Sunday, May 01, 2011

What is Stephen Harper Trying to Hide?

Yesterday, he wouldn't answer questions about whether he's planning a constitutional coup. And he allowed a Con mob to drown out questions from a CBC reporter.

Now, on the last day of the campaign, he will take no more questions.

In the closing days of the campaign, Harper is focusing his message and has decided not to get thrown off track. Throughout the race, he has imposed tight limits on media access by only allowing five questions at a daily news conference.

Now, he has gone further, deciding not to hold a news conference on Sunday — the last day of the campaign — as he hits the hustings in Prince Edward Island, Ontario and British Columbia.

While he continues his demented attack on Jack Layton, trying to portray him as an economic terrorist.

In recent days, he has said the economy would be ruined, Canadians would lose jobs, consumer prices would increase, taxes would rise and foreign investment dry up.

Or smearing him with his Con filth.

But why is Great Ugly Leader refusing to answer any questions? What is he trying to hide?

Is it just because he wants his last day to be pure propaganda? Is it because he has decided to launch his coup, and doesn't want to give anything away?

Or is it because his sleazy thugs are planning to smear Layton again? And he doesn't want to be seen anywhere near the scene of the crime?

Because with this deranged degenerate you never know eh? He's capable of ANYTHING.

You know when I see what Harper and the corporate media are trying to do to Layton, it reminds me of what Big Business did to Chile's Allende. Before their stooges killed him.

And it also reminds me of the old TV series A Very British Coup. And one scene in particular, when the one of the coup leaders, the head of MI5, visits the progressive, working class Prime Minister.

And delivers an ultimatum...

Because let's be very clear, the same dark forces are at work here. The ones who will do anything to make sure Jack Layton NEVER becomes Prime Minister.

Stephen Harper is the most sinister and evil leader in Canadian history. He destroyed Michael Ignatieff, now he's going after Jack.

And unless the decent people of this country defeat him tomorrow, he will stick a knife into the heart of our democracy.

And rip this country apart...

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ThinkingManNeil said...

Simon, the Layton smear may not be a Con job but that of a homophobic, misogynistic, fundie Lib in Con drag:


Simon said...

hi Neil...yes I read that story and Mamma Titty, as I call him, is capable of anything. But on this occasion I thought it more uselful to blame Stephen Harper, so more people would say look at that nasty mean man and what he's saying about poor Jack. My defence will be the usual. In matters of love and war all things are permissible... ;)