Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Anglican Ball and the Power of the Pickle

Well I see the Anglican bishops have just begun their Big Homophobia Ball. And already they're going nowhere.

For centuries, Anglicans have prided themselves on finding the via media -- the middle way -- through theological and political thickets.

But the decades-long debate on homosexuality within the worldwide Anglican Communion seems stuck in a cul-de-sac

Hmmm...... May I suggest that these men in dresses who seem so obsessed with our love lives, try something new and SHOCKING to try to break the impasse?

How about they shove a pickle up that cul-de sac, stick a fork into it, plug it into an electrical outlet ....and let the power of Jesus flow through it ?

Like this old geezer did...

Holy fireball from Hell. There go all those good Christian homes. And once the kiddies start sticking electric forks into each other ...or the terrorists get hold of them... ANYTHING could happen. Is that LEGAL?

But of course what I REALLY wonder is whether even a jolt of that magnitude would be enough to enlighten those pathetic old men in dresses ..... who have spent DECADES debating whether gay people are fully human?

I doubt it.

But the way I see it....... as long as the pickle in that bigot cul-de sac is BIG enough.

It doesn't really matter...

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