Monday, May 30, 2016

The Con Convention and the Rapture of Jason Kenney

Lordy. Judging by the reaction of the Cons and their stooges in the media, you'd think the Harper Party's convention was such a great success they had all died and gone to heaven.

Or more precisely had risen from the dead, and were now on their way to another heavenly majority.

You know, the Con version of The Rapture.

For what else could explain Jason Kenney's feverish state?

Or this tribute to The Great Divider?

Conservative MP Jason Kenney said the prevailing sentiment at this weekend’s Conservative convention in Vancouver was one of unity. 

“This is a great achievement of Stephen Harper,” Kenney told CTV’s Question Period. “The Conservative Party has never been more united after an election defeat than it is now, which is remarkable given the history of internal conflict.

Or this unholy hallucination?

Kenney, who spoke alongside former minister of transportation Lisa Raitt, said this gives him confidence in the party’s ability to form a majority government in the next election.

Or for that matter, what else can explain why Michael Den Tandt is also in such a feverish state? 

The federal Liberals, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the lead, were aburst with satisfaction at their conference in Winnipeg on the weekend. But they’d do well to keep a weather eye on the horizon. The Conservative party is adapting and evolving with a speed that puts the shell-shocked post-2011 Liberals to shame.

And also seeing things.

The Tory party is, in brief, in a good position to beat the government like an old rug for the next four years, after which there will be an election of some sort. Liberal hornblowers should consider that, as they celebrate the Trudeau Restoration.

When in fact all Kenney and his Cons managed to do at their tacky convention was put a few more band aids on their gaping wounds...

And on the monstrous legacy of Stephen Harper.

Party unity will last until the day the leadership race really begins...

And their mediocre candidates start tearing themselves apart.

For they are mediocre, and even Michael Den Tandt can't put lipstick on this one.

Kellie Leitch, we can rest assured, will be the candidate of multiculturalism. She’ll have to be to make amends for her barbaric cultural practices blunder in last year’s campaign.

Without sounding like he's losing his mind....

And as for the Con's much hyped decision to drop their ban on same-sex marriage it's not going to raise them up either.

For it will cost them the support of many members of their bigot base, at least judging by their reaction to this giddy video on the Con's Facebook page.

Where some are so upset they're even threatening to join the Christian Heritage Party (CHP)

And because it took the Cons so long to drop that ban, it's not likely to win them many more moderate supporters.

So they're hooped so to speak. They can't reach out to those supporters without losing even more of their rabid base, who they depend on to send them money every month.

So they have nowhere to go but down. 

And it's not The Rapture it's more like this movie...

With half the party running one way and the other half running the other way.

And of course after watching that video I have to feel that Jason Kenney has his own problems...

If his enraged SoCon supporters don't bring him down, that sizzling burger will.

So whatever the Con media says, it's not a new beginning.

The Cons are still a party on life support. 

And it's still the beginning of the end...

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Anonymous said...

They're so dumb that by covering themselves is lipstick, they actually think we will forget what they were (and probably still are) not so long ago.
Keep dreaming Con losers.

Anonymous said...

I think Kevin O'Leary is a smart man who could brings his skills in business and negotiating to politics. He has credentials in the real world unlike our trust fund snowboarding/part time drama teacher PM. Look at what Notley is doing to Alberta. Look at Wynne's Ontario, the biggest debt on the planet. Disgusting what the NDP and Liberals are doing in those provinces.

Steve said...

they also blinked on Pot, whats next Economics

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many white people in Rona's Rapture picture.
So very white.
As many imagine it, I am sure.


Dan said...


Added on top of $150 billion added to the national debt by "fiscal" conservatives.

Thanks for the laugh.

Dan said...

The Cons are stuck somewhere between delusion and anger in the five stages of grief.

rumleyfips said...

Well, anonymous, white people have have done such a good job don't yo think.

Anonymous said...

Con revisionism. WTF are these people smoking?

Anonymous said...

Anon 906 You are a complete jerk and Simon should kick your sorry a** of his site. As for Kevin oLeary , he as much a jerk as all you literly CONS appear to be for the past ten years. Give it a rest Anon.


Anonymous said... a fiscal conservative who is NOT a Conservative Party of Canada supporter, you conveniently left out the fact that under HARPER'S government, Canada wracked the debt up to record levels and this is all a matter of public record.....but you were saying something about OTHER parties' fiscal incompetence? This garbage revisionism of "our party may have been bad but other parties are just worse" is childish and gets us nowhere.

David said...

I second the motion to have Anon 906 banned. That will be one less Anon.
Why don't all the Anons post using a different posting format such as WordPress, LiveJournal

Anonymous said...

Irene... kick someone off the website for what? Having an opinion you don't agree with?

e.a.f. said...

with Conservatives leaving for the Christian Heritage Party, who knows the Progressive Concervatives may be able to take their party back and make it a viable entity which appeals to more Canadians.

I must say the convention did look a tad "white" so there will have to be some "outreach" but that may not be happening anytime soon.

The party will make a comeback, but that depends upon how well the federal Liberals do at being government and if the NDP doesn't self destruct on its way to elect a new leader.