Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Why Lisa Raitt Must Go: The Video

I think it's fair to say that in my neighbourhood no politician...with the possible exception of Stephen Harper... is as unpopular as Lisa Raitt.

Not for her bungling performance in Parliament, but for the way as CEO of the Port Authority she tried to turn the sleepy Island Airport into a mini La Guardia. For the way she used slapp suits to silence her opponents. And the way the Port Authority spends the taxpayer's money.

Which is why I would welcome an investigation.

Transport Minister John Baird is facing allegations that he appointed additional members to the Toronto Port Authority to "cover up" claims of mismanagement against cabinet colleague Lisa Raitt.

The NDP is calling on the auditor general to examine some $80,000 in travel and hospitality expenses that Raitt, now the natural resources minister, rung up in two years while she was CEO of the federal public authority.

I also work with cancer patients ....and I LOVE them. So you can imagine how I feel about people who think an isotope shortage and cancer are "sexy."

Which is just another reason I would love to see her callous arrogant ass fired.

And why I made this video.....

One thing is for sure. The day Raitt goes down the islanders will hold the biggest party EVER.

In the meantime I'll just have to keep repeating the chant that has echoed across the bay for years.

Hey hey, ho ho ...Lisa Raitt has got to GO.

And like the rest of Stephen Harper's filthy Cons..

The sooner the BETTER....

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