Friday, May 13, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Arctic Farce

Well so much for Operation True North. So much for Stephen Harper's plans to protect the Arctic from those dastardly Russian bombers.

Two weeks prior to Soudas showboating about "staring down Russian bombers", Russia and NORAD were wrapping up a 3-day joint exercise that had been three years in the planning.

"A new Wikileaks cable suggests the U.S. government views Stephen Harper's talk about Canadian Arctic sovereignty as little more than empty chest-thumping designed to win votes.

Thumpa. Thumpa. So much for those fancy jets.

So much for the Blubber Bubba Tour...

Too bad our media and other dumb Canadians always find out things too late eh?

Oh well. I for one welcome our new Russian overlords.

Because if we had won the hoser rabble would have started chanting "Harperland is number ONE !!! Or Canada RULES !!! 

And I don't think I could bear it.

But speaking of bears... at least now we know why the Russians don't take us seriously...

Hey lady. Stay off the vodka eh?

We need it more than you.

Once the world thought we were crazy for believing ANYTHING Stephen Harper said.

Now they're just laughing...

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Anonymous said...

Oh I like her; by her third attempt
I was giggling as much as she was. The visualization of the situation was very very funny. That will be the profound question of the day "Why the pig ?"

Simon said...

hi granny...I liked her too. And by the third attempt I was laughing so hard I practically fell out of my chair. The only reason I ran it was because I was hoping laughter would be contagious. I mean we could all use some right now. But none of my friends found it funny, so I'm afraid it's just you and me. And I agree with you "Why the pig?" was the best line. Although to be honest I found myself wondering why the raccoon? :)