Thursday, July 10, 2008

Omar Khadr and the Monster Stephen Harper

I think I have written more posts about Omar Khadr than any other blogger in Canada.

I warned that a country that did nothing to stop a Canadian child being tortured wasn't much of a real country...and certainly not the Canada I love.

Nobody ever picked up on them. Even by my humble standards the reaction was minimal. The only thing that kept me going was my hatred of injustice, and my faith that one day the horror of what was done to that child soldier would sicken us all.

As surely now it must.

A day after a report revealed Canadian officials knew of Omar Khadr's harsh treatment by the U.S. military, Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Thursday repeated vows to leave the case in U.S. hands.

Canada "frankly has no real alternative" to the U.S. legal process, he went on to say.

Which is absolute bullshit.

The issue is not, as Mr. Harper implies, that Canada's justice system lacks the legal tools to deal with Mr. Khadr. It is that, by Canadian notions of fair process, the U.S. case against Mr. Khadr would unravel.

The answer is to do as Australia did with one of its nationals jailed at Guantanamo: Help arrange a plea bargain with the United States and Mr. Khadr and his lawyers that would address legitimate security concerns while giving him an opportunity to rehabilitate himself at home.

Rehabilitated...not jailed in a monstrous place like Guantanamo.

Just like it says in Article Six of the U.N. Protocol on Child Soldiers...that we signed.

States Parties shall, when necessary, accord to such persons all appropriate assistance for their physical and psychological recovery and their social reintegration.

But what more can I say about the psychopathic monster and Pentagon stooge Stephen Harper? Except that he is unfit to be Prime Minister...and is destroying the reputation of this country all over the world.

Or what more can I say about the former Liberal government that knew Khadr was being tortured...but didn't lift a finger to stop it ? Except that like the foul Cons they can never be forgiven.

Or for that matter what can I say about most Canadians who didn't give a shit about Omar's fate because they are too racist ....or hated his family so much? Huh?

Except that I am thankful I am not one of them.

All I can say or do is point out once again that he couldn't have done what the Pentagon torturers said he did.

Once we knew what really happened.

So there are NO excuses.

As the horror and the shame goes on.

And a U.S. Navy officer has to tell Canadians what it means to be the last country to have a citizen at that infamous U.S. Navy base.

"It's absolutely shameful … notwithstanding all that we know now about Omar Khadr's treatment in Guantanamo Bay, about his arguably torture and at the very least inhumane and degrading treatment at the hands of U.S. authorities,"

Is Canada a real country?

With Stephen Harper as Prime Minister?

Don't make me laugh...

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