Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jimbo Flaherty and the Killer Budget

Oh no. I see the nasty Con gnome Jimbo Flaherty has morphed into his even more evil cousin. After saying his budget would be the same as the last one, now he says it includes bribing Quebec, and killing the Liberal Party.

"Basically this is the March 22 with a couple of additions from the platform … the HST in Quebec and the phasing out of the political subsidy," said Flaherty, adding that $2.2 billion is the figure discussed for the tax compensation.

Oh.My.Goblin. I told you eh? You can't trust a Con gnome as far as you can toss him.

But then of course we know from whose teeny but tormented mind the order came from.

Great Gnome Leader himself...

Phasing out the subsidy will mostly hurt the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois whose fundraising strategies aren't as successful as the Conservatives' and it will mean the loss of millions of dollars in revenue for the parties.

But here's the thing, something nobody seems to be talking about. It will also hurt the Cons. Not just because they will lose the most money.

But also because to get that money back, they will need to squeeze their rabid base even harder than they do now. And will be under increased pressure to give in to at least some of their demands. If they deliver they will lose the support of other Canadians. If they don't they'll lose that money.

So if Stephen Harper was hoping he can kill the Liberals, hurt the other parties, and make the Cons The Natural Governing Party of Canada, he can forget about that.

He will of course try to make up the money by asking Big Oil to pass the cowboy hat around more than they already do. Hee Haw. But then there's that other unintended consequence. By cutting the party subsidies, and starving the Liberals of corporate dough, he will only increase pressure on them to merge with the NDP.

Which is of course Great Gnome Leader's greatest nightmare.

Yup. As I keep repeating these days eh?

The present is ominous.

But the future looks promising....

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