests that he is personally becoming a lightning rod for discontent with the government.

And since those negative perceptions cannot be reversed in time for a fall election, why not let Great Ugly Leader drag his sheep-like followers over the cliff?

You know let him beat them up a bit more, before we finish them off.

And then of course there's this...

Yup. Summer has finally arrived in Canada, and after all the stress we've been through recently I really do think most Canadians need a break. Badly. An election right now would mean even more stress. And who knows who would pay for that? A crazed people can do crazy things.

On the other hand .....every time I read this post by Warren Kinsella I'm ready to go tomorrow.

...In politics, as in war, you attack when your opponent is weak, not strong.... Right now - due to the recession, due to a stumblebum Tory team, due to their leader who nobody likes - we know the other side is really, really weak. In a few months - due to a economy rebounding, mainly - they could be strong.

All Summer, the Reformatories will crisscross the country, making all manner of "stimulus" spending announcements, alongside beaming mayors and Premiers. Opposition politicians don't get invited to those announcements. The Conservatives may not get more popular, as a result, but they'll arguably get less unpopular.

So now I don't know what to think. Except that wouldn't it be terrific if the Con Ministers were dogged on their porkbarrel tours by crowds of angry unemployed workers?

But as for the recession... it's not going ANYWHERE. Not at least where it most counts.... in battleground Ontario.

The province's manufacturing sector lies in ruins. Next it will be its tourist industry.

Because in my neighbourhood at least, the tourists aren't coming this year...

And by the fall it will be a DISASTER. More rope to hang the Cons with...more reasons to hate Stephen Harper. More miserable weather to make Canadians less generous...because when it's too cold to barbeque they'll be more ready to roast Great Weak Leader.

And of course more time to make sure WE'RE ready. More time to prepare the ground by reinforcing these perceptions:

It seems that those unfavourable perceptions have been driven by long-standing criticisms that the Conservatives are “not trustworthy” and “out of touch”; that they “don’t listen”, are “arrogant” and are “focused on political expediency over concern for Canadians”.

Because when we finally act to take down the Con Zombies.

We really do need to make sure that we have enough potato mines...

Because this isn't about whether the Iggy has BALLS. It's about having the BRAINS to choose the best time to bring down the Harper regime. Because the future of Canada depends on it.

Oh well. You know Sébastien is always accusing me of having low expectations eh?

But the way I figure it....a whole summer to enjoy ...and blog about Stephen Harper's many weaknesses. The sight of the Great Anvil Leader dragging his own followers into The Abyss. A brand new garbage can in the fall.

Holy splattering Con Zombies !!!

What more can I ask for?

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Gay Pride Parade and the Jewish Controversy

In two weeks it will be time for Toronto's Gay Pride Parade

And thousands of volunteers are working their asses off to try to make it a big success. So I think it's fair to say the last thing we need is this ridiculous controversy.

Jewish groups are outraged that the Toronto Pride Parade could be hijacked by anti-Semitic protesters.

Organizers have angered some Jewish groups by letting Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) be among the 164 registered groups in the Sunday, June 28 parade.

Jewish groups say the parade included growing anti-Israeli sentiment in recent years and accuse Toronto lawyer El Farouk Khaki, the 2009 parade marshal, of being anti-Semitic.

I wish I could ignore this story. But since the opinion and feelings of Jewish Canadians matter to me, as do the ones of Arab Canadians, I think I better set everybody straight...if you'll pardon the expression.

(1) Nobody tells gay people how to run their parade. And certainly not the Jewish right-wing group that first complained... Frank Dimant's B'nai Brith. Because he's friends with some of the worst homophobes of the Christian Right.(PDF)

So he can just fuck off.

(2) The Gay Pride Parade is NOT a venue for anti-semitism. I didn't even notice the queer Arab group last year. Our parade is overwhelmingly pro-gay and anti-bigot. Period. And if any ugly anti-semite ever turned up, and our security didn't confront them, I would. Trust me.

(3) El Farouk Khaki is not an anti-semite. He is a distinguished human rights lawyer who ran for the NDP in the last election. And is being honoured for his work with gay refugees....including Alvaro Orozco.

(4) Nobody should hijack our some nudist group sometimes insisting on the right to parade naked down the street in front of children. And grossing me out because what does that have to do with gay liberation?

So I wish the QuAIA group would concentrate on the desperate plight of gays in Arab countries... on OUR and THEIR day.

And stop claiming that Israel isn't a much much better place for gay people to live in. Because if you tried this in most Arab countries...

They'd KILL you.

On the other hand the brutal Israeli occupation is a central part of Arab life so how can they ignore it? Resistance is a human right. The gay family is the most diverse one on earth and whatever they decide to do is OK with me.

(5) The Gay Pride Parade was, is, and always will be POLITICAL. And this year more than ever, because it marks not only the 40th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

But the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

And my problem with the parade is that it's too commercial and not political enough. Because sure we have a lot to celebrate. But so many gay people are still suffering all over the world.

For every victory there are a hundred defeats. And we still have so far to go. Like my poor brothers and sisters in California.

Where hope turned to disappointment...

But still they keep on marching. And that's why I'll be marching on Pride Day.

For them and all the others. Israelis and Palestinians and ALL my beautiful brothers and sisters.

With my party hat ....and my fightingdancing boots.

Now if only they could do something about the parade music...coz it usually SUCKS.

OK OK I can't have EVERYTHING.

See you at the parade...