Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Will Rona Ambrose Ever Apologize for Anything?

I still can't quite believe that Rona Ambrose hasn't apologized for calling Justin Trudeau a woman, or a female prime minister.

And is denying ever saying that, even though her little "joke" was caught on tape.

But then when I think about it, that ghastly Con has never apologized for anything.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Cons Claim Rona Ambrose Didn't Call Justin Trudeau a Woman

It was for me the lowest moment of the Con convention. The sight of Rona Ambrose strutting across the stage bragging about her party's feminist credentials.

While making a "joke" about Justin Trudeau as the first female Prime Minister.

As only a Con could.

But now Ambrose's office is claiming that never happened.

The Con Convention and the Rapture of Jason Kenney

Lordy. Judging by the reaction of the Cons and their stooges in the media, you'd think the Harper Party's convention was such a great success they had all died and gone to heaven.

Or more precisely had risen from the dead, and were now on their way to another heavenly majority.

You know, the Con version of The Rapture.

For what else could explain Jason Kenney's feverish state?

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Don't Be Fooled the Cons Are Still the Bigot Party

I see the Cons are trying to make us believe that dropping their long held opposition to same-sex marriage means that they are now a new/nouveau party.

The Conservative Party gave itself a makeover, donning a more moderate and modern face as grassroots members voted overwhelmingly to ditch the traditional definition of marriage from the party’s policy book.

But let nobody be fooled, because I watched the same-sex debate.

And what I saw couldn't be more horrifying.

The Amazing Rocket and America's New Supergun

It's amazing what we humans can do when we push the boundaries of science.

Like fire off this SpaceX rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida, deploy a satellite.

Then land the first stage on a so-called drone ship in the North Atlantic.

And this is what a new and speeded up video of that landing looks like from the rocket itself.

Justin Trudeau and the New Liberal Movement

I don't know how Justin Trudeau does it. Less than two days ago he was in Japan attending the G7 summit.

But there he was in Winnipeg yesterday, putting his leadership on the line.

Addressing the faithful at the Liberal convention.

And making Canadian political history.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stephen Harper and the Verdict of History

I'm going to spend some time this weekend filing away or deleting some of the more than a thousand photoshop creations I made of Stephen Harper during his hideous years in power.

Because after his pathetic speech the other night, even I am now convinced that he really is gone, and that he won't ever be back.

So after so many years I can finally relax, settle back in my hammock, and await the verdict of history.

Because I'm sure it will be a harsh one.

The Day Rona Ambrose Called Justin Trudeau a Woman

It was a bizarre apparition. At the Con convention yesterday during a discussion on how to modernize the Harper Party, MP Marilyn Gladu came out dressed as the Grim Reaper. 

In what was apparently an attempt to make fun of the idea that the Cons are doomed after losing the last election.

But as it turns out maybe Gladu did choose the right costume. And the right words.

Because today the loser party will discuss same-sex marriage.

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Con Convention and the Foul Legacy of Stephen Harper

It was as ghastly as I had imagined. The tacky tribute video looked as if it had been put together by the same Cons who brought us the Porky Action Plan.

But it did bring back horrible memories of the way Stephen Harper loomed over us for so long, trying to brainwash us into submission.

While he brutalized this country, its democracy, and its values, over and over again.

But still won't admit it.

Kevin Vickers: Hero or Embarrassment?

As you may or may not know, the Irish Republic is marking the 100th anniversary of the so-called Easter Rising. 

The brutal battle in the heart of Dublin, which eventually led to the independence of that country.

An estimated 485 people lost their lives in almost a week of fighting between the republican rebels and British armed forces in the city. More than half of those who died were civilians, including 40 children.

And the theme is peace and reconciliation.

So in that regard I don't think this action by our Canadian ambassador was particularly helpful.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Stephen Harper: Now He's a Great Business Leader

Well we knew Stephen Harper was going to go into business from the moment he knocked on the door of Calgary's Petroleum Club.

But surprisingly enough he is not going to work for Big Oil, at least not yet.

Even though working in the mail room of Imperial Oil, where his daddy worked, was his only previous business experience.

He's setting up his own consulting company.

Stephen Harper and the Last Horror Show

They say Stephen Harper's speech to the Con Convention in Vancouver this evening is going to be short and sweet.

A final farewell to the party he created in his own ghastly image.

And that it will be preceded by a lavish video from the Con Ministry of Porky Propaganda and Disinformation, praising him as a Great Leader.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is Pollution From The Oil Sands Killing People In Three Provinces?

It was thirty three degrees in Toronto today, and as usual when it gets that hot a smoggy haze covered the city.

A blanket of pollution caused by the six million people who live in the Greater Toronto Area, and all their cars.

But did you know that same amount of pollution is put out every day by this much smaller place in Canada?

Is Stephen Harper Finally Going to Retire?

Well I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, after the way he reacted to the elbowgate incident in the House of Commons.

When he looked like he was about to run for the safety of his well worn closet.

But now it seems that Stephen Harper is finally going to retire. 

How Could The Con Media Blow The Elbowgate Story So Badly?

Yesterday I tried to imagine how disappointed the Con media must have been, after trying to turn Elbowgate into a monster scandal.

Only to discover that far from destroying Justin Trudeau, their breathless coverage, and the clownish overreaction of the Cons and the NDP, had only made Justin even more popular.

So I'm glad somebody out there is wondering how could the pompous asses of the parliamentary press gallery have misread the country's reaction so badly?

Why We Can't Get Rid of Stephen Harper's Porky Legacy

They were the ads no Canadians could avoid, no matter how hard they tried. For they were everywhere.

Stephen Harper's porky propaganda ads, paid for with gazillions of OUR money.

And although the Liberal government is moving to ban that kind of blatantly partisan advertising.

The Liberal government has introduced new rules to prevent the use of public funds for partisan advertising.

Brison explicitly tied the measures to criticisms of the previous Conservative government’s use of public funds for advertising, such as the ubiquitous Economic Action Plan campaigns.

Now it seems we have another problem.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Elbowgate: How the Haters Failed to Hurt Justin Trudeau

In my last post I ran a video by John Oliver, where he strongly suggested that Justin Trudeau had apologized enough for elbowgate.

And that it was all just a tempest in a very Canadian teapot.

Now it seems that's also what most Canadians believe.

Monday, May 23, 2016

John Oliver On Why Elbowgate Isn't a Real Scandal

I think that most sensible Canadians understand that elbowgate isn't a real scandal.

No matter how loudly Ruth Ellen Brosseau screamed, or tried to look as if she had been shot.

And that by trying to make a huge deal out of it the opposition is just looking ridiculous.

So I'm glad to see that John Oliver also believes the same thing.

Are the Cons About To Tear Themselves Apart?

After more than six months of self imposed silence, Canadians are about to hear from Stephen Harper again.

When in three days time he delivers a speech to the Con Convention. 

But if he is expecting to be greeted with cries of "Steve we miss you." Or "save us Great Leader."

He may be rudely disappointed.

Donald Trump and the Fascist Question

Donald Trump may be looking and sounding crazier than ever. Calling for guns to be allowed in classrooms.

While also calling for Hillary Clinton's bodyguards to be disarmed.

But despite his deranged statements, polls suggest his support is surging.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Elbowgate and the Trudeau Hater Losers

I don't think the so-called two-four long weekend has ever come at a better time in the whole history of Canada.

So we can all recover from that act of collective madness that was the elbowgate affair. For it has been a real nightmare.

The Trudeau haters have been howling at the moon, screaming for Justin Trudeau's blood, or just talking crazy. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Trudeau Haters and the Con Media

Sometimes when I hear the Harper Party, the Mulcair Party, and all the other Trudeau haters going after Justin Trudeau with blood in their eyes, and foam in their mouths.

I can't decide whether I'm living in the New Canada, the liberated Harperland.

Or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

And now to make matters even worse, here comes our own Marie Antoinette, the Queen of the Plagiarists, Margaret Wente herself.

Ruth Ellen Brosseau: Now She's Not a Clown She's a Martyr

We all saw Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the House of Commons trying to physically block the Con whip from returning to his seat.

And then after getting accidentally elbowed by Justin Trudeau, carrying on as if she had been shot.

Now she's being used by the Con media to damage Trudeau's image abroad.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Why Elbowgate Could Make Justin Trudeau Even More Popular

It was a very sad and contrite looking Justin Trudeau yesterday, apologizing over and over again for his behaviour in the House of Commons.

And if you relied on our Con media you might think that his political career had been damaged beyond repair. Or that his sunny days were over.

But when I looked beyond most of the MSM, I found a very different situation.

One that leads me to believe that the so-called elbowgate affair will not only NOT damage Justin Trudeau, it may even make him more popular.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

When Is Tom Mulcair Going to Apologize for His Disgraceful Behaviour?

It's the ugliest picture of the whole so-called elbow gate  bumpgate incident. 

The Commons is in an uproar, Justin Trudeau has apologized as a decent person should, 

And there standing in the gaggle of NDP MPs is Tom Mulcair grinning like a hairy ape.

How the Trudeau Government Can Stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

As expected the National Energy Board has approved the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The National Energy Board (NEB) has recommended approval of the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion project, subject to a whopping 157 environmental, financial and technical conditions.

But although the decision grates, it is predictable, because the NEB is stacked with Harper appointees.

And the good news is that Justin Trudeau and the people of BC can still make sure that pipeline is never built.

Justin Trudeau and the Loser Party

They have gone after his wife, they have gone after his kids, they have gone after his mother.

They have tried to sabotage his legislative agenda, by turning our parliament into a monkey house.

And yesterday Justin Trudeau finally lost his temper.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Office of Religious Freedom is Finally Buried

Well it took a while, and as you can see the Cons weren't happy about it.

But the Trudeau government has finally buried the so-called Office of Religious Freedom.

Why the Cons Can't Attract Good Leadership Candidates

Despite Rona Ambrose's desperate attempts to try to get more people interested in running for the job of permanent Leader of the Harper Party.

So far her campaign has been a dismal failure.

For after beating her drum, or kicking up her arms and legs for months.

This is all she has to show for it.

What Is the CBC's Con Board Hiding?

Well we know who they are, the members of the board of the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation.

And we know that one of them, Brian Mitchell, just left to run for President of the Harper Party. 

"I think the party needs me," Mitchell said. "The party needs my experience and my help and my loyalty."

But what we don't know is what the Harper Party's other loyal servants have been up to since the election.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Justin Trudeau and the Triumph of Love Over Hate

It seems only right that after enduring a torrent of hatred aimed at him, his wife, his children, and his mother.

Justin Trudeau should move today to protect the rights of a group of Canadians who know only too well what it feels like to be hated.

The Redneck Con Larry Miller Disgraces Himself Again

The next time you hear Rona Ambrose call her zombie party the new/nouveau Cons,  send her a message with just two words in it: 

Larry Miller.

Because O'l Larry is still there, he couldn't be more Reform or more redneck.

He's still the "Keeper of the Flame" (more on that later.)

And he's just made a beast out of himself again.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Attacks on Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Grow More Ugly and Violent

Yesterday I wrote about how disgusted I was by the way the Cons had gone after Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

And how the smear campaign against her on social media was becoming meaner and uglier.

Well now it's out of control, and getting even more violent.

Donald Trump and the Real Terrorist Threat

As you know Donald Trump has been trying to look more "presidential," to try to persuade the Republican establishment that he won't blow up the party.

And that he's not crazy.

But sadly for Drumph it's just not working, 

For his latest message to Americans couldn't be more insane.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and the Little Canadians

I couldn't properly explain why I was so disgusted by the way the monstrous Cons went after Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, for simply admitting she was feeling overwhelmed, and asking for help.

And why I was so bothered by the way so many other Canadians piled on.

It was the bullying of course, and the casual cruelty, and the women hate. And the indecent glee of her tormentors.

But there was something else that really bothered me, and I think that Neil Macdonald explains it very well.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Is Donald Trump's Campaign Going Down in Flames Already?

It should have been a good week for Donald Trump. He's doing his best to tone down his act and look more "presidential."

He won two more primary contests, albeit even though his opponents had already dropped out of the race.

He managed to patch up some of his differences with the Republican leadership. Sort of.

But all that has now been undone by a flood of negative stories.

Is Stephen Harper Preparing To Return From The Dead?

I seems hard to believe it could happen with Stephen Harper in such a dilapidated condition.

But a strange story has been circulating in the political cemetery where the Cons hang out these days.

And it would have Stephen Harper rising from the dead.

And beginning a shadowy campaign to become the next Premier of Alberta.

Jason Kenney and the Con Apocalypse

As you must have realized by now, there is nothing but nothing that scares the Cons more than electoral reform.

Because they know it would be the death of their Zombie Party.

And now that the Liberals have kicked off the process, they're absolutely desperate.

So desperate in fact they've even recruited Andrew Coyne.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Cons and the NDP Go After Sophie Trudeau

Well I suppose it was inevitable, she's young, she's smart, she's Justin Trudeau's princess.

So first the Cons went after Justin, then they went after their children, then they went after Margaret Trudeau.

And now they're going after Sophie.

The Incredible Gall of Postmedia's Paul Godfrey

I knew that the Postmedia boss Paul Godfrey is absolutely desperate, as his sinking media empire takes on more water, or debt, with every passing hour.

But who knew that after turning Postmedia into a branch of the Con propaganda machine, that attacks Justin Trudeau and his Liberals every single day of the year.

Godfrey would have the gall to ask the government to give him a tax break.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Donald Trump's Longtime Butler Says Obama Should Be Killed

About a week ago I saw a British TV documentary where Donald Trump's former butler Anthony P. “Tony” Senecal, talked about the man he served for almost two decades.

And revealed that Trump likes everything gold, and lots and lots of mirrors.

Surprise, surprise.

And while at the time Senecal appeared to be a nice old man.

I'm sorry to say appearances can be deceiving.

Electoral Reform and The Final Destruction of the Cons

It's been almost seven months since Stephen Harper and his foul Con regime came crashing down.

And I'm still celebrating that happy day. 

But I've also been patiently waiting for another great day.

The day we start the process that will make sure that the Harper Party never returns to power.

And this monstrous nightmare never happens again.

Why Nova Scotia Should Stop Honouring a War Criminal

For eighty-five years the statue of Lieutenant General Edward Cornwallis has loomed over a park in Halifax.

To honour him for being the first governor of Nova Scotia, and the founder of Halifax.

In recent years native groups have tried to have the statue taken down and his name removed from other parks, streets and buildings in Nova Scotia.

For his decision in 1749 to issue a bounty for the scalps of Mi’kmaq men, women and children.

But sadly I see that initiative has gone nowhere. 

The Ghomeshi Apology and the Shame of the CBC

And so it ends, for him. Jian Ghomeshi has apologized, and avoided another trial for sexual assault.

Jian Ghomeshi stood before an open court today and apologized for his "sexually inappropriate" behaviour against a former CBC employee who had accused him of sexual assault — a charge that was then dropped by the Crown attorney.

His apology to Kathryn Borel and the peace bond he signed meant there would be no second sexual assault trial, and ended the legal ordeal the former CBC radio host has faced since Toronto police laid sexual assault charges against him in 2014.

But if he got off lightly as far as I'm concerned, so did the CBC.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dean Del Mastro Wants Us To Know He's Not Happy

Gawd. Or Mama Mia. I thought we'd seen the last of Dean Del Mastro, when he lost his appeal, and the judge ordered him to spend a month in the Big House.

But I forgot that he got sprung after only a week behind bars, so that he could launch yet another appeal.  

Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is out of jail on bail and his lawyer says the Ontario Court of Appeal will hear his case again. 

Del Mastro went to jail last week after losing his original appeal of a conviction in the fall of 2014, when he was found guilty of violating the Canada Elections Act during the 2008 election.

And now he's back, and on the loose again. And he wants everybody to know that he's NOT a happy camper.

Why Bernie Sanders' Campaign Will Not Surrender

Bernie Sanders won another Democratic primary yesterday, this time in West Virginia.

White House dreams fading, Bernie Sanders added another state to his tally against Hillary Clinton with a win in West Virginia on Tuesday — a victory that will do little to slow the former secretary of state's steady march toward the Democratic presidential nomination.

But since most in the MSM have written him off, his victory got little play on the U.S. news networks.

And the dominant message from the corporate media these days seems to be this one.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Fort Mac Beast and Our Fiery Future

I've tried to be as positive and as sensitive as possible about the fire that almost consumed Fort McMurray.

I've tried to point out all the ways that catastrophe has brought us together as Canadians.

And I completely understand why Justin Trudeau and our other political leaders have been reluctant to blame that fiery apocalypse on climate change.