Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Shape of Things to Come

It's a depressing sight. The tyrant on the hill in the throbbing throes of his majority rapture. Canada burning below him. And out of the smoke slowly emerging, the shape of things to come.

A prison state, no more freedom, no more information. And a Supreme Court in his pocket.

His miserable minions in the corporate media are already going after medicare.

Or calling pensions a luxury.

His religious rattlers are already preparing a bill to restrict abortions.

And his Blogging Whories are running around like horny hyenas calling for the CBC to be defunded. 

And the sooner the better...

It is a depressing sight. But as I watched the rain come down today, I  realized that it is also a great opportunity.

An opportunity to show how much we love this country.

For too long we have taken its institutions and its precious values for granted. We have sat on our apathetic asses, or quarrelled with others who share those values, instead of uniting to fight the common enemy.

Now we have no choice. If we want to save our country we must take our fight to the streets. We must march, we must protest, we must light bonfires from coast to coast to coast. We must use every creative way we can think of to send the tyrant a message.

We are the REAL majority. This is OUR country. And we want it BACK.

I can't think of a more exciting and fun challenge. Or a better cure for despair. Young and old, NDP, Liberal, Green or whatever joining together in common cause. And by so doing laying the foundations of a united progressive movement or party that will destroy the Cons one day.

Golly. I'm going to have to buy a new drum eh?

Here's a thought for a rainy weekend. The present may be dark and ominous.

But the future belong to us...

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prin said...

My optimistic side says these are good things. If he stays center, his far right will split off and form a new party. *crosses fingers*

Simon said...

hi prin...what... you still have an optimistic side after The Great Catastrophe? Have you been drinking heavily too? ;)
Seriously though... it is important to hang onto optimism with both hands. For moi it's easy. I see the glow of a better world on the horizon, and the only question I have is how long is it going to take us to get there.
As a result like you I'm always hoping for a split on the right. I wonder whether the far-right could get motivated enough to challenge Harper. Or are they just as lazy as many other Canadians?
Anyways...I'm trying to help things along eh? So I want you to know that I'm a proud supporter of the Wild Rose Cowboy Party.
Hee Haw. Today Alberta, tomorrow OTTAWA... ;)