Thursday, May 05, 2011

Stephen Harper and the One-Time Majority

I tried to imagine what Stephen Harper might be up to today, drunk on the champagne he apparently guzzles out of the bottle, and the fumes of his Thousand Year Majority. But only two images came to mind. The one above.

And the ghastly picture of Great Majority Leader lying face down on his desk getting his fleshy buttocks massaged by Jason Kenney. And screaming like a maniac. Or a Gollum.

My majority, my pressssshious MAJORITY !!!!!!! God !!! God!!! God !!! Hey Kenney do the other one. Hisssssss. I finally have them where I want them !!!!!

When in fact, despite the darkness of the hour, WE have him where WE want him.

The majority government won by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday could be his one and only, according to a focus group of Canadian voters.

Despite giving Harper a clear majority mandate, the voters in the focus groups don't want him to make bold or radical policy changes in areas outside the economy.

"At this point, Canadians are still not ready to grant the Conservatives permission to move too far out of the mainstream across some areas of the issues spectrum. While Canadians confidently give Harper a 'green light' on the economy, they do not expect, nor do they want to see, any movement on social issues," the report said.

Which means that Harper will be in handcuffs rather the rest of us eh? He may wish to indulge his bestial urges, but he would risk igniting a popular revolt, and almost certainly lose the next election.

But since his decision to cut party subsidies will make the Cons even MORE dependent on the dollars of their rabid redneck Christianist base, he will be forced to offer them a bleeding bone or two. If he doesn't they will turn on him, if he does it will be his downfall.

And since I believe we can count on Great Werewolf Leader to lose control of himself, especially when there's a full moon. Or God talks to him...

How can we LOSE?

But of course we can only WIN if we unite the progressive forces. Because as these numbers clearly show, we really don't have a choice.

When the NDP and the Liberals are fighting each other strategic voting won't work. A merger is the only way forward. A shiny new party to confront the weakened Cons in the next election. And make Stephen Harper's majority his worst nightmare.

Hmmmm....not bad for one day eh?

Talk about a new majority.

The present may be ominous.

But the future looks promising pretty...

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Winnipeg Dad said...

I'm glad you are so upbeat, Simon. Tuesday was a very painful day for me. The next four years (or five, if Harpo ignores his fixed date election law again) will be tough, but if we are united we can defeat him. "A luta continua."

Simon said...

hi Winnipeg Dad... I realize a lot of progressives are feeling sad or angry and everything in between.
And I don't blame them because it is a shocking thing. But that's why I'm here... to try to cheer them up eh? :)
Because I'd hate to give the Cons any more satisfaction. And defeated doesn't mean beaten. Besides, there's no use slagging each other. It won't change a thing.
And as I tried to point out in this post, if you look ahead there is a silver lining. If we can organize in new ways, and I know we can. If we can learn from our mistakes, transform ourselves, and use this dark period to build something new and inspiring, we can CRUSH the Cons in the next election.
However, there's no rush, and at this point if I can help cheer up our sad side, I'll be more than satisfied. And believe me, to achieve that, I'm prepared to go to desperate lengths. I'm warning everyone. ;)
A luta continua. And we WILL win...

Anonymous said...

harper could easily win another majority, unless we build a real opposition at the polls and in the streets.

see this breakdown: