Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Liberals and the Quebec Question

It's a debate you'd expect to hear at a party like this one. But it's one being hoisted upon us by the Liberal Party, which only makes it more absurd.

With Jeff Jedras as the Mad Hatter spouting this nonsense.

Now, you could try to argue the NDP is just saying Quebec picks the question but that doesn’t mean the feds can’t reject it. I don’t read it that way, but to make that argument you’d have to overlook the face they don’t say the question is open to judgment so, at best, in that scenario you’re arguing they’re deliberately misleading Quebecers by leaving that part out. But I don’t buy it; they’ll clearly accept Quebec’s question, no reservations. And accepting a confusing or misleading question that could lead to the break-up of Canada is unacceptable.

Which puts the question before the crisis, like a cart before the horse.

Lawrence Martin as the March Hare, asking whether the NDP is more Bloc than the Bloc.

When the Commons reconvenes, who knows what other sleeping dogs the Dipper 59 will awaken? In order to maintain their support in Quebec, what choice do they have but to take up the Bloc’s priorities?

Even though Quebecers just voted overwhelmingly to show their faith in federalism by giving the Bloc the boot.

And Impolitical as the Dormouse, dredging up Claude Morin.

The 82-year-old separatist and RCMP spy, who nobody has taken seriously for almost three decades.

It's crazy kooky stuff, and it would be laughable. Just another example of the once mighty Liberal Party failing to come to terms with its new and reduced status...

But tragically it's no laughing matter, because in their bitterness the Liberals seem determined to take the country to the brink of destruction. Again.

In the 1990's they revived the separatist movement, by torpedoing the Meech Lake Accord, and denying Quebec the right to call itself a distinct society. When it so obviously is. Then they bungled the referendum campaign and almost lost the country.

Then they rubbed salt in the wounds of the province with their heavy handed and vindictive Clarity Act which managed to annoy both separatists and federalists. By treating Quebecers like children, in a province where separatists and federalists often share the same dinner table.

And then when that backfired, they tried to bribe them with the tacky sponsorship program, and we all know how that one worked out.

Now they are trying to deny Jack Layton's historic achievement, and whip up anti-Quebec feeling in a country where there is far too much of that blind hatred. And for what?

When the only people who will benefit from that are the Cons and the separatists. And our country could be the big loser.

Oh boy. I don't want to get into a slagging match with the Liberals, as others are doing. As everybody knows my only interest is uniting the progressive movement. And I'm willing to give the Liberals a little more time to heal.

But if they don't see the errors of their ways, and keep on attacking the NDP instead of the Cons, I will have no choice.

Because the danger is great.

My beautiful Canada includes my beautiful Québec.

And I will not see it so easily DESTROYED...

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Monday, May 30, 2011

What do the Cons and the Saudis Have in Common?

They both hate high gas prices.

For all the wrong reasons.

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal said Sunday that he wants oil prices to drop so that the United States and Europe don't accelerate efforts to wean themselves off his country's supply.

"We don't want the West to go and find alternatives, because, clearly, the higher the price of oil goes, the more they have incentives to go and find alternatives," said Talal, who is listed by Forbes as the 26th richest man in the world.

Golly. At least he's honest.

Which is more than we can say for the Cons.

The federal government has acknowledged that it deliberately excluded data indicating a 20 per cent increase in pollution from Canada's oilsands industry in 2009 from a recent 567-page report on climate change that it was required to submit to the United Nations.

Overall, the report revealed a six per cent drop in annual emissions for the entire economy from 2008 to 2009, but does not directly show the extent of pollution from the oilsands production, which is now greater than the greenhouse gas emissions of all the cars driven on Canadian roads.

Great eh? They're allowing Big Oil to torch the planet, and kill our manufacturing industry.  They have done nothing to prepare us for a greener future. Now they are trying to diddle the facts, deceive the United Nations, and hide the truth from Canadians.

Like this Big Oil executive tried to hide the ghastly truth from the media. 

Because for these Con oil pimps the truth is inconvenient.

And their ideal world is one where EVERYTHING runs on gas...

Electric cars and modern rail service are a threat. The truth must be hidden.

So we the dummies of Canada can keep rolling into the past.


On good old Via Rail...

I mean POOR old Via Rail. Because instead of modernizing it, the Cons are planning to KILL it.

Yup it's true. When we gave those oil pimps a majority we didn't just hurt ourselves.

We hurt the whole PLANET...

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogging and the Planet of the Apes

A few weeks ago I ran this video by Bruno Mars, The Lazy Song.

I can't remember why, except that it had something to do with comparing Stephen Harper's Thousand Year Majority to the Planet of the Apes.

And was yet another hopeless attempt to try to cheer up the progressive blogosphere. And about as effective as telling the survivors of the Titanic... oh well...at least you got to see an iceberg eh?   

But now I've got another problem.

I'm feeling too lazy to blog. And after switching on the TV today hoping to watch a replay of the Monaco Grand Prix, and somehow ending up watching Question Period with Jane Taber, I may never write about Canadian politics again.

Because watching that bubbly little idiot going on about the Clarity Act, and thinking that I might have to listen to that nonsense for five more years, is more than I can bear.

And that was before the thought struck me that FIVE more years was probably way too optimistic.

Because it'll probably take half a century before the left unites, and we can even think of winning again.

And I have to be brutally honest eh?

I've always been lazy, and I'm not sure that in fifty years I'm going to feel like blogging. Or doing ANYTHING.

In fact, I'll probably be even lazier than Leonard...

OMG. You know if I had any weed I'd probably light up too.

Except that now I'd be afraid to do that, in case my neighbour turned me in, and I was sentenced to life in prison. Or worse.

All of which to say that over the next few weeks blogging may be sporadic, and even more erratic than usual.

And if the sun ever comes out, you'll probably find me sitting in this chair a lot. While the water slowly rises... 

(click pic to enlarge)

Staring into the distance.

Pondering what I'm going to write about today tomorrow next week next month. Please let it not be Sarah Palin.

Wondering where my Canada went.

And of course thinking... holy Planet of the Apes @#!!$!

It's going to be a LONG fifty years...

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Benjamin Netanyahu and the Stooge Harper

Well at least now we know who is the architect of Canada's Middle East policy, the Israeli right-wing blowhard Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu.

At the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper thwarted an announcement Friday by the G-8 countries that would have supported U.S. President Barack Obama's statement that talks between the Palestinians and Israel should be based on the 1967 borders with exchanges of territory.

Great eh? Obama launches a new initiative to try to get the peace talks going again. Then Netanyahu comes to the U.S., publicly humiliates Obama, gets 39 standing ovations from the tea bagger Congress, and then calls his little stooge Harper to put the final spoke in the wheel.

The senior government official said Netanyahu told Harper that mentioning the issue of the 1967 borders in the statement, without mentioning the other issues, such as Israel as a Jewish state or opposition to the return of Palestinian refugees to Israel, will be detrimental to Israeli interests and a reward to the Palestinians.

And why is Harper doing this? Not because he gives a damn about the Israeli people. But because his rabid Christianist base believes you can't touch the borders of the Jewish state before the Battle of Gog and Magog...

Or their Messiah won't return to scoop them up.

Even though the hairy desert dweller who wrote that deranged gibberish would be confined to a mental hospital today. And restricted to posting comments to Free Dominion.

Even though as Jeffrey Goldberg points out, the more time passes without an agreement, the more the Jewish state is truly endangered, and could one day be forced to make a truly existential choice.

Either the Jews of Israel would grant the Palestinians the vote, at which point their country would lose its Jewish majority and its identity as a refuge for the Jewish people, or it would deny them the vote, and become an apartheid state. The latter option is untenable, of course: Many Jewish Israelis would be repulsed by this thought; other nations that already consider Israel a pariah would now have just cause; and Israel would lose its last remaining friend, the U.S., because no American -- including and especially young American Jews -- would identify with a country reminiscent of pre-Mandela South Africa.

Oh boy. To think we were once considered an honest broker in the Middle East. Now we're the pariah nation of the developed world.

If you thought the Cons could only destroy Canada you were wrong. Now they're after the planet. Because now they can do anything they want.

And it's all our fault. We released those monsters on an unsuspecting world. 

Yup. Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow hosers, and other idiots.

Please join Stephen Harper, the Con Stooge Orchestra, and the Tea Bagger Banjo Band.

And dance to the beat of our new Israeli overlord....

Once we were a proud people who marched to the sound of their own drum.

Now we dance to the crazed drum beat of warmongers and religious fanatics.

I don't know how those ghastly Cons could embarrass us any further in the eyes of the world.

But knowing them as I do.

I'm sure they'll find a way...

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Desperate Liberals and the Horny Peacock

Oh boy. Sometimes it's not easy to be a Canadian eh?

There I was this afternoon at the old farm, enjoying a quiet moment with the ducks, and thinking: Oh how lucky I am to live in sleepy old Canada.

Even if now it's a dictatorship, and we're at the mercy of a MANIAC. 

When along came the peacock, screeching like only a horny peafowl can during the mating season.

And scared the bejeesus out of EVERYBODY...

Or was it John Ibbitson?

Confession: This is a difficult time, what with everything turned upside down...

It used to be that if someone at a party assumed you knew who the NDP housing critic was, you took it as a sign it was time to leave. But this is now the shadow cabinet, and the party’s position on equalization or the oil sands actually matters, so it behooves the press gallery to treat the social democrats as the government-in-waiting that constitutional convention says they are.

But oh, it’s hard.

Because any more hysterical and corporate media than that, and Ibby would have to spread his fan like a peacock's ass, and ventilate himself like an aristocrat... on the way to the guillotine.

And as if those fowl noises weren't bad enough, now some Liberals are screeching: "Clarity!!!  Clarity!!! The NDP are SEPARATIST STOOGES !!!"

Mummy. Mummy. I'm scared. Is Uncle Jack Layton really Uncle Jack Stalin or Uncle Jack Parizeau?

Gawd. As if that will help the cause of national unity.

As if that will save them....

Damn. Don't the Liberals ever take ANY of my free and friendly advice?

Unite against the common enemy or we'll all go down TOGETHER.

But of course I realize I'm just dreaming eh?

Seeing progressives unite in my life time would be as surprising as seeing Jason Kenney turn into the sugarplump fairy right before my horrified eyes. And offer to...um... marry me. 

Or watching a boring old royal wedding. Vomit.

Turn into a real celebration...

No. No. It could never happen here.

This is boring old Canada where change is a threat. Something young and new is SCARY.

And there are more dummies than you can count.

Pity eh?

Because it is a beautiful country...

(Click pic to enlarge)

Except for all those desperate dummies.

Hey you !!! Stop feeding the swans !!!!

Have a great weekend everybody...

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Liberals and the Clouds of Spring

Look I realize it's been a wet Spring eh? There has been a cloud hanging over all our heads since Stephen Harper won his majority. And that if you're a Liberal that cloud is even bigger than the one that floated over my house the other day.

I know. I'm sorry. I live with one. I understand the pain and the bitterness.

But at this point, while we wait for the healing power of Summer, I'd just like to ask for  two small favours:

(1) Please stop attacking the NDP on the barren battlefield of national unity.

What a short honeymoon!

Having romped home with 59 of Quebec's 75 seats in the House, Jack Layton has fumbled his first attempt to reconcile the soft nationalist / sovereignist / independence leanings of many of his Quebec MPs in the NDP caucus.

Because its just playing the separatist game. Millions of Quebecers just gave federalism another chance by dumping the Bloc and voting for the NDP. That's a historic opportunity for this country. Some things are more important than partisan politics. And if the separatists are wailing like cry babies...

Wait for repeated forays on the NPD's separatist policy from dyed in the wool separatists, the independence chattering classes, and disappointed Bloc supporters.

It's only because they've just been given the biggest slap in the face EVAH. So please don't encourage them eh?

(2) Please read what Robert McClelland, of the happily resurrected blog My Blahg, has to say about the road to reconciliation.

(1) Set aside the petty feuds and bitter rivalries that have built walls between us. We can't expect our politicians to set aside their differences and work together while we continue to harbour grudges against each other.

(2) A progressive vision for Canada has been supplanted by a conservative one in our national discourse leaving voters with but one option to consider. We need to begin retaking the agenda by once again talking about shared progressive goals for our nation.

3) Lend support to your fellow progressive brethren. The urge to score cheap political points must give way to constructive dialogue between us.

Because nobody has said it better, and it is the only way to VICTORY.

You know...when I noticed that My Blahg was back, I told Robert that I was glad to see him writing again, because at this time in our history we need all the intelligent voices in the progressive blogosphere we can get.

To make up for mine eh?

But even I can figure out that united we are stronger than when we are divided.

And that at this sad point in the history of this country, we need to argue about sovereignty like we need a hole in the head.

But should just join together, and do what we can do to save it...

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Jimbo Flaherty and the Killer Budget

Oh no. I see the nasty Con gnome Jimbo Flaherty has morphed into his even more evil cousin. After saying his budget would be the same as the last one, now he says it includes bribing Quebec, and killing the Liberal Party.

"Basically this is the March 22 with a couple of additions from the platform … the HST in Quebec and the phasing out of the political subsidy," said Flaherty, adding that $2.2 billion is the figure discussed for the tax compensation.

Oh.My.Goblin. I told you eh? You can't trust a Con gnome as far as you can toss him.

But then of course we know from whose teeny but tormented mind the order came from.

Great Gnome Leader himself...

Phasing out the subsidy will mostly hurt the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois whose fundraising strategies aren't as successful as the Conservatives' and it will mean the loss of millions of dollars in revenue for the parties.

But here's the thing, something nobody seems to be talking about. It will also hurt the Cons. Not just because they will lose the most money.

But also because to get that money back, they will need to squeeze their rabid base even harder than they do now. And will be under increased pressure to give in to at least some of their demands. If they deliver they will lose the support of other Canadians. If they don't they'll lose that money.

So if Stephen Harper was hoping he can kill the Liberals, hurt the other parties, and make the Cons The Natural Governing Party of Canada, he can forget about that.

He will of course try to make up the money by asking Big Oil to pass the cowboy hat around more than they already do. Hee Haw. But then there's that other unintended consequence. By cutting the party subsidies, and starving the Liberals of corporate dough, he will only increase pressure on them to merge with the NDP.

Which is of course Great Gnome Leader's greatest nightmare.

Yup. As I keep repeating these days eh?

The present is ominous.

But the future looks promising....

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Cons and the Corruption of Canada

Start with a government that practically bought itself a majority with its porky action plan. A government that lies, cheats, and covers up everything.

A government that wants to jail thousands of young Canadians for the "crime" of  smoking marijuana. While giving the fraudsters and the fat cats of Big Business a permanent get out of jail card.

Or a nail job...

Throw in our pathetic corporate media, and reporters too lazy to give important stories the attention they deserve.

Much wonderment has been expressed recently on why stories of abuse of power don’t seem to hurt Stephen Harper’s government. The stories don’t stick, it is said. The reason may well be, to cite Mr. Thomson’s cautionary words, because we in the media don’t stick to them. It’s episodic journalism. We report one story, then move on. We don’t probe deeply. If a Watergate was happening, the public would never know it.

In the last week of the campaign, there was a seeming attempt by a Conservative operative to present Michael Ignatieff as an Iraq war planner. One can imagine what would happen if this kind of thing, straight out of Nixonland, happened in a U.S. campaign. The media would blow the roof off. Here, the story passed in a day or two without further comment.

Add to this mix a smug population that shrugs its shoulders at stories of political abuse. And the millions of Canadians too ignorant or lazy to vote.

And is anybody really surprised that along with our Dirty Oil, and our killer asbestos, we're exporting corruption?

For the seventh year in a row, Transparency International ranked Canada as having "little or no enforcement" of foreign bribery standards set out in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Anti-Bribery Convention, which was signed by Canada and came into effect in 1999.

Great eh? Once we were the decent Boy Scouts and the peacemakers of the world. Now we're the planet burners, the bad guys on human rights, AND the greasy gangsters.

Oh boy. How low have we fallen.

The good news? Many Canadians may not give a damn about democracy. So calling the Cons the Contempt Party is just a waste of time.

But since the Auditor General's report on the G8/G20 is sure to make the Cons look bad. And several of their senior members are facing charges of electoral fraud. 

Calling the Cons the Corruption Party might be a great way to start the next four years.

It seems to me a natural fit eh?

And as you know, I'm READY...

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bradley Manning: The Angry Gay Soldier

On Thursday it will be one year since Bradley Manning was arrested by the U.S. military and accused of leaking classified documents and diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks.

The massive leak revealed war crimes, embarrassed the rich and the powerful, and is credited with sparking the Arab Revolution.

Now the PBS program Frontline takes a close look at Manning by resurrecting his Facebook account, and finds an angry young gay soldier trapped in a homophobic nightmare.

Frontline offers a compelling picture of Manning’s youth and army career – a young gay man who seemed to be endlessly at war with authority. What the Facebook material reveals is a person who hated the baiting and harassment he received for being gay. Because of the U.S. Army’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” rules, he could do little except internalize his anger.

A lonely young man, sensitized to injustice by the bigotry he experienced, and disgusted at the world around him.

A young gay activist tired of being forced to live a lie. And not afraid to stand up for his rights.

Here's an excerpt from the PBS documentary.

I don't think many understand how angry homophobia can make gay people. How they can't escape it no matter how hard they try. How it attacks them and the ones they love.

And how it can motivate them to fight for the rights of others. From the civil right's struggle of black people, to the war on women's rights. With no quarter given.

But I do.

As John Doyle says it's an amazing story.

You couldn’t make it up, and the truth as it is chronicled here is beyond bewildering.

A motherlode of “if” questions ensue for the viewer. But the key one is this: “If” the U.S. Army were better equipped to absorb into its a ranks a young gay man, would the events never have happened? There’s a shock of recognition there, too.

Yup. Bigotry is bewildering, and has consequences.

The truth will set us all free.

And Bradley Manning is a gay hero...

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The Grim Queen and the Two Four Holiday

Well if you live in English Canada today was Victoria Day. The day when you remember the grim old Queen, who came to symbolize both sexual repression and hypocrisy.

The one who gave royal assent to anti-gay laws that sent Oscar Wilde to prison. And still oppress people all over the world from Uganda to Jamaica.

The Queen who never came here.

But if you live in Quebec, today was La Journée Nationale des Patriotes. A day to remember the rebels who fought the British in 1837, to demand more democracy and freedom for the colonized.

So you can imagine which name I prefer.

Or consider more Canadian.

Especially these days...

But then that's Canada eh?

When the Queen visited Ireland recently this is how many cartoonists in Britain portrayed her visit...

But in English Canada, the last bastion of the monarchy, a royal visit drives the media and much of the population into a frenzy of delirious excitation.

And to make matters worse, so many were so carried away by the marriage of Prince Willums and Princess Cakie, that the whole world noticed. South Park set its spoof of the royal wedding in Canada.

And naturally it ended badly...

With the Prince ripping an arm off the Princess, dropping his drawers, and shoving it up his royal ass arse.

Gawd. How low have we fallen. I know the grim old Queen insisted that a woman's leg be called a "limb" lest the word incite dirty thoughts, or further fuel her insatiable drive to secretly shag her Scottish servant. But that's RIDICULOUS.

And besides it reminds me of what we did to ourselves during the last election. Allow the Cons to get a crushing majority with only 39% of the vote.

Oh boy. Why can't we just celebrate who we really are? You know, the not so smart people from the land where democracy is boring. The monarchy is exciting. And only the beaver is a noble animal.

Especially when it's pissed.

A large, agitated beaver attracted a crowd in Fort Smith, N.W.T., this week when it meandered through town and got hissy with a German shepherd.

The beaver was spotted Monday evening wandering around a residential neighbourhood, along a busy street, through a graveyard and golf course, all the while escorted by an N.W.T. Environment and Natural Resources officer.

Because that and the last election could only happen in Canada eh?

Golly. I hope you all enjoyed The May Two-Four and Fireworks Holiday.

Because by next year Stephen Harper will have renamed it Victory Day.

Who are we? What have have we done?

Cue the singing beaver...

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Omar Khadr and the Airport Outrage

As if it wasn't bad enough that two Canadian governments allowed the war criminals at the Pentagon to imprison and torture a Canadian child soldier in a place like Guantanamo.

As if it wasn't disgraceful enough that so few Canadians spoke out against this travesty of justice. 

Now we're trying to stop others from speaking up for him, by preventing them from entering the country. With a travesty of a reason.

A well-travelled British human rights activist and former Guantanamo Bay detainee said he was barred from boarding a direct flight from London to Toronto Friday because of concerns the aircraft could be diverted to the U.S.

Begg said airline agents told him Canada’s High Commission in London informed them the issue was one of security. “They said to me the reason why they would not board me and take me to Canada is because, in the unlikely event they were rerouted to America, there could be a security concern,” Begg told the Star by telephone.

So let me get this straight. Now the United States determines who can or cannot enter Canada? And let's face it, this same argument could be used against any Canadian who is barred from entering the U.S. for say a marijuana conviction. Or anyone on that country's long list of enemies.

Oh boy. How low we have fallen. What a stooge Jason Kenney state we have become.

When will we become a real country?

When will we learn our lesson?

A child soldier is a child soldier.

And this is Canada not Amerika...

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Harold Camping and the Fleecing of the Faithful

Oh boy. What a bummer. I waited all day for The Rapture, clinging to the top of a tree with a butterfly net, hoping to catch Jason Kenney as he floated by. But it never  happened.

Except in Iceland.

And while some were exultant.

After 6pm passed without incident in New Zealand and Australia, Stephen Fry tweeted: “Marvellous news! Rapture doesn't mean end of world; apparently all the planet’s imbeciles disappear in one go.”

Others were disappointed.

Keith Bauer, a 38-year-old tractor-trailer driver from Westminster, Md., took last week off from work, packed his wife, young son and a relative in their SUV and crossed the country.

If it was his last week on Earth, he wanted to see parts of it he'd always heard about but missed, such as the Grand Canyon and the Painted Forest. With maxed-out credit cards and a growing mountain of bills, he said, the rapture would have been a relief.

Or worse.

Tuter said Family Radio's AM station in Sacramento had been "severely vandalized" Friday night or Saturday morning, with air conditioning units yanked out and $25,000 worth of copper stripped from the equipment. He thinks it must have been an angry listener. He was off Saturday but planned to drive past the headquarters "and make sure nothing's burning."

As for me I'm just glad I wasn't home eh?

When they knocked on my door...

And of course, I've never been so proud to be an atheist and a gay wizard.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that Harold Camping is laughing all the way to the bank?

As May 21 drew nearer, donations grew, allowing Family Radio to spend millions of dollars on more than 5,000 billboards plastered with the doomsday message. In 2009, the non for profit reported that it received $18.3 million in donations, and had assets of more than $104 million.

So don't feel sorry for him. Feel sorry for all the desperate people that old homophobe fleeced.

And since it's still the long weekend. And most of my friends are still at the Rupture Party on the beach. Dancing around a bonfire without any clothes on. And threatening to come here next.

I'm just glad I survived eh?

And Harold this one's for YOU...

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Stephen Harper and the Kochtopus

They say hogs of a feather flock together, so try this porky gang out for size. Stephen Harper, the Dirty Oils Sands and the Kochtopus.

If the massive Keystone XL pipeline project gets fast-tracked, as some members of congress want, the far-right billionaires David and Charles Koch will be “the big winners...”

The Koch’s have used their fortunes behind the scenes to bankroll a slew of far-right causes — which earned their network the epithet, “Kochtopus.”

They’ve funded the Tea Party, helped Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker end collective bargaining... poured millions into the battle to create doubt about the science behind climate change, and the fight against the man they see as Public Enemy #1: Barack Obama.

Now go and read Alison at Creekside.

The environmental disaster that is the tarsands, the health hazards to First Nations downstream from them, the undermining of Canadian sovereignty, the danger to the Ogallala Aquifer pictured at the top, the tea party nonsense, the attacks on Obama and on a cap and trade market for carbon emissions, the gutting of the EPA, the buying of committees, the funding of rightwing thinktanks and climate change deniers ...

- all this so Koch Industries can make a buck off apes playing with firesticks.

Now sing along with them...

Isn't it nice to know that some people are fighting back?

One day most Canadians will understand what's happening to our country. What shadowy forces are shaping its future. Who gives Great Oil Pimp Leader his marching orders. And the real nature of the right-wing beast.

But judging from the results of the last election, by the time they do wake up. The tentacles of the Kochtopus will be strangling the sovereignty out of this country. 

And it'll probably be too late...

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Friday, May 20, 2011

How I'm Preparing for the End of the World

Well as you probably know by now the world is going to end tomorrow. So I have issued my final orders for tomorrow's Rapture Rupture Beach Party.

Bring your own protective head gear and wooden spears in case Jason Kenney falls out of the sky. Read Lord of the Flies because it might come in handy. And above all bring your own booze because I'm not sharing.

Oh yeah...and one more thing.

Whatever you do, do NOT travel to the United States this weekend.

Because something really scary is happening down there...

And there are going to be a lot of disappointed people on Sunday eh? Who will probably feel like shooting first..... and praying later. 

You know, the scariest thing is how many Americans believe the world is going to end tomorrow. And how normal they look.

But then throughout history people have always confused the end of an empire with their own impending demise. And in the U.S., where so many are suffering, angry, and fearful, can you really blame some of them for thinking that even death is better than that ?

Which of course is how I sometimes feel about Stephen Harper and his TheoCon government. And why I would LOVE to see them rising like bottle rockets tomorrow. With Jason Kenney screaming : "You see forty years of chastity IS a virtue !!!" Stephen Harper shouting " Wait. Wait. What about mah mah mah magnificent majority #!&?!!"

And Bev Oda wailing "Where's my LIMO ??????"

But then wouldn't we ALL like to see that?

And think of it on the bright side eh?

By Tuesday Harold Camping should be in a mental hospital, being treated for terminal disappointment and homophobia.

Most of his followers will be atheists. And we won't have to listen to any more of this end of the world madness. At least until 2012.

You know, the year the Mayans predicted we'll be DESTROYED.

OMG. Hey Sébastien...otra cerveza por favor.

Enjoy your Apocamix.

Have a great weekend everybody...

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Tony Clement and the Chainsaw Massacre

Only Stephen Harper's tormented mind could have conjured up such a ghastly apparition. The sight of the bumbling idiot Tony Clement coming after us with a humming chainsaw.

Mr. Clement says there will be no backing down...“Yeah, there are going to be reductions,” he said. “I don’t want to sugarcoat that.

The same Tony Clement who spent the last two years acting as the Sugar Daddy of the Muskokas.

The 32 projects that received funding, many of which appear to have no connection to the needs of the G8 summit, were chosen by Industry Minister Tony Clement, the mayor of Huntsville, and the general manager of Deerhurst Resort.

And Great Builder of Gazebos, in the middle of nowhere his riding...

But then that's Stephen Harper eh? How better could he show his complete contempt for democracy?

And that's the Con plan. Right out of the Republican manual. First you waste billions on gazebos, prisons and fancy jet planes. Then you cut the GST and corporate taxes and starve the government of money.

Then when the deficit balloons, you say we can't afford government, and chainsaw it to the bloody bone. Which is what the Cons wanted to do in the first place. So they can turn this country into a jungle, and turn us all into slaves of Big Business.

And the scary thing is that Tony Clement is just the man to wield that chainsaw. Because behind that nerdy tweety exterior is a callous ideological fanatic...

The man who led the charge to close down the Insite clinic in Vancouver. Even though it saves lives. The man who killed the census with an argument only a fanatic, or an idiot, or a liar could make.

A heartless, shameless Con who will do ANYTHING to please his deranged leader.

In Britain the Cons are going after the disabled. In the United States they are going after seniors and medicare. In this country they will go after everyone and EVERYTHING.

Oh boy. Prepare to take to the streets to defend the Canada you believe in.

The Cons and Big Business are preparing a chainsaw massacre.

And the nightmare is just beginning...

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