Saturday, May 14, 2016

Is Stephen Harper Preparing To Return From The Dead?

I seems hard to believe it could happen with Stephen Harper in such a dilapidated condition.

But a strange story has been circulating in the political cemetery where the Cons hang out these days.

And it would have Stephen Harper rising from the dead.

And beginning a shadowy campaign to become the next Premier of Alberta.

Because although that might resemble a scene out of a bad horror movie, or a spaghetti western, this is very interesting. 

In the months after the NDP’s surprise victory in Alberta, then-prime minister Stephen Harper told his closest political associates that he planned to set up a provincial wing of the federal Conservative Party to unite the right in the province. That plan was foiled by his electoral defeat last October, but sources suggest it is not dead.

Senior Alberta Conservatives say they would prefer the Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties come together of their own accord. But if they don’t, their federal cousins will use their organizational and financial clout to ensure the NDP faces a united conservative party at the next election.

And so is this.

If Alberta's unite the right movement doesn't get its act together, Ottawa Conservatives, including former prime minister Stephen Harper, could well step in, says one political insider.

According to Ian Brodie, former chief of staff to Stephen Harper, right-wing MPs have long been "frustrated" by the inability of the Wildrose and PC parties to work together in a province where the federal Conservatives are by far the most popular political party.

The return of the sinister uber right wing ideologue Ian Brodie, to promote the idea of a merger, a new party, and possibly pave the way for Harper's return.

Brodie said Harper is watching Alberta politics intently, even if he's keeping a low profile. "I don't doubt that he's paying close attention, and his expertise and advice will be available to whoever can make it work."

Because nobody can hear the voices in Harper's head better than Brodie, and it would be Great Fallen Leader's dream.

A chance to redeem himself in the one place in Canada where he is still popular. A chance to be seen as the Great Unifier, the man who can unite the right like he did to create the Harper Party.

Which was let's not forget, what he was bragging about last month at that meeting in Last Vegas with the uber right-wing billionaire Sheldon Adelson and his Republican friends.

On Thursday evening, Adelson hosted some of the organization’s top officials at his palatial mansion. While former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper discussed how fractured parties can unite, Adelson listened but said little, according to three people who were present.

And which judging from Adelson's reaction, may have been directed more at the Cons in Alberta rather than the Republicans.

And above all, becoming the head of a new Conservative party would give Harper a chance to drive the hated Rachel Notley and the NDP from power. 

Because the very idea of the NDP, and a woman, running HIS province must be driving him absolutely crazy.

And he must be foaming at the mouth at the thought of being able to go down in history as the man who saved the province from the socialist hordes.

And become at last the Father of the New Alberta.... 

Or the Father of Albertonia, after he builds a wall around it, or takes it out of confederation.

Which has always been his dream for that province. The one he has always loved more than he ever loved Canada.

And of course he must know that now is the time. 

Economic conditions in that province are expected to grow even worse over the next few years. And so will the resentment of Albertans against the rest of Canada, especially if they don't get their pipelines.

And nobody knows how to turn Canadians against Canadians better than he does.

Stephen Harper, still not dead.

And still a mortal threat to this country...

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  1. Pipelines won't help if they can't make money, and the tar babies can't break even at less than $70-80. If they get pipelines and still go broke , who will they blame ? Not me I hope, I'm still freezing in the dark.

    1. Hi know they're going to start calling us pipers instead of hosers, for it seems that's all we ever talk about. Are we not more than that? But the Big Oil can see the writing on the wall, and they know that in another ten years, those pipelines will be melted down to make wind mills.the sooner we start transitioning to a greener economy the better...

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I hope you are blowing smoke on this one. I live in Alberta and I voted NDP, and for the federal elections I voted Liberal. Harper is the worst Prime Minister and human being to ever walk on Canadian soil.

    The best thing we can do to avoid this nightmare scenario from ever seeing the light of day is to support the campaign to prosecute him for embezzlement, tax fraud and other crimes. Hopefully that would keep him out of provincial politics and public office in general.

    Never has there been a more despicable human being so unsuited to serve as Prime Minister of Canada. That's saying a lot, especially after the sleazy Mulroney. We need to do all we can to forcibly retire this most un-Canadian citizen from public service.

    If this dictator becomes premier of Alberta, I will seriously consider moving out of my beloved Alberta.

    1. Anonymous4:08 PM

      Anon 11:04... Very impressive. So there are people from Alberta that see Hitler Harper as the worse PM EVER!!!!!! You may be getting some backlash from the Alberta CON jobs but know that the rest of Canada is standing with you on this one. Yep Hitler Harper does make sleazy Mulroney look good.....and that takes a lot for me to say also. FP

    2. Hi anon 11:04....I wish I was making this up. I'm just reporting what I have heard and read, And knowing Harper as I do, suggesting that it is the thing he might go for, like a trout goes for a fly. I also know that if Ian Brodie is blowing smoke, there probably is fire. The good news is we won't have to wait too long to find out. If you listened to the interview you can see they are giving the warring parties just a couple of months to unite, or they will move in....

  3. You ruined my Saturday morning coffee with this piece, Simon!
    The very idea!
    I am a sucker for Rachel Notley.
    She has more gumption than Brian Jean (Wildrose leader and former Harper Con MP), Ric McIver,Progressive Conservative interim leader and former Calgary City councillor and the War Criminal Stephen Harper ALL put together!!
    By the way, Harper is a carpetbagger from Ontario unlike the rest of the politicians who are Alberta born and raised.
    If the crucial factor for Alberta is a pipeline to tidewater I respectfully submit that Harper has "had his hour!" and failed miserably.

    1. Hi hinofan....I'm sorry about that. But I started hearing those stories about a month ago, and now the MSM is writing about it I just couldn't resist. It may turn out to be just wishful thinking, but the Cons are determined to destroy the sweet Rachel Notley, it would be the happy ending Harper is no doubt seeking, and sadly now would be the time....

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM

    If they're dumb enough to vote Harper in as premier then they deserve what they get which is nothing.
    It must be hard for Stevie to get on with his days without being able to destroy anyone's reputation. No one to bully or throw under the bus. That would be the only reason he'd come back, to feed his insatiable lust for power and the egomaniacal trip that goes with it.

    1. Hi JD....I'm afraid I don't know enough about Alberta politics to know how people would react to Harper's return. But the province is reeling from so many disasters, it is vulnerable to demagogues. And remember Harper is just the front man for powerful interests who want the NDP out of that province. So in my opinion anything could happen....

  5. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Alberta is a very conservative province and after 4 years of the NDP I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Harper could win the election in a landslide. As far as separating from Canada goes, I think that's a little far-fetched but there are definitely supporters out there...


    1. Hi MK....I don't doubt that Harper could win the next election in a landslide. The NDP victory was a fluke, or caused by a situation that won't be replicated. As for the separation angle, who knows? But social unrest in the province can only get worse before it gets better. It has always been easy for some Albertans to blame others, and Harper is a man who has always loved destroying things more than he likes building them. So I wouldn't rule anything out....

  6. e.a.f.12:22 PM

    Harper may have some popularity in Alberta, but if Notley and Trudeau play it right, the Albertans may not be interested in cons any more.

    After having been the P.M. it is doubtful Harper is interested in playing in the small pond, not even to use it to spring board to the national level again. I only see Harper running once again for the leadership of the national con party, more like a "write in" or "draft" because no one else is going to be able to do the job. its not like the party fired him, he resigned on election night. It could provide him with enough space to return. by now he must be missing the trappings of office. Running Alberta just isn't going to work for him.

    I would suggest its just some right wingers dreaming of some sort of future.

    Even the oil companies may prefer Notley and Trudeau if they get what they want, i.e. a pipeline east or west. The oil companies know who ever is running the province or country can not change the international price of oil.

    1. Hi e.a.f...for Harper aAlberta is not a small pond, it is the sea at the centre of his psyche. There are powerful interests moving around out there who want to see Rachel Notley's head on a pike. And trust me, if Harper did run he would win, and in the present political and economic climate he would be a potential separatist threat. A lot of people in this country sleep walk through life, and are prone to be rudely awaken...

  7. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Manning has been working to start a 3rd* rightwingnut party - perhaps laying the groundwork for Heir Harper to resume his rotted reign.


    1. Hi Brodie made clear a third-party would only make things worse for the Cons, by splitting the vote further. They are looking for a merger, and the best way to do that is probably to create a new party and have the others melt their differences in it. The Feds in Alberta still have the organization and the money, Harper could portray himself as the Great Unifier, and as I keep repeating, the province is probably going to be hit by a wave of social unrest this country hasn't seen since the dirty thirties. And in that kind of atmosphere, with those kind of Cons, anything could happen....

  8. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I know this is totally off-topic but it's saturday morning and I'm bored so I went thru some of your blog posts from years ago. I found out more about you in a couple posts from 2006 than the hundred I've read in the past few months. The one thing I'm the most curious about is what ever happened to Sebastien? Have a nice weekend.


    1. Hi MK ....even I find it hard to believe I've been blogging for so long. But as for Seb he's still with me. I don't know how he puts up with me, but I'm grateful he does...

  9. Like I have not screwed up this world enough, I must do more just because I have a gathering of morons who say I can.

    1. Hi Steve....Ian Brodie is not a moron, he is a smart and ruthless fanatic. The one who had the world "women's rights" erased from the Status of Women documents, and killed the Court challenge program barely a month after him and Steve came to power. Don't underestimate them, or they will cut your throat....

  10. For the newbees to Simon's blog, here are 180 ways Harper has shown himself to be the worst PM ever:


  12. .. FYI Simon ..
    you do not come back from the dead..
    you come back as the dead..
    ok.. there was a dude called Frankenstein ..