Sunday, May 22, 2016

Elbowgate and the Trudeau Hater Losers

I don't think the so-called two-four long weekend has ever come at a better time in the whole history of Canada.

So we can all recover from that act of collective madness that was the elbowgate affair. For it has been a real nightmare.

The Trudeau haters have been howling at the moon, screaming for Justin Trudeau's blood, or just talking crazy. 

Because they're not just ugly, they're really really dumb.

And if I see another video of Tom Mulcair shuffling sideways like a crab to prevent the Con whip from getting by him.

Or another video of Ruth Ellen Brosseau looking like she had just been shot by Trudeau's accidental elbow.

I think I'll scream AIEEEEEE!!!!!!

But at least there was the new picture of Stephen Harper to wipe out the memory of this one...

Because that picture of Great Defeated Leader grinning like a jackal bothered me so much I felt like howling at the moon myself eh?

Until I saw this one...

Which shows that when Justin Trudeau marched across the aisle, Harper looked like he was scared out of his mind.

And was ready to head for you know where...

While Jason Kenney showed again why they call him GODzilla or Hogzilla...

Even though we all know that had Trudeau even looked at him, that jelly belly bigot who has never held a real job in his life, would have joined Harper in that closet.

But what made the Cons and the NDP look like real losers, was the way they tried to exploit the incident.

For while Justin Trudeau had the decency to personally apologize...

To just about everyone in Canada. Gawd.

The opposition behaved in a manner, as Scott Gilmore writes, that couldn't be more outrageous. 

What was premeditated, though, was the painfully insulting reaction from the opposition members. They spent five hours over the course of Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon standing up one after the other, recounting in tremulous voices how they had been traumatized by the fracas.

Or more obscene.

In the 15 minutes it took Deepak Obhrai to sufficiently express how “absolutely shocked” he was by the “assault,” elsewhere in Canada some 400 people were trying to protect themselves from real blows, were crying real tears and were wiping away real blood.

As Peter Van Loan stood up in the House and moved that the “physical molestation” should be referred to the standing committee on procedure and House affairs, I wonder if he was ashamed, for even a second, that he might be heard by one of the half-million women who were sexually assaulted in Canada last year?

And of course, there’s Niki Ashton, who found it all “deeply traumatic.” As traumatic as knowing that Manitoba, her home province, has the highest rate of violent victimization in Canada? And that her own riding contains some of the most troubled and violent communities in the country?

Or more shameless.

But of course the biggest loser was Tom Mulcair. Who started the whole incident by shuffling along like he was in a chorus line to try to block the Con whip...

And who first laughed... 

And then screamed. And then accused Justin Trudeau of using foul language.

Only to have it revealed yesterday that so did  fuddle duddle Tom.

As two delicate tourists and retired journalists from Victoria who were sitting in the gallery metres above the dust-up, may we make a few observations?

In the heated exchange between Mr. Trudeau and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, Mr. Mulcair loudly told the PM to fuddle duddle and was not sanctioned for his unparliamentary language.

And by being seen to be playing cheap political games to delay a vote on the assisted suicide bill, which so many critically ill Canadians are counting on to relieve their suffering.

Couldn't have done more damage to himself and his party...

But don't tell that to his small and shrinking band of fanatic followers. 

For they'll accuse you of belonging to the "Trudeau cult."

When in fact they are the ones who are looking like some crazed cult.

For following an angry old right-winger to oblivion.

But yes, thank goodness it's the two-four weekend 

Have a good one everybody...

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  1. Niki Ashton is very much aware of the dire situation of Indigenous communities in her riding. Why are you maligning one of the best leftists in Parliament?

    1. Because she shot her mouth off in an inappropriate and idiotic way? Just a guess.

    2. Thanks so many Trudeau haters, lagatta can't seem to think straight these days. Can't seem to understand that the idiot Ashton just made a mockery out of the struggle for women's rights, by trying to turn an accidental bump into a gender-based assault.

      P.S. Am I the only one to think that Ashton looks a lot like one of the Angry Birds?

    3. What sexist crap. We get insulted if we are even in the slightest too plump, and I guess now if we are small and thin. (I've been both = and am always short).

    4. What the hell are you talking about? And stop playing the sexism card like those NDP oafs. I'm describing a state of mind, not whether she's small or thin, or tall or short. Do you even know who the Angry Birds are? Accuse me of being a sexist again and you're out of here for good...

  2. I agree with Scott Gilmore' column except where he says But neither of these dumb-ass moves were premeditated. .

    Perhaps I am overly suspicious but unless Mulcair & company are amazingly good at improve it looked planned to me. It looked to me as if there were three people working in concert according to that carefully broken-down video you posted (the one from Québec I think).

    It's time for Mulcair to go "for the good of the party"[1]. His actions have really pissed-off party supporters.

    1. Phrase shamelessly stolen from a Solzhenitsyn novel

    1. Hi jrkrideau...I don't know whether it was premeditated, because the Mulcair Party is such a shrunken scrawny beast I question whether it could meditate anything. But they sure look liked idiots, in their Can Can line, giggling like gaggle of school girls, debasing parliament and their own party. But I warned of this during the NDP convention, I said that if they didn't give Mulcair the bum's rush, he would lead them to disaster. If an election was held tomorrow the NDP would get SEVEN seats. How much lower can they go? And when will another leader rescue his or her party?

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Here's a good YouTube video that shows Ruth Ellen Brosseau's real involvement in this thing:

    YouTube: Justin Trudeau's supposed elbow assault nothing but a set up. NDP deception

    According to tradition, before a vote, the opposition whip walks up the opposition side of the center aisle to the front of the House and nods to the Speaker, along with the governing party whip. After they return to their seats, the vote commences.

    Mulcair cooked up a ridiculous scheme to block the Con whip's path to the front of the House. That's why Trudeau intervened to free the Con MP from the nonsense.

    Whether Trudeau elbowed Brosseau or she's faking it doesn't matter. She lost all credibility being involved in this disgusting scheme.

    1. Yes, I ran that video on this blog, after making a much humbler video of the same incident the day before. Apparently the Mulcair party was trying to runout the clock, so they could see how many critically ill people they could disappoint. I have never seen such juvenile behaviour in the House of Commons, and to think I voted for those clowns really pisses me off...

  4. Anonymous11:16 AM

    The retired journalists report what appears to be a consistent impression of all who viewed the clip. Kenney and Mulcair's rabid opinions are the outliers. We can expect such behaviour from Kenney, but Mulcair is just acting like he joined The West End Gang.


    1. Hi TS...I think most Canadians who view the tape will come to the same conclusion. Tom Mulcair and his chorus line were playing stupid games, and got caught out by Justin Trudeau. Trudeau may have been wrong in breaking up that childish game, but ironically by doing that he focused attention on that chorus line, which will do the NDP more damage than it will do Trudeau...

    2. Anonymous10:18 PM

      Really looking forward to new NDP leader. Unfortunate for Canada. The Party has represented ideals and good works of many Canadians. Need to get back to grass roots. I am a Libersl, but I believe that a decent NDP. leader is essential for Canada. I guess you would call that a good three party system.


  5. Hey Simon got nothing else to write about since Harper's demise you must have transferred the hatred to all those who don't like Trudeau - no comparison!!

  6. hi Burdy...tell me are you just losing a few feathers, or changing them to fly with the Cons as the Mulcair Party is doing these days. As I did during the Harper years I am simply reflecting the views of most Canadians. And at the same time trying to save the soul of the NDP who I voted for in the last election. Trudeau hatred in case you hadn't noticed is reaching the same levels as Obama hatred did in the United States. Much of it is equally irrational, and violent in nature, and it's creating a climate of violence. And if it isn't reined in it could lead to tragedy. What don't you understand about that? And BTW what have you written recently? Now STFU and go lay an egg...

  7. I think what we need is a little distraction from Elbowgate. Choose life, choose Leith!

    1. hi Omar...are you suggesting that I'm cracking up? Yes, I think you're right, I think I need about 48 hours of sleep. And it's not like me to be rude to people But as for Leith... Did I tell you that last summer I stayed at a hotel in Leith, right next to the Firth of Forth? Which was nice, and no I didn't visit the royal yacht Britannia. But I did have an incredible meal at a fancy sea food restaurant on the canal. However while that was nice, returning to Leith late one night from taking in the military tattoo at Edinburgh Castle at the height of the mammoth Fringe Festival, turned into an absolute nightmare. I had to queue up for THREE hours outside Waverley station to get a cab to take me and Seb back to our hotel, because trying to flag one down in the street was hopeless. So this year I'm staying in the heart of the city on Cowgate street, so Seb can carry me back to the hotel over his shoulder should that be required. ;)
      But yes, I'm glad to see that a sequel to Trainspotters is going to be shot. And should I hear that Ewan McGregor is going to be shooting in Leith I'll probably make it out there even if I have to crawl there on all fours...

    2. Yes, you did tell me about your nice meal by the canal. I've yet to visit Edinburgh during Fringe. The spectacle intrigues me, but the crazy huge crowds do not. When I'm in town I stay at a friends place in Muirhouse which oddly enough is where Irvine Welsh hails from. It's not the greatest of neighbourhoods, but I'm comfortable there. The Lothian bus that takes me into the city runs through Leith and I'll usually stop and take breakfast at the Clock Cafe on Leith Walk. They have a vegetarian breakfast to die for! Leith reminds me a lot of Halifax. The sounds, the smells, the people. Leith is a bit hard scrabble, but I like that. Like that article says it's a wee bit of Glasgow just down the way from the pomp and pageantry of Capital City!

  8. Well Simon, I have to say reading your posts and the comments they spawned from the past several days was very illuminating. I was first made aware of the incident with Trudeau in the HoC Thursday afternoon by my mother as I was taking her out for a drive, hadn't heard or seen anything about it at that point. When we stopped in to get coffee it happened to be just as CTV's Power Play was starting, and that was when I first saw the video. My first reaction was literally: "That's it?!?!?!" I said it aloud and EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that shop who heard me all reacted to the comment the same way, with shared disgust at those trying to turn this into some sort of scandal.

    Then I heard about the way the NDP tried to play this up and while disgusted and saddened, not surprised. As you well know, my opinion of the NDP, first under Layton and especially Mulcair had become extremely negative, and that for me one of the key moments for that was with the sexual harassment of their MPs by Lib MPs incident and the way Mulcair and his key female MPs played it, especially my then MP Megan Leslie as some sort of assault on women by Trudeau. I found it incredibly offensive the way Mulcair was willing to use his feminist MPs so as to attack Trudeau because he was running behind Trudeau with women voters broadly speaking, especially on the progressive side of the demographics. Yet again we see him willing to do so, and again feminist MPs within his caucus willing to, and I use this word quite deliberately, prostitute, their credentials for this kind of smear.

    As you correctly noted, Trudeau did overreact, and deserved to be called out for it, although he wasn't the only person at fault for creating the situation/environment for the incident to happen, again as you have so well detailed. His apology was swift, on point, and appropriate, and showed responsible behaviour for error/wrongdoing. The opposition, on the other hand, ESPECIALLY Mulcair and the NDP, well not only did they try to milk this for every last possible imagined political benefit they went WAY over the line of good judgement, behaviour, and responsibility in doing so, and seriously diminished whatever credibility they all had left for many/most Canadians that were still willing to view the NDP with some favour.

    The Trudeau Derangement Syndrome is stronger within the NDP than the CPC I would submit, and this is further evidence of that ugly fact. They cannot accept that they were soundly beaten by the better politician, progressive, and frankly better man, and that they threw away the best chance for major political realignment for the benefit of the NDP last year by the way they underestimated and were contemptuous of Justin Trudeau in just about every way possible. Now they are reaping the rewards of this and they STILL don't get it. Sad, pathetic, and frankly moving into the realms of bad farce.

    The CPC, we expect this kind of shit from, for reasons we have both discussed many times in the past. The NDP though is supposed to be better than this and the CPC, and right now at best they are looking to be on a par with them, and I would argue actually are managing to become worse than with Mulcair still calling the shots, at least the NDP Parliamentary caucus.

    Good work Simon, and I suspect you are starting to understand just how hot my anger with the NDP had gotten and why, this kind of stupidity drives me wild, and watching it in play back when it could have still worked to aid Harper and his CPC government retain power was something I took very negatively. Now that they are the weakened third party and they STILL pull this sort of idiocy the stakes are less serious for the nation, but the need for it also is far less, and yet STILL they pull this shit. Not ye olde NDP at all federally speaking, no, not at all.

    1. hi Scotian...nice to hear from you. I am sorry to say that some of the comments I have received on this story have been some of the worst I received in years. The vilest kind of stuff which I immediately deleted, so you are only seeing the best of them. And since I have to assume that most of them came from NDP members I am very disappointed, and quite depressed. I really don't understand how any decent NDP member could have turned an accidental elbow into a gender based attack, and I can only blame that on Mulcair for having turned his party into a rabidly partisan group and one as angry as he is. I said it at the time they held their convention, get rid of that guy before he cost you even more support. But they didn't, and now they are paying the price, for he has led them to a real bad place. I say this more in sorrow than in anger, because I am fonder of the NDP than you are. But one thing is for sure, I will never give that party a second look until they have gotten rid of Mulcair and his cabal of sorry flunkies...

    2. Simon:

      One of the things I was doing last night after I left that comment was reading Rabble/Babble to see the reactions on this incident, and your name and site was brought up, and your posts on this, as proof of how you weren't a true progressive nor supporter/friend of the NDP, so I am not surprised to hear what you said regarding the attacks you have taken over this. It would seem you have let your gay attraction for hunky Justin outweigh your good political sense, and yes, that framing was in essence used, being a fellow member of the alternative orientation world I found that quite glaring and disturbing to read on what is supposedly a progressive site without anyone being called on it (I don't comment there, I just read there, I refuse to set up an account to comment there because of how much of a sewer I find it's political sections these years), but my wording is not verbatim, but it is the essence of the comment.

      I'm almost 50 years old, and for over half my life the NDP were a party and a political culture/movement I had a lot of respect for. Didn't always agree with them, never fully joined them (despite Alexa trying hard in my teens back in her days as head of the NS NDP), but knew them to be sincere, honourable, and more than just another party full of expediency driven hacks. As I said in my closing, not ye olde NDP anymore. I think, sadly, you are representative of what the best of the NDP used to be, and has over the past couple of decades stopped being. At least the federal NDP that is.

      I differ with you on placing the blame only on Mulcair, yes I think he seriously made the problem worse, but who invited Mulcair into the position of being able to do so? That was Jack Layton my friend, Layton was willing to make profound changes to NDP culture in the pursuit of power, and while Layton was leader it was easy to accept/overlook because NDPers knew Layton, knew he was NDP to the core, and went along with it, especially when it looked like finally the hated Libbies were finally about to take a serious dive and Harper. Mr. Toxicity was the main opponent. Yes, Mulcair is the one that is doing the bulk of the damage these days, no question, but Layton, he not only set the stage he established the first wedges/cracks for Mulcair to widen and drive deeper.

      That is the risk of accepting the premise of the ends justifying the means, which is what I saw Layton doing. That was what I watched and was calling out all along Simon, it was never just about my frustration regarding the stance with the Harper CPC, it was watching a political voice/actor on our national stage turn into something much uglier, more dangerous, and damaging from the clearly very healthy and beneficial role it had been up to then since its creation.

      The modern federal NDP is something very ugly these days Simon, and alas far too many of its supporters blinded by their own partisanship while claiming they are not. This is why I've had respect and affection for you for so long, even when we used to disagree quite strongly, because I could tell you were better than that, you were NDP of the kind I had/have respect for. This was never an outcome I wanted to see either despite my generally tending to favour the federal Libs on balance, because the olde NDP was one I trusted to keep the Libs in check on issues and policies important to me, and now they can not, and worse, will not. Being a process geek my first concern is the health of the system, and what happened to the NDP does not do that health anything good in the short or long term. You at least are one of the few online NDPers who I believe gets that I mean this, and it is one of the many reason I love you and your site.

    3. Great piece, Scotian. I have nothing to add, but to say, "you're not yet 50"?! Gadzooks! For some reason I thought you were much older. I'm not really sure why I thought that, but I certainly didn't think I was older than you! Well, I'll be shuffling off now (reaches for cane and Trilby hat). lol

    4. hi Scotian...thanks to alerting me to that outrageous criticism of me on Rabble. Suggesting that I support Justin Trudeau because of his "hotness" is disgusting. I certainly do not, and to suggest I do is nothing but naked homophobia, and a sign of how low the NDP has fallen. I support Justin because I think he is a decent person, to me he represents generational change, and he has made me feel proud of being a Canadian again. As you know I have always tried to avoid attacking progressives, preferring to focus all my fire on the real enemy, the Cons. But I'm afraid that after the way the NDP has behaved, I have no choice but to express my disgust and my disappointment...

    5. Simon:

      I wish I had not found it necessary, but that was quite offensive to me as a bisexual male who has also had to put up with some of the same shit in years past, and who finds it exceptionally irksome to hear from those that claim the mantle of "the true progressive/liberal" while at the same time using such clearly ugly framing. I've always understood that your support of Trudeau was based on his substance, not his surface appearance, it isn't like you made any great secret of it, and ANYONE that has bothered to read your blog should have been well aware of this, and that at least one of your commenters was involved in these discussions and failed utterly to point this out, well, you needed to know IMHO, as distasteful as I find being any sort of tattletale. I see you have chosen to take action against that poster, I'm sorry you felt the need, I wish I had not needed to be the source of your finding out you had the need, but I also get exactly why you did so, and I will not question your judgment nor be anything other than totally supportive.

      I meant it when I said you are one of the few online NDPers I have any respect left for these days, and more than a little affection for given you not only saw the truth of the Harper CPC, you also started to see through the footsie games the NDP were playing with them against the mutual electoral enemy the Liberals, AND you also saw in Trudeau the same things I did. You looked beyond the superficial which his detractors were so locked onto and constantly smearing and you saw the depths of the person underneath, a basically good man that loves the nation his father loved and cherished, who showed him this nation far and wide throughout his youth/upbringing, and who clearly is a decent man. He was not driven by a lust for power as much as a lust to serve, and how so many people still to this day fail to see that within the man I cannot understand. That isn't to say he has no ambition, no one at this level of politics is totally free of such, but the main sense of ambition is so as to find ways to serve this nation and make it a better place for all rather than to serve his own ego or other darker motives strikes me as his true core.

      Trudeau managed to impress a lot of people across the political spectrum, both at the professional levels of politics and at the basic citizenry levels too, yet the opponents/foes/haters of Trudeau and the Liberals flatly refuse to at the least acknowledge this nor even see it for themselves, which is why they come off so harsh and ugly. I can respect honourable opponents even when disagreeing strongly with them, alas Trudeau has precious few of those in the HoC it seems, and clearly not in the leadership of either CPC or NDP.

      So for anyone to imply let alone outright claim your respect for Trudeau is in any way based on some sort of lust for him is grotesque. You deserve far better than this, and it saddens me to see you not getting it. In this you will always have my support, because even when we disagree we know the other is an honourable person calling it as they see it, and not some sort of enemy that must be destroyed for daring to see things differently than we do, which alas seems to be the problem with not just CPCers these days but far too many NDPers too.


      I've often been told I was an old soul since I was a teen, that I came off as older than I am while looking younger than I am. It makes for an interesting perspective...LOL, and BTW, I've been using a cane for almost 30 years now, just call me gimpy...*chuckle*.

  9. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Mulcair will be remembered for this stunt as his most defining moment as NDP leader. Not only has he brought himself down to the lowest political life-form, he may well have sealed the NDP's 3rd party status for a long, long time.
    Nice legacy there Tommy Boy.

    1. hi JD... Like you I believe that Mulcair has done real damage to the NDP by carrying on like he did. The way he snarls at Justin Trudeau during Question Period is bad enough, but this little stunt is the absolute limit. And the party has to share the blame for having elected him in the first place. He is too right-wing, and he lacks the capacity to inspire anyone...

  10. It's a safe bet that most of the pundits at support the NDP:

    1. hi David...So you see I didn't ban you as you wondered if I might do if you sent me that Nuremberg piece. I would never do that to you, but just don't expect me to read it. All I want now from the NDP is an apology for behaving so badly....

  11. Anonymous11:52 AM

    The NDP did nothing wrong. The only person who did something wrong was Justin Trudeau.

    1. hi anon...Trudeau did do something wrong, but at least he has apologized about twenty times. But the NDP started the whole thing with their childish shenanigans, and their attempt to turn it into a gender based assault was absolutely appalling. And they have still to apologize...

  12. You don't read things with which you might disagree? And his name is Nerenberg. One of my favourite Rabble writers, and one who has taken on the mistreatment of the Roma people.

  13. hi lagatta...I'm glad you showed up so I can tell you how I feel about you and your loser party. After being alerted by Scotian I visited the Rabble site and discovered that you had been all over it slanging me left and right, and calling me things like misogynist or ageist. Which was bad enough since I am neither, and anybody who has ever read this blog knows that. But to make matters worse I then read a comment from somebody calling themselves "the voice of the damned" who said this about me.

    It's no exaggeration to say that there is a strong religious dimension , of the manichean variety, to Montreal Simon's idolization of Justin Trudeau...

    And I don't think it's out of line to point out that, like many religious obsessions, this one has pretty strong erotic overtones. Simon often references the "hotness" of the Prime Minister.

    Which is not only a lie, I have never used the word "hotness" or ever lauded Trudeau for his looks, and I am an atheist. It's also crassly homophobic. And since you didn't challenge that person's response to your deranged ravings, I can only assume you agree with him or her.

    I admire Justin for his inner decency not for his physical characteristics, which BTW pale in comparison with those of my companion.

    I have received more vile comments on this story than I have received in years. Including many homophobic ones.

    So I need that like I need a hole in the head, and you are now banned for life, like every other hate monger out there. Don't even bother to send a comment or an e-mail for I will delete them on arrival.

    If you and some members of the NDP don't realize how low you have fallen, then there is no hope for you or them...