Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheesus and the Holy Kitten

The other day I brought you the sad tale of Pole Jesus.

And the mustache of blasphemy.

Now I'd like you to meet Cheesus.

And if that one doesn't scare you.... or make you hungry.

This one should make your fur stand on end...

And even the fleas were blessed....

Look I don't care what people think about this God or that one. Or what voices they hear in their heads.

It's the consequences I worry about. And so does Alexander.

“We never planned how many children to have. We just let God guide our lives, you know, because we strongly believe life comes from God and that’s the reason we did not stop the life....”

Oh my goodness. I thought Mother Hubbard lived in a shoe.

They are cute kids...and they do look like a happy family.

But this poor planet needs clown cars.

Like we need a hole in the head...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John McCain, Obama, Paris and Britney

Uh oh. I see that John McCain has dropped his I'm a nice old guy routine, and turned into Crazy Johnny.

And gone so off the deep end negative he's now comparing Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Gosh what a low tabloid blow. I felt like phoning Paris and Britney to try to cheer them up. Just because McCain compared them to a goody goody like Obama doesn't mean their careers are OVER. Does it? They can still get drunk....and drive. Can't they? Or do they have to pretend to be Madonna?

But seriously what IS Poppy trying to say? Obama is popular and I'm not ? So vote for me. Huh? That's original.

Or is he so desperate he's just showing two slutty white bimbos and a black man....and hoping for the best?

Or the worst.

My advice? Give Poppy the Commander in Chief Test....

Then ask Americans whether they really want a senile old man trapped in the past who can't get even the most basic facts right about anything, who even his friends admit has a vicious temper.

A man who believes in total war.

Like the man he succeeded as senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater--whose militaristic style alarmed voters when he ran for President in 1964--there is only one word to describe the prospect of John McCain with his finger on the button: scary.

A Crazy Johnny. Hovering anywhere near that nuclear button.

And to help them decide them an Evil Johnny version of this ad...


If Poppy wants to play Commander in Chief. And live in the past.

Goo Goo. Gah Gah. AAAARGH.

I say humour him...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When Homophobes Become Terrorists

Take a look at the miserable face of a liberal-hating homophobic terrorist.

Because that's who he is, and that's what it was.

At a news conference Monday, Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen IV said Adkisson left a note in his vehicle before entering the church, thinking police would kill him after the shooting began.

Owen said the letter, signed by Adkisson but not addressed to anyone, expressed hatred for gay people and what he called the liberal movement.

The church was home to several gay and gay-friendly groups and recently posted a "gays welcome" sign "as part of its long-range planning to conduct more outreach and welcome" to gay men and lesbians.

They've been killing and hurting us forever. Now they are killing and hurting our friends.

I could say so much but it would probably be so angry I would regret it later. And it would be the worst possible way to remember the victims. And honour their message of tolerance and love.

So I'll leave it up to Chet Scoville at the Vanity Press to say what needs to be said..

The same loathing of "liberals" that has raised cash and gotten out the vote for Republicans, the same feelings of inchoate anger that have convinced millions to vote against their own interests in the name of screwing some nameless Other that they hate and blame, are what moved this man to walk into a liberal church and start gunning people down. His actions were a straightforward fulfillment of some of the conservative movement's most powerful words, and of the feelings of impotence and rage that those words continually evoke.

Until and unless American conservatism actually expunges the anti-"liberal" hatred from its rhetoric and motivations, I see no reason to let the movement disown this guy who shares and is clearly motivated by that same hatred. They made him, whether they like it or not.

And just add this heartbreaking account.

Yup. Greg McKendry, the hero who was killed trying to shield the others, was fostering trans kids with his wife. The kids who are hardest to place. The kids nobody wants.

You know sometimes I get so angry and frustrated by all the hate and bullshit directed at us by the Christian Church, I forget that there are many good Christians out there. Like Greg McKendry a great human being and a hero....and all the other members of that progressive religious community.

This church has always loved everyone in the community and would turn their back on no one.

I may be an atheist, but I'm not ashamed to admit that if I lived in Knoxville... and I saw that Gays Welcome sign....I'd be proud to help that congregation and its wonderfully caring human mission in any humble way I could.

I still wouldn't believe in God of course. But I'd know I'd be working with good people and helping to build a kinder, gentler, and more just world.

And that's all that counts.

The right-wing hatemongers should hang their heads in shame.

Long may that little church stand....


P.S. If you want to send a message of comfort and encouragement here's their website.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Amazing JJ and the Massive New Poll

When I heard that the anti-choice fanatics had produced a poll.... claiming that most Canadians thought that Dr Henry Morgentaler didn't deserve the Order of Canada... I immediately smelled a rat.

One because it contradicted every other poll.

And two because the Lifeshite campaign to get the Order revoked has been such a miserable flop. Their Rideau rally was a bust. And only a handful of people have handed back their OCs....and one of them was a dead nun.

So at first I thought they had diddled with the question....and confused the respondents by talking in tongues.

I mean if YOU picked up the phone and someone on the other end said: "Jesus Beezus blessed blobby wobby redrum Jew Morgentaler Popoola ?" Which button would you press Yes or No?

But then I thought that was TOO ingenious for these flying monkeys. It must be WHO they polled.

The ReformCon Party of Canada supporters in Alberta, a couple of dozen ailing nuns in the convents ...and all the other ones in the cemeteries.

Because let's face it those who can see Jesus....or Satan.... on a utility pole.

An image on a utility pole in Alice is in the middle of a big discussion. Some believe the image is of Jesus or other Biblical figures, some say it looks like Satan.

Are quite capable of hearing a tombstone talk.

But then thanks to the great detective work of ace sleuth JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie....and some of her friends... the plot was revealed. Forget the Massive New Poll... It's the Massive Old phone SPAM !!!!

OMG. What can I say? Except that JJ deserves a blogging award because I've NEVER seen anything like it. What a TOTAL takeout.

The fetal worshippers and women haters have been made to look like amateurs ... dunces...cheaters. They'll never be able to show their faces in public again. They'll be forced to shuffle around with their pickled fetuses wearing burqas ....or pointy plastic noses to poke into other people's lives or crotches.

Lordy I just hope they've learned their lesson and that they FINALLY understand that Canadians have better things to do than interfere with the reproductive rights of women.

That the battle over the Order of Canada....AND the issue of over. And they LOST.

The Best part? They set out to bring down Morgentaler, and they brought themselves down instead. By showing how marginal and how freeping crazy they are. So nobody has to take them seriously anymore.

And if they still don't understand that.... well you know what they can do with that utility pole...

I don't know if sitting on a pole with an image of Jesus...or Satan..... is a blessed event or blasphemy.

But I'd sure love to watch and find out....


P.S. One thing still troubles me....could any of this have anything to do with the return of Darrel Reid...the wingnut and former president of Focus on the Stephen Harper's Director of Policy and Research.

It's SUCH a coincidence.

Or is it?

What don't we know indeed.

Stay tuned for the next episode of JJ Ace Detective.

This one ain't over yet....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hadrian and the Power of Gay Love

An amazing exhibit on the life of the Roman Emperor Hadrian has just opened at the British Museum. And it's getting rave reviews.

I'm not sure how I feel about Hadrian. An ancient scribe once called him "stern and cheerful, affable and harsh, impetuous and hesitant, mean and generous, cruel and merciful and always in all things changeable".

You know brilliant..... but extremely dangerous. And in the case of the Jews of the time genocidal. In short; NOT the kind of kind of guy I'd like to get drunk with.

On the other hand I am delighted to see that after two thousand years of denial, the Emperor has finally been allowed to be gay.

While he was a hardened military man, he was also gay and seemed to fall genuinely in love with the "shameless and scandalous boy", the young Greek Antinous, for whom he built the city of Antinoopolis on the banks of the Nile, following his death by drowning in rather murky circumstances.

And that the exhibition is also a celebration of that tragic gay love story.

A fantastic marble faun from Hadrian's Tivoli villa gives a glimpse of the sensual excess of Roman life. But most haunting of all is the face of Hadrian's male lover, Antinous, sculpted on statues of gods and heroes - through which the emperor mourned his companion - including a vast, yet achingly erotic head of a Bacchic divinity.

To those who say gays can't fight I say ask Hadrian. Or Alexander. To those who say our love isn't real ... or a modern invention... I say ask Antinous. Or the Emperor whose heart he broke.

For thousands of years our history has been stolen, denied, degraded, and buried. But their love story will last forever.

The only thing I regret, is that while we now have a pretty good idea of who Hadrian was, Antinous remains a mystery.

Who was he? What was he really like? Did he love being the Emperor's favourite because of the power and the lifestyle it gave him? Or did he love Hadrian the man...his Emperor companion.... like he loved him? More than any other.

I like to think he did. And that he really did sacrifice himself because an old Oracle told him it was the only way to save his lover's life. But of course we'll never know. Just like he never could have known that his tragic story would become a monument to lost love... right up there with the Taj Mahal.

Even though the details, like so many other gay love stories, have been buried or lost in the mists of time.

That's why the last time I wrote about these two lovers I said that would NEVER happen to me. Because I'm writing my own gay history.

And I'm still writing it. In fact, in a few days time I'll be completing chapter twelve. Can you believe it ?

Hey. I'm afraid we're never going to make it to the British Museum.

Not with art like this...

But if Hadrian and Antinous haven't proved the almighty awesomeness and power of gay love.

Don't worry.

We will....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back When Batman Was Gay

I went to see Dark Knight the other day and I thought it was awesome.

That's one MEAN Batman. And if you don't believe me ask his mother.

But one thing disappointed me. Where was Robin the Boy Wonder ?

Batman and him used to be INSEPARABLE.

Back in the good old days when Batman was gay.

"Only someone ignorant of the fundamentals of psychiatry and psychopathology of sex can fail to realize the subtle atmosphere of homoeroticism which pervades the adventures. The Batman type of story may stimulate children to homosexual fantasies."

@#%&# Kapow !!!

I mean REALLY.

When I was growing up I never thought of Batman and Robin as gay. Just good buddies.

But now that I do....I admit that the Boy Wonder may not have been the brightest bulb....or the best bottom... in Gotham.

But did they really have to kill him off, to make Batman a mean manly manly man ? Or to satisfy the creepy Christian Bale.

"If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I'll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work."

Huh? What's wrong with that Batman? Why does he hate Robin more than he hates the Penguin...or his mother? And who does he think he is? What's next? The Lone Ranger without Tonto? Gumby without Pokey?

Don't ask. Some straight guys are PATHETIC.

Not that we could even hope for a gay Batman. As that post pointed out, every Batman is a product of his times. And this one comes straight out of our post 911 nightmare, the moral corruption it spawned, and the fear that never ends.

A real gay Batman might fit right in, but Hollywood would never go for it. And a goody goody campy one would be lost in a time warp.

Pity.They say this Batman is the best one ever.

And I do like this one. It is a dark world.

I just like the old one better...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

John McCain and the Sausage Haus

You know John McCain's campaign is in BIG trouble when right after Obama's speech in Berlin, Poppy comes out and holds a newser front of a place called The Fudge Haus.

And then after telling us he just polished off a German sausage we really needed to know.

Starts burping and mumbling about something...and picking pieces of pig flesh out of his teeth. Live on TV.

Holy Bratwurst Batman !!!!

If I wasn't laughing so hard, I probably woulda thrown up.

You know after spending the last week questioning Obama's patriotism, calling him soft on genocide, and Fidel's friend.

I wouldn't be surprised if his campaign gets so desperate it starts running ads like this one...

Not that it will do him any good.

Forget the media hype. This election isn't even going to be close.

Poppy is a loser weiner.


And he's gonna be ROASTED....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Another Sunny Day at the Beach...

Or a picture is worth 220,000 words....

"This was the other terrible thing, besides the fact of the girls drowning: the normality. The way people continued to sunbathe, for three hours, just metres away from the bodies. They could have gone to a different beach. It's not possible that you can watch two young people die then carry on as if nothing happened. It showed a terrible lack of sensitivity and respect."

Wherever I've been in the world I've heard people mouthing off about the Roma or the Gypsies.

As if they were monsters. As if they hadn't suffered enough.

It is not known precisely how many Roma were killed in the Holocaust. While exact figures or percentages cannot be ascertained, historians estimate that the Germans and their allies killed between 25 and 50 percent of all European Roma. Of the approximately one million Roma living in Europe before the war, up to 220,000 were killed.

But the Italians shouldn't be surprised.


This is what happens when you treat people like subhumans. Any people. This is what the homophobes would do to us.

Hatemongering is genocidal.

Bigots are scum...

Omar Khadr and the Smoking Grenade

After years of watching American Justice I figure I'm a pretty good amateur detective. But I have to admit that at the beginning I was stumped by the Case of Omar Khadr.

If he was the only one in the smoking ruins of the compound....after it was bombed and strafed by American the Pentagon said he was. How could he have thrown the grenade that killed that Special Forces soldier?

When he must have been in agony from serious shrapnel wounds to his body, head and eyes. And he was just a puny teenager.

Then the Pentagon was forced to change its story. It turned out there was another adult Taliban fighter still alive in the compound who could have thrown the fatal grenade. So I assumed that's what really happened.

But now comes another shocking twist in the plot of this ghastly horror story.

What if that American soldier was killed by so called friendly fire?

Omar Khadr's defence team says it has expert testimony indicating the soldier he is accused of killing died as a result of injuries inflicted by an American grenade.

In a report expected soon, one expert will say that Sgt. Speer's injuries are consistent with the types of wounds that fragments of an American- made grenade would have caused. The conclusion of another expert corroborates that finding, Lt.-Cmdr. Kuebler says.

It is also believed that only the U.S. soldiers who stormed the compound were armed with American-made grenades.

Wouldn't that be the smoking grenade?

That might explain EVERYTHING.

Now it wouldn't just be another Death in Afghanistan mystery. And a hideous tale of the torture, abuse, and neglect of a Canadian child soldier.

Now it would also be a Pentagon COVER-UP. Which would make what they did to Omar....while nobody in Canada lifted a finger to help him.... even more obscene.

At Bagram, he was repeatedly brought into interrogation rooms on stretchers, in great pain. Pain medication was withheld, apparently to induce cooperation. He was ordered to clean floors on his hands and knees while his wounds were still wet. When he could walk again, he was forced to stand for hours at a time with his hands tied above a door frame. Interrogators put a bag over his head and held him still while attack dogs leapt at his chest. Sometimes he was kept chained in an interrogation room for so long he urinated on himself.

And Guantanamo was even worse.

You know.... for the sake of everyone. For the sake of the brotherhood of the Special Forces. For the sake of the decent soldier who died. For the sake of all Canadians.....especially the 38 per cent who believe the Guantanamo Kid should stay in Guantanamo.

Because history will judge them harshly. Just like it will judge our country for ignoring the U.N. Protocol on child soldiers...that we were the FIRST to sign.

Omar Khadr should be brought home to be treated and rehabilitated not punished.

And the sooner the better...


P.S. Dear Muslims Against Sharia.....I appreciate that you are the only people who ever comment on my Khadr posts. But I have to say I would much rather have no comments than read your extreme and bloodthirsty views about Muslims. And endure your completely wrongheaded approach to winning the war on terrorism and religious extremism, to which I am committed.So please don't bother sending anymore. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wingnut Defends Anti-Gay Comic Book

Brent Rinehart is a former air conditioning salesman, a family values fraud, a wretched homophobe and an accused felon, who for some reason is having trouble convincing voters to re-elect him as Commissioner of Oklahoma County.

So to try to win them over he published a 16-page comic book blaming all his troubles on "liberal good ol' boys." Huh? Wot? In Oklahoma? Really?

And gays in togas.

Today he went on CNN where he was grilled like a bigotburger by John Roberts about whether he was a low homophobe.

And pleaded dumbass ignorant.

ROBERTS: The question is, Commissioner Rinehart, are you homophobic?

RINEHART: Well, I’m not even sure as to what homophobic means. But let’s just keep in mind that we are in a cultural war, not just here in the state of Oklahoma but nationwide.

Which must have been real EASY.

Because when it comes to the dumb as a spoon political hack homophobe category Brent is a shoo in.

He poses as a champion of family values ... and fails miserably.

He poses as Mr Good Government ....but is facing NINE felony charges of abusing his office.

And now he's posing as a comic book artist ....when it's OBVIOUS he can't spell or draw to save his life.

What more can I say about a TOTAL loser like Brent ? What more can I say about this wretched homophobe/artist?

Except aren't the wingnuts lucky to have him? They deserve him.

And aren't we lucky we got Mark?

Happy Birthday Slappy !!!


P.S. I forgot to mention that a bit of a disturbance broke out in the bunker when I said that I would LOVE to wear a toga...especially when it's hot and humid. I think it would be even better than a kilt...and so much GAYER.

Judging by the rude comments, I have to believe the other guys are jealous. Oh well I guess some can wear them and some can't. But we did agree on something.

The day Brent is CONVICTED.

We'll be having a PARTY.

Just like these guys....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Crazy Blogging on a Rainy Weekend

I never expected to blog this weekend. But then I never expected it to rain all weekend either. And I don't even have an umbrella...or a these two young lovebirds.

I mean really. Where the hell do they think they are........ JAPAN?????

Anyway as you can see the lousy weather is making me mean and CRAZY. So I thought I'd throw a post together and take the first two sunny days off. I'm afraid this post is going to be a bit of a mixed bag. But I'd like to start with some breaking news.

One of the Church of England’s most senior bishops has compared the consecration of a gay bishop in America to the invasion of Iraq.

“Either the rest of the world caves in or someone has to stand up to them.”

And an obvious question: To be an Anglican Bishop these days isn't it enough to love red dresses, gold bling, and shiny cockroach hats, believe in the deluded writings of hairy desert dwellers, treat women like camels, and have an unhealthy panting obsession with gay sex?

Or do you have to be a stark, raving kookamunga crazy old coot as well?

You know ..... thanks to these homophobes being gay isn't always easy. But somehow most us manage to survive. And I'm damned if I'm going to let these men in dresses bring me down.

I might be disappointed because I can't go surfing with him....

Because it's raining. There are no waves on the oily lake. And he's on a sunny beach in Israel.

But somehow I manage to keep laughing.

Oh! What are are their names again? OMG. What am I going to do with my gay brothers?

What would I do without them?

Which reminds me.... I also want to put in a good word for a decent straight guy...Steven Page ... who is having a midsummer's night nightmare.

You know it's NEVER a good idea to have a fight with your girlfriend. Force her roomate to sit on you in the garden. Have your girlfriend drive off in your car. Leave her car parked on the sidewalk with the door open. And then appear to snort coke while two cops....American ones.... watch you through the window.

On the other hand I suppose it could happen to ANYONE. And Steven Page is a really nice guy. He's cool, modest, funny, a strong supporter of progressive causes.

And when he's not farting around he can really ROCK.

So I'm hoping something good will come of this.

That it will help straighten up his life, and convince him and the band to stop singing for kiddies.

Get back to real rock n roll.

And stick to the good stuff.

Like Alcohol....

See what I mean?

BTW I'm dedicating that song to Shaney and his buddies in Australia. Something tells me those wild Aussie boys know that one by heart.

Now anyone know a song to make it STOP raining?

I need one BADLY...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why Are the Baby Boomers So Gloomy?

I love a lot of things about the baby boomer generation. Their music, the peace and love stuff, and all the things they did to advance the rights of women, blacks, and gay people.

And, of course, I love my parents.

So I was kinda disgusted to see that some guy has set-up a baby boomer death counter.

And was delighted to see my friend JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippy really give it to him.

If only we hadn't been caught in the crossfire.

Oh no: Generation Whine strikes again (and by Gen-Whine I don't mean everyone under 40, just the ones who hate boomers so much). What's the matter, the internet, iPods and HDTV weren't enough? We need to give you whimpering, puling little creeps even more?

Who are these Generation Whiners? I don't recognize them. WAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!

As I tell my father, who has been known to voice similar sentiments, it's soooooooo unfair. We have so much we could whine about. Lousy jobs, no benefits, whopping student loans to pay off, no hope of owning a house like our parents did. Not even a comfy pension to look forward to....just a no-oil future on a burning planet teetering on the edge of war.

But we don't blame the older generation. Polls show that young people are the ones who least consider John McCain's age to be a problem.

We don't really whine that much either. We leave that to the Boomers.

Boomers are tired, overworked, strapped, bummed out and don't expect to get a break.

More than young people or seniors, Baby Boomers (aged 44 to 62 now) are gloomy about their lives and the prospects for improvement, a new survey finds.

They've got EVERYTHING. But still they complain. So who is whining now?


But I forgive them. Not just because I love them. And I know that thanks to Viagra the best is yet to come. But also because we can AFFORD to be generous.

Move that psychedelic bus out of the way come da Millenials!!!

Who are not only pretty cool..... there are a LOT of them.

There are 83 million millennials, people born after 1980 who came of age around the millennium. That is about 5 million more than the baby boomers.

So the Boomers better be nice to us or else....

Because the last thing we need in this troubled world is a generational war.

You know my mother used to play an old Joe Cocker song to make me eat my baby mush. When I really wanted steak like my brother had. WAAAAAAH !!!!!

And when I was a teenager my father used to pretend he WAS Joe public. Which was EXCRUCIATINGLY painful.

But I still love those hippie dippy boomers.

And I still love this song...

Yup. I Simon do declare. With a little help from our friends....of ALL ages and generations.

With all their weaknesses and strengths.

We can bring back some of that peace and love.

And save the world TOGETHER...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Anglican Ball and the Power of the Pickle

Well I see the Anglican bishops have just begun their Big Homophobia Ball. And already they're going nowhere.

For centuries, Anglicans have prided themselves on finding the via media -- the middle way -- through theological and political thickets.

But the decades-long debate on homosexuality within the worldwide Anglican Communion seems stuck in a cul-de-sac

Hmmm...... May I suggest that these men in dresses who seem so obsessed with our love lives, try something new and SHOCKING to try to break the impasse?

How about they shove a pickle up that cul-de sac, stick a fork into it, plug it into an electrical outlet ....and let the power of Jesus flow through it ?

Like this old geezer did...

Holy fireball from Hell. There go all those good Christian homes. And once the kiddies start sticking electric forks into each other ...or the terrorists get hold of them... ANYTHING could happen. Is that LEGAL?

But of course what I REALLY wonder is whether even a jolt of that magnitude would be enough to enlighten those pathetic old men in dresses ..... who have spent DECADES debating whether gay people are fully human?

I doubt it.

But the way I see it....... as long as the pickle in that bigot cul-de sac is BIG enough.

It doesn't really matter...

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Birthday Song for Nelson Mandela

Today is the 90th birthday of my greatest living hero Nelson Mandela

What can I say about a man who is such a beacon of light in a dark world full of swaggering phonies? A man who sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom, but has never stopped speaking out for the rights of the poor and the vulnerable. And had the Constitution of the New South Africa include a recognition of the rights of gay people.

An incredibly strong but gentle man who inspired me to be a better and less violent person...and forgive my bully enemies. A man who is loved by so many all over the world. A man I love so much.

Except to say that I hope he isn't too disappointed.

Mandela is 90.......But the sweet celebration of a life of leadership, service and generosity is mixed with the sour taste of a legacy being polluted in front of the old man’s tired eyes.

And that after so many years in jail..... I'm happy that at least now he isn't lonely.

So I thought it might be neat to checkout Archbishop Desmond Tutu's birthday present to the man South Africans call Madiba ...or Father.

To support Mandela's 46664 AIDS foundation.

From one great man to another...

Happy Birthday Nelson!!!

My hero.

I hope you live FOREVER....

Progressive Bloggers and the Tale of the Cat and the Rabbit

Uh oh. I see a dawgfight/existential debate has broken out at the Progressive Blogger's Corral.

And I fear the worst. One moment it will be who's a progressive? And the next it will be who's yer daddy?

How unfortunate. What bad timing. Just as the Harperbeest is disgracing us all over the world with his callous treatment of Omar Khadr. And we really need to focus our attention on biting his big bad ass.

The way I see it La Diva's support for a brutish, racist, puppy-burning, redneck sheriff deserves to be challenged. It's fair to ask her how she squares that with blogging on a progressive blogging aggregator. I'd be interested in her answer. It might make for a good debate...or some really bad comedy.

It might even reinforce what being progressive really means. Which is probably a good idea.

But expulsion to me seems far too harsh. As it did during the My Blahg Affair. Which I thought was very unfair. And still do.

I can understand expelling someone it if it's really vile hatemongering stuff....but La Diva's Ode to a Redneck was just silly shite.

But look an existential debate can be a good thing long as it doesn't resemble a ritual purification.... or a colonic enema. And as long as nobody gets hurt. I have a lot of time for Dr Dawg, as I do for Scott Tribe, and I hate seeing the left fight itself, while the monster Harper feasts on our country.

So I guess all I want to say is....and I know it makes me a dumb gay mongrel. Woof Woof.

But why can't we just live together?

Like these guys do....

And accept that in every litter there's always a rabbit or two.

And if we are going to cage the evil Harperbeest.

We need EVERYONE...

P.S. Did I mention how important it is not to always take yourself too seriously?

Oh. Never mind....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Omar Khadr, the Chickenhawk, and Little Canada

The chickenhawk cheerleader Rosie DiManno weighs in on the case of Omar Khadr. And makes an absolute fool of herself. Again.

First she makes fun of a tortured kid.

What would Al-Zawahiri make of a teenager blubbering for pity? A man-child mewling: "Nobody cares about me." ...Omar Khadr, the intermittent Canadian, wants to come hooooooome.

Which is absolutely disgusting. Then she admits he was a 12-year-old boy.

Omar Khadr grew up playing with al-Zawahiri's children, and bin Laden's children. Both men were, according to an Omar sibling, the most gentle of men with their own progeny. But they indoctrinated their youngsters, as did Omar's Al Qaeda father, into the currency of violence.

But still thinks he should hang. Even though he's the poster boy of a child soldier.

Al-Zawahiri and his diabolical brethren created a freak of terrorism in Omar Khadr, groomed to kill.That's the crime. Omar Khadr was the weapon. But I'm not sure it justifies absolution, or a cheering section.

Freak of terrorism....cheering section....WTF is she talking about ?

Omar Khadr was never a terrorist. He couldn't have killed that special forces soldier because he was too badly wounded. He prefers Disney comics and colouring books books to studying the Koran. His dream is to see the Lord of the Rings. And even his wretched guards say he is good kid and can be rehabilitated.

You know if support for the Great War on Terror .... or our doomed mission in Afghanistan... means violating human rights and abandoning a Canadian kid to the tender mercies of the torturers at Guantanamo, the Pentagon stooge chickenhawk can squawk herself.

I'm going AWOL.

Or going with someone who really knows what war is all my hero Romeo Dallaire.

"We're getting stabbed in the back.....We have worked for years to assist other nations in eradicating the use of children in conflict. But our own country doesn't even want to recognize that our own citizen (is a child soldier). No matter what his politics are, it's totally irrelevant. He's a child soldier that was abused and he's a child soldier that needs to be brought back into a formal process we signed up for."

And I'm sure he does.....about the damage to Canada's reputation.Because the reviews of the Khadr video are starting to come in, and they're not good.

It's not the post I'm concerned about. Other European ones are far more critical Although it does make some good points about the horrors the video doesn't show.

It's the comments that trouble me...

It may not show the true extent of "life" at Gitmo but it does show Canada's true colours: a racist US sub-state that is not interested in justice or the truth...

And what about the despicable and cowardly Canadian government which allows one of its citizens to be treated in such a foul and inhumane manner? Not a finger lifted to help, not a word of comfort from them.

Many Canadians are disgusted with Harper on this one, but certainly no where near enough. This is partly due to the fact that Kadr's mother has made inflammatory and BS comments about Western society producing gay, drug-abusing kids, she wants her son to be strong warrior Muslim etc. People don't like the Kadr's. So Omar Kadr, 15 years old, is thrown to the wolves by his own government and society. Disgusting.

Canada, America`s thrall. The little country.

Ouch. That one really stings.

But then a country's soul is a precious thing

And the truth always hurts...

Anglicans, Spumoni Jesus, and the Big Woofer

I see the Anglican Men in Dresses are getting ready for their Big Ball.

But gay bishops are not invited.

So it should be another another exercise in homophobia. Maybe not as brutal as the last one.

The 1998 Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops from around the world voted by 526 to 70 to declare homosexual relationships incompatible with the Bible.

The then Bishop of Edinburgh said he had been amazed by the "intensity and brutality" of the event. It had felt like "being in the middle of a lynching".

But just as hateful and insulting.

Which makes me wonder what the Anglican Church is going to look like after it's all over.

Spumoni Jesus .......after he melted ?

Bullshit on a wafer?

Or cornstarch on a woofer?

Or is that a human brain on religion? Oogah Boogah.

If anyone has the answer....or sees the REAL Jesus.

Please let me know...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Obama Cartoon: When Fear Kills Humour

It's 31 degrees in Toronto and I'm so hot I'm practically melting. So I don't even want to think about all the hot air this cartoon has generated.

I mean really. When Obama has to appear on the Larry Kink Show.

And tells the old whoremaster he hasn't thought about it But it strikes him as an insult against Muslim Americans. You KNOW things are spinning out of control.

Oh yeah.... I know that Chet at the always excellent Vanity Press makes some good points.

And I must say I love the idea of an ironic fart. Is it noisy AND deadly? But the way I see it when there are demons out there, it's better to confront them in the light of day, than let them crawl around in the dark.

So I kind of agree with the grand old pitbull Dr Dawg.

Although I wish he hadn't linked to me to suggest that I'm a satire buster. Not once but the same story.

Because I'm not. And you can only be a martyr ONCE. Woof.

Besides I'm so stoopid I can't even underestimate the intelligence of others, even if I wanted. And I NEVER take myself too seriously.

Like Maureen Dowd suggests Obama does.

Bring it on, Ozone Democrats! Because if Obama gets elected and there is nothing funny about him, it won’t be the economy that’s depressed. It will be the rest of us.

But even though I'm dum, I do know bad satire when I see it. The Obama cartoon sucked.

And so does this one...

It's TOO real.

On the other hand...

This video is simply AWESOME...

Except for the ending.

You know sometimes I can't help but feel that if The Fear that has gripped North America for years hasn't driven us all crazy. It's KILLED our sense of humour.

But Obama as Bambi just might save us.

Although, of course, not all cartoons are funny.

The Obama one wasn't....the McCain one isn't.

And neither is this one...

It's scary.


Hey Hosers. Forget about Obama the terrorist.

The Americans have their demons to fight.

And we have ours.

Fear really does kill EVERYTHING....