Friday, May 06, 2011

The Evan, Tom, and Osama Show

It's a priceless moment. The moment Evan Solomon thinks he's got a scoop that will make headlines all over the world. Extra!!! Extra!!! Thomas Mulcair doesn't think the U.S. has a picture of Osama bin Laden with a hole in his head !!!!

And a sad moment for journalism. Because anyone who watched the whole interview, as I did, knows that Mulcair was just saying this.

Mulcair said the context of the conversation had been lost, and that he was referring to whether a photo of bin Laden reaching for his gun exists or not.

Asking the very legitimate question whether bin Laden was shot in the heat of the moment, or executed. Because despite the howl of the bloodthirsty mob, there is an important difference.

And the way Solomon and the CBC twisted and hyped this non-story was PATHETIC.

Mulcair was only giving voice to doubts that have been raised in every newsroom in the country, and around many kitchen tables, after conflicting reports from Washington on what happened during the now famous raid on bin Laden's compound.

The whole absurd episode looked like yet another attempt by the mass media to discredit the NDP. A smear job as cheap as this one.  

I  mean look.... if Solomon wants to go full tabloid, or full American, or full idiot on the bin Laden story, maybe he should just concentrate on telling the story about the first Seal to enter the compound.

The dog with the titanium teeth.

It’s just devastating what these teeth do when they get into someone,” former US military dog trainer Alex Dunbar told The Daily. “It’s like being stabbed four times at once with a bone crusher.”

Because at least that's interesting scary eh? And at least we'd know what kind of show we're watching.

Oh boy. Bang the gong slowly.

And give this anchor the Evan Solomon Award...

Because she doesn't know what she's doing either.

Once Politics was a serious show.

Now it's just a JOKE...

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Beijing York said...

Sad that we need to rely on satire for political analysis:

Simon said...

Hi Beijing...OMG that's a good one. Every time I think things can't get any crazier in the U.S. they do...