Friday, July 18, 2008

Progressive Bloggers and the Tale of the Cat and the Rabbit

Uh oh. I see a dawgfight/existential debate has broken out at the Progressive Blogger's Corral.

And I fear the worst. One moment it will be who's a progressive? And the next it will be who's yer daddy?

How unfortunate. What bad timing. Just as the Harperbeest is disgracing us all over the world with his callous treatment of Omar Khadr. And we really need to focus our attention on biting his big bad ass.

The way I see it La Diva's support for a brutish, racist, puppy-burning, redneck sheriff deserves to be challenged. It's fair to ask her how she squares that with blogging on a progressive blogging aggregator. I'd be interested in her answer. It might make for a good debate...or some really bad comedy.

It might even reinforce what being progressive really means. Which is probably a good idea.

But expulsion to me seems far too harsh. As it did during the My Blahg Affair. Which I thought was very unfair. And still do.

I can understand expelling someone it if it's really vile hatemongering stuff....but La Diva's Ode to a Redneck was just silly shite.

But look an existential debate can be a good thing long as it doesn't resemble a ritual purification.... or a colonic enema. And as long as nobody gets hurt. I have a lot of time for Dr Dawg, as I do for Scott Tribe, and I hate seeing the left fight itself, while the monster Harper feasts on our country.

So I guess all I want to say is....and I know it makes me a dumb gay mongrel. Woof Woof.

But why can't we just live together?

Like these guys do....

And accept that in every litter there's always a rabbit or two.

And if we are going to cage the evil Harperbeest.

We need EVERYONE...

P.S. Did I mention how important it is not to always take yourself too seriously?

Oh. Never mind....

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