Monday, May 16, 2016

Donald Trump and the Real Terrorist Threat

As you know Donald Trump has been trying to look more "presidential," to try to persuade the Republican establishment that he won't blow up the party.

And that he's not crazy.

But sadly for Drumph it's just not working, 

For his latest message to Americans couldn't be more insane.

Because now he's trying to scare the bejeesus out of them by claiming that refugees with ISIS phones will commit 9/11 size attacks. 

Donald Trump said Sunday that he believes refugees will launch a terrorist attack against the United States comparable in size to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Asked on the National Border Patrol Council’s Green Line radio show if he thought it would take another terrorist attack the size of the Sept. 11 attacks to make people “wake up about border security,” Trump answered, “I do, I actually do.” 

“Bad things will happen – a lot of bad things will happen,” continued Trump. “There will be attacks that you wouldn’t believe. There will be attacks by the people that are right now that are coming into our country, because, I have no doubt in my mind.”

And that if the 1,700 Syrians refugees the U.S has so far allowed in have cell phones, it must be because ISIS is paying their bills.

Trump said refugees coming into the U.S. had cellphones with ISIS flags on them, and questioned how refugees could afford cell phones, suggesting ISIS paid the monthly fees. “I mean you look at it, they have cell phones,” said Trump. “So they don’t have money, they don’t have anything. They have cell phones. Who pays their monthly charges, right?

Even though there is no evidence of that, and he must have picked it up while reading the National Inquirer. Or The Rebel.

And even though refugees, like other poor people, can buy cheap prepaid SIM cards.

So it is just another attempt to stoke up bigotry and paranoia.

But what makes Trump's insane warning even more dangerous is that it could be a self fulfilling prophesy. One he would welcome.

For a terrorist attack in the U.S. before the November election is probably the only way he could become President.

And with his threat to ban Muslims, and his latest deranged warning, I haven't the slightest doubt that he will do all he can to provoke one.

Just like Stephen Harper seemed to be trying to provoke one in the months leading up to our election, with his bigoted campaign aimed at Muslim Canadians.

And this unspoken message or prayer to ISIS. Or ANY terrorists ANYWHERE... 

For him and his monstrous Cons also knew that a terrorist attack was their best hope of winning another majority.

Which made them, like Trump, the real terrorist threat.

We dodged that bullet, and eliminated the threat by defeating the madman, and sending him back to his closet located somewhere between here and Las Vegas. 

And let's hope that the Americans can too.

Donald Trump, just another raving right-wing bigot.

And too dangerous to be President...

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David said...

I think Harper was really hoping for some sort of terrorist attack on Canadian soil just prior to the election. People support their leader when their country is attacked. That would have been the only way Harper could have won the election in the dying days of his campaign, when he was so desperate that he attended a function given by the Ford brothers.

Trump could win the election if a terrorist attack occurred in the US, and maybe he is hoping for one.

Anonymous said...

It is inevitable there will be an attack, whether here, the US, Europe etc... probably in the name of Islam. The question is, how do we prevent it? More importantly what is the root cause?


Simon said...

hi David...I don't doubt that Stephen Harper was hoping for a terrorist attack,and I don't doubt that Trump is as well. And we're going to have to hold our collective breath and hope for the best...

Simon said...

hi MK...there may be one or two, ISIS is starting to crumble, and its crazies may try to stage an attack to try to show that they are still a force to be reckoned with. The best way to stop an attack is to step up our security measures, stay vigilant, and make the Muslims in our midst feel that this is their country too. Which it must be said we're pretty good at doing....

Anonymous said...

Why do the Chinese immigrants fit in? Why do the Latinos fit in? Why do Muslims feel this isn't their country? If they need special treatment or they'll blow us up, perhaps we should take more Asians instead for example. They are peaceful and work hard. -MK