Sunday, May 01, 2011

Is Stephen Harper Planning a Coup?

It was another chilling moment, another totalitarian tic, from the troubled mind of an increasingly desperate political thug. Who would be our dictator.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is refusing to say if he would honour any decision by Governor General David Johnston to invite NDP Leader Jack Layton to form a government if the Tories fail to win a majority on Monday.

A Canadian political leader who won't say whether he will follow the rules of our parliamentary democracy. A howling Con mob shouting down reporters.

When CBC Television reporter Terry Milewski asked Harper why he was “ducking the question,” the invite-only group of Tory supporters tried to shout him down.

“Shut down the CBC!” yelled one man, provoking cheers from the crowd.

Great eh? Once he pretended he was Stalin. Then he started acting like King Stephen or Big Daddy. Now he's out of control. And our democracy is in real danger.

I knew that if he failed to get his precious majority, he would try to use the threat of a "Separatist Coalition" to whip up the rabble and intimidate the Governor General into giving him what he wanted. Like he did with Michaelle Jean.

Bent her to his will.

Just like that foul bully will try to do to ANYONE who dares stand in the way of his savage lust for power. And his desire to mutilate Canada beyond recognition.  

And since it has happened before, and Andrew Coyne and I agree on something, you know we've got a serious problem.

What he may have in mind is this: that after losing a vote of non-confidence, he would advise the Governor General to dissolve the House and call new elections, rather than call upon someone else to form a government. He would then dare the Governor General to overrule his first minister’s advice, something that Governors General are quite properly extremely reluctant to do.

He would, in short, be doing another King-Byng, provoking a constitutional crisis rather than yield power, hoping to intimidate the Governor General and/or rally public opinion to his side.

Because if that is what he is planning, nothing less than a coup in Canada, there can be no other reasonable conclusion: Any Prime Minister who would provoke a constitutional crisis to save his own skin is unfit to be Prime Minister.

And this hideous Harper must be removed from office just like the first one was.

I mean somebody has to say it eh? It does run in the family, it is madness. And this country won't be safe until that dangerous authoritarian is gone.

With less that 48 hours to go before the most critical election in Canadian history, the choice couldn't be clearer:

Defeat that power hungry maniac and his Con junta.

Or be prepared to live in a very scary place.

With a boot in your face.

I told you. I told you.

The man is a monster...

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Anonymous said...

Let him, sit back and let him. We need a constitutional crisis, one of his creation.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I don't think anyone should want to re-open that Pandora's box, because the last time I had a glimpse of what was inside, it was scary enough.
Besides...please...first a life or death election, then the ghastly Royal Wedding, now a constitutional crisis during the very short BBQ season? I don't think I could bear it... ;)