Friday, May 13, 2011

The Homophobic Zombies of Canada

Well I see another old Con has staggered out of the grave yard claiming that  people choose to be gay.

The future leader of B.C.'s Conservative Party says sexual orientation is a choice and needs no protection under the B.C. Human Rights Act.

Even though Vancouver is the gay bashing capital of Canada.

In Burnaby Christianist zombies have been trying to stop schools from protecting LGBT children.

And as a new survey shows anti-gay bullying is a national scandal.

70% of all participating students, LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ, reported hearing expressions such as “that's so gay” every day in school and almost half (48%) reported hearing remarks such as “faggot,” “lezbo,” and “dyke” every day in school.

Almost two thirds (64%) of LGBTQ students and 61% of students with LGBTQ parents reported that they feel unsafe at school.

But then Cummins isn't the only one who believes that gay people choose to be who they are.

Izzett gave her his detective sergeant badge, something he said “was really important to him,” his favourite T-shirt, and a letter he copied onto her USB drive called “The Great Nature Nurture Debate.”

She explained it was “a cut and paste” of articles from the Internet about whether people are born gay or is it based on their environment, as well as some deeply personal comments addressed to her.

Isn't that disgusting?

And guess who also believes that murderous nonsense?

"Regarding sexual orientation...what  we are really talking about is sexual behaviour."

Stephen Harper
House of Commons 2003

Yup. The Dark Lord of Canada.

But in all his years in power nobody in our pathetic MSM has seen fit to ask him to explain himself. And now it's too late.

Now that he has a majority the crazy Christianists are coming out of the woodwork grave yard.

Oh boy. Canada what happened to you? Beautiful British Columbia where did you go?

We're going to have to fight those zombies harder than ever.

Because bigots are bastards. Being gay is not a choice.

And bullies must be beaten...

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Anonymous said...

When these astonishingly stupid comments are made by christofacists I have yet to hear anyone in the media ask the obvious question: Why would a person choose to be gay and subject themselves to the abuse and nonsense spewed by the likes of you"?

More to come I'm sure now these bastards have free reign over our country. I'm still stunned at the stupidity of voters to allow this to happen.


Simon said...

hi BC Waterboy...nice to hear from you again :)
And yes, it is an obvious question isn't it? But you know I've been quoting that Harper statement for years, and nobody seems to realize that he is saying exactly the same thing Cummins said. And he said it while fighting attempts to make attacking gay people a hate crime.
But if you read our sodden media you'd never know it. Oh well. I guess two things are for sure eh? The Cons are bastards and there are a lot of stupid people in Canada...