Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Sad Saga of Pee Wee Poilievre

I'm still catching up with what went on in Canada while I was away in Scotland. So it wasn't until today that I found out what happened to the nasty little Con Pierre "Pee Wee" Poilievre.

How he shat on Stephen Harper's little party. By making derogatory comments about native people on the day Great Angry Leader was hoping to score bogus brownie points apologizing to them.

And then Pee Wee had to rise in the House of Commons and make a tearful apology.

"On a day when the House and all Canadians were celebrating a new beginning, I made remarks that were hurtful and wrong. I accept responsibility for them and I apologize."

Sob. Sob. What a sad spectacle. I WANT the video !!!

And to think that just a few weeks before this idiot incident he was attacking the Ontario government for funding sex reassignment surgery. Now he's probably looking for an operation himself...a brain transplant and a couple of bazoongas people don't recognize him anymore.

I guess Stephen King Con Harper must be REALLY mad with him. And who can blame him?

It's kinda like what another little bugger did during this football game....

Except that he was BRILLIANT.

While Pee Wee stole the ball from his own keeper...and scored in his own goal.

What a dummy. No wonder he's been sidelined.

But what I want to know is.... now that he has shown everyone what a pathetic little Con nerd he is....

Instead of just Pee Wee Dum Dum.

Can we also call him Pierre the Penis?

I thought so.

Quick!!!! Put a rubber on it before it shoots its mouth off again !!!

It couldn't happen to a nicer prick.



Sh@ney said...

Hi Simon,
Just to let you know I am very grateful for the really nice comment you left on my blog.

You made a lot of sense and to know it came from someone who has been coupled for such a length of time gives me hope.

There is nothing better than proving yourself and other's wrong by exceeding all expectations & that merit for me would be washing away those doubts I hold.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts & wisdom. And for taking the time to send them my way.

You are a treasure!

Simon said...

Hi Shaney !!! hey thanks and believe me it's a pleasure. And really easy. Nate sounds like he is a really nice guy...and so do you.So you were obviously born to be TOGETHER!!! :)
More seriously couples have to put up with nonsense from both straight AND gay people.
Straight society doesn't celebrate our relationships...and reinforce them like they do their own. Some of our gay brothers mock us for settling for one guy instead of many. Or even worse accuse us of trying to imitate straights.Or being heteronormative *gasp*
I don't judge people on whatever choice they choose to make. And trust me like any other redblooded male ...straight or gay... I find it really hard to preach with a straight face in the Church of Monogamy.... ;) But whatever choice you choose to make you should work on it before you give up.
Or you'll always wonder how good it could have been...
At least that's my experience. We've BOTH had to work hard on MY many faults.
But it was worth it.
And I'm not complaining. :)