Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bullied Gay Kids and the Bigot Principal

As if bullies didn't make life hard enough for gay kids.

How about a bigot principal?

In September of 2007, the principal at Hollis F. Price Middle College High told teachers she wanted the names of all student couples, “hetero and homo,” because she wanted to monitor them personally to prevent students from engaging in public displays of affection.

The two students now represented by the ACLU, Andrew and Nicholas (who have asked that their last names not be revealed), were two A students who had been seeing each other for a short time and were attempting to keep their relationship quiet and private.

Although the boys had never been observed by any school staff engaging in any sort of display of affection, the principal called Nicholas’s mother Nichole.

According to Nichole, the principal said things like “Did you know your son is gay?” repeatedly and went on to say that she didn’t like gay people and wouldn’t tolerate homosexuality at her school.

Both students say they’ve had to deal with verbal harassment from both teachers and students since word got out around the school about their principal’s actions.

“We never bothered anyone or did a single thing at school that broke any of the rules,” said Nicholas, a junior and honor student. “Every day I feel like they’re still punishing me, and I’m worried that this is going to hurt my chances to get into a good college.”

All I can say is I hope that bigot principal gets busted down to janitor. And isn't allowed within fifty feet of any child.

Because if there was any justice she would be locked up in a jail cell.... or an insane asylum.

The good news is that Andrew and Nicholas will probably discover...... like I did.... that adversity and oppression only makes their love stronger. And even MORE beautiful.

As well of course as being taught one more reason why we're better than them.

Which reminds me.... a local gay boy just scored a big award.

And he's got a message for those young gay lovers.

Take it away Rufus....

Yup. The one you love is the one you love.

Good luck Andrew and Nicholas.

Welcome to the big gay family...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama and the Curse of Crazy Religion

Its economy is going south. Gas prices are soaring....and so are food prices. People are losing their homes in record numbers. The country is losing two wars. So I find it almost hard to believe that everyone is still wanking about Obama's pastor.

And still managing to miss the most important point.

That none of this would have happened if Americans weren't cursed by crazy religion.

I don't know what's going to happen to Obama now, but for me, Wright's problem is not that he remembers and reminds us of the black American experience, it is that he brings God into the political marketplace.

Right here is the trouble with churches -- they don't like to be criticized, and they don't think they should be criticized. If you criticize them, they tell you you are being disrespectful and sacreligious. It is not that the Pastor disagrees with you, it is that God disagrees with you and therefore you must be punished.

If Americans thought that the president just had to be an intelligent and knowledgeable person, a competent policy wonk and an inspiring public speaker, Obama would be home free. But as an atheist, or an agnostic, or even someone who kept his beliefs to himself, Obama would have never had a chance.

I'm sure Clinton's and McCain's pastors are going to come under similar scrutiny (Ha!). They should, because maybe if they did, the American people (and the press) would wake up from this madness of making politics about religion.

Madness indeed.

When will Americans finally realize that Amerika isn't God's Country?

When will they understand that their blind spot for crazy religion is dividing and killing them?

Or do they really think their ju ju gods will save them?

Religion....insanity....decline. Is it already too late?

If they can't save themselves.

Who the fuck will ?

Monday, April 28, 2008

What do you do if you see two gay men kissing?

How about call 911?

Operator: "Birmingham Police operator 9283"

Caller: "We have a couple of men sitting out on the bench that have been kissing and drooling all over each other for the past hour or so. It's not against the law, right?"

Operator: "Not to the best of my knowledge it's not."

Caller: "So there's no complaint I could make or have?"

Operator: "I imagine you could complain if you like ma'am. We can always send an officer down there."

And so they did. I wish I was shocked. I wish I was surprised. But I'm not. Of all the naked ugly prejudice straight people hurl at us, few things are worse than their reaction to a gay kiss.

The sight of two men kissing seems to drive them...including many who should know better... into foaming convulsions of fear and loathing.

If you've ever been at a movie....and two guys kiss on the know what I mean.The whole place erupts with dismissive laughter, phews, or other expressions of hate and disgust.

I wonder if they ever wonder what gay people sitting there in the dark feel about that. Or whether it ruins the movie for them. Or what kind of evil message it sends out.

I don't know from what part of their vestigial reptilian brains this life denying irrational prejudice springs from.

But I do know where the original hatred comes from.Straight out of the primeval slime of crazy religion.

And twisted homophobes like the ones who are launching a boycott to protest against a soap opera kiss.

A kiss as sweet and as innocent as this one...

Anyone who finds that offensive (apart from the script or the acting) or gets a nervous tic, or feels dizzy or nauseous, or full of uncontrollable rage, or develops a sudden fever to murder all gay people, should consult their vets immediately and be tested for rabies.

And fleas.

But it does give me an idea.

You know because of my dour Scottish background I'm not the kind of guy who likes to suck face in public. And neither does Sébastien.

But now that I know how much a humble gay kiss bothers the crazy bigots. And exposes them as the inhuman monsters they are.

Imagine me as a hummingbird divebombing a flower....zzzzzzzzzZOOM...*SPLAT * ... SMOOCH!!

Mmmmm.... sometimes fighting the homophobes is hard.

And sometimes it's easy....


P.S. Here's the video version of the 911 kiss...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Day of Silence and the Day of Noise

Another Day of Silence is over. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Just not as silent.

At one Seattle school the bovine homophobe Ken Hutcheson and his "Prayer Warriors" turned the event into a noisy confrontation.

In other schools the silence was broken by heated discussions in classrooms and corridors. And some parents kept their kids at home.

But there were also all kinds of small but magnificent gestures of solidarity.

Jacob said he was the target of glares and some homosexual slurs in return.

"I just kept my head high and kept walking," he said. "I support my friends the way they are. I wish more people saw that."

Which made it all worthwhile.

Straight and gay kids standing up for themselves and others.

Or just breaking the silence that can kill.

By speaking out like this incredibly together kid did...

Awsome. And I LOVE that idea for a Day of Noise.

You know I have to admit it wasn't easy trying to keep my big mouth shut the other day.

But making noise EVERY day of the year....except on the Day of Silence.

For those whose voices are smothered or not heard.

That should be easy...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fighting Bullies with a Day of Silence

Today thousands of schools in the United States will observe a Day of Silence.

Students will make a statement against bullying and homophobia.

And they will honour the memory of Lawrence King, the brave little kid who was murdered for being gay.

Some Christian groups are staging protests.

Which only goes to show what an inhuman social evil religion has become.

But it doesn't matter....because the Day of Silence just keeps getting bigger every year. And Canadian schools are now joining in.

There are many ways to deal with bullying. Reporting the abuse, getting the police involved if necessary, demanding that school boards do more to fight the hate that kills. Or learning how to defend yourself like I did.

But I think that the Day of Silence is the coolest way of all.

Gay and straight kids together standing up for themselves and others. With a simple message of tolerance:

Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I am participating in the Day of Silence (DOS), a national youth movement bringing attention to the silence faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies. My deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment. This year’s DOS is held in memory of Lawrence King, a 15 year-old student who was killed in school because of his sexual orientation and gender expression. I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward building awareness and making a commitment to address these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hearing today."

Like these voices ....

There is an old saying in the gay community; silence equals death.

But today I'm not going to say anything ..... if I can help it.... or even blog.

Because today silence equals life, love, and solidarity.... and working to make the world a better place for EVERYONE.

It's too late for Lawrence King and so many other bullied gay children, whose voices won't ever be heard again.

But won't that silence be beautiful ....and powerful ?

Isn't hate disgusting?

Isn't hope EVERYTHING ?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Religion Takes a Beating in Britain

I'm delighted to see that a lot of people in Britain now think religion is a social evil.

A poll by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation uncovered a widespread belief that faith - not just in its extreme form - was intolerant, irrational and used to justify persecution.

Many participants said religion divided society, fuelled intolerance and spawned “irrational” educational and other policies.

And I really LOVED this quote:

“Faith in supernatural phenomena inspires hatred and prejudice throughout the world, and is commonly used as justification for persecution of women, gays and people who do not have faith.”

Isn't it sweet to see all that hate coming back to BITE them?

Gay people have suffered enormously because of the hatemongering voodoo garbage of organized religion.

They attack our lives....deny our humanity....scorn our love. They still call for us to be put to death and our blood smeared upon our faces.

You'd think these so-called Christians would know that out of suffering comes strength. And that love always beats hate. But no.

So we're still here....getting stronger by the day.

While they're destroying themselves. Biting off their ratty tails. Feasting on each other.

And we get to claim the CREDIT.

Woohoo!!! I don't know if this is just another case of poetic justice.

Or another reward for being gay.

But it sure is a HEAVENLY sight ....


P.S. Just to show that I'm not bitter or biased I'd like to draw the attention of the faithful to my blog boutique .....and its extensive collection of religious t-shirts.

Along with the Frisk Me I'm Muslim t-shirt....

I just LUV this one...

Call me a snob. But THAT's inspiring.

And yet so tragically gay.

Praise the Lard.

And pass the Ketchup....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary and Obama at the WWE

I see the Democrats are starting to press the panic button.

A few months ago, the only people who talked about the possibility of a contested Democratic nomination fight extending all the way to the party's convention in August were hopeful pundits, desperate Republicans, and Chicken Little Democrats.

After six weeks of an increasingly negative contest, Clinton's solid, 10-point victory almost guarantees that the Democratic race will continue into June. The once-gleeful pundits now find themselves turning their rental cars toward Indiana while Republicans marvel at their luck and Democrats try to game out a resolution that doesn't involve a convention-floor battle in Denver.

When they probably should be ringing a gong.

Because now it's a wrestling match...

I gotta hand it to Hillary. She's quite a fighter.

Can Obama stand the heat.... in the ring? It really makes you wonder.

On the other the longer version of that wrestling match both end up lying on the canvas. While Bill Clinton runs for cover.

If the moronic mob can figure that one out.

Why can't the Democrats?


P.S. Does it really matter who becomes President? In a country so debased.

The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners.....The United States comes in first, too, on a more meaningful list from the prison studies center, the one ranked in order of the incarceration rates. It has 751 people in prison or jail for every 100,000 in population. (If you count only adults, one in 100 Americans is locked up.)

Can ANYONE save it ?

Which reminds me.... General " In the Surge We Trust" Petraeus has a new job.

I wonder if the Chimp will be able to ride that pale horse?

All the way to Iran...

Steve Bell

Amerika. The more I check it out.

The SCARIER it seems...

From Brokeback Mountain to Gay Woodstock

As I've mentioned before, I've never forgiven my parents for not having me I could have been a gay hippy...and gone to Woodstock.

I love the movie... the music ....the feeling of freedom... the drugs .... the mud... the sex... the hope that a generation could change the world.

So I'm really glad to see that the man who made Brokeback Mountain is making a movie about it.

With a gay angle.

I'm happy that a little more of our lost gay history being reclaimed. But what a challenge. I'd sure hate to be the person who had to decide what songs to include on the sound track. There were so many great ones.

From Joe Cocker's With a Little Help from my Jim Hendrix's haunting Star Spangled Banner playing to an almost empty field.

And who can forget the incredible performance by Richie Havens who once lived in the McGill Student Ghetto.

He opened the show. He was asked to stretch and stretch until he ran out of songs.

So he improvised this one...

When I was a gay kid with a bully problem I thought it was one of the best freedom songs ever WRITTEN. But Ritchie says it was just a feeling.

"I started singing 'freedom' because I said to myself, 'This is the freedom my generation has been looking for - and this is it. This is the beginning of the world. "

No wonder I love Woodstock.

Forty years later it's all so different. Nobody sings about freedom anymore. Except the Pentagon. And they're just a lousy marching band.

Oh boy. If Ang Lee thought making a great movie about two gay cowboys was a challenge.

This one is going to be harder....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RaidGate and the Con Jungle

One of the worst things about our fragmented world is that sometimes people get lost in the details and can't see the Big Picture.....or the forest for the trees.

Which is bad enough. But what is worse is seeing the Cons...but not the JUNGLE they would create.

Take this story for example.

I thought Jason Cherniak did a pretty good job of summing it up in 30 seconds.

But to understand the bigger picture you have to read David Akin.

And this money quote from Tom Flanagan:

"People expect conservatives to be tough. They believe in the values of self-help, individual responsibility, criminal justice, economic realism, and national interest. They look ridiculous, if they go around snivelling and complaining about fairness every time an opponent takes a shot at them. Political campaigning is a civilized form of civil war. The point is to win the war, not to complain that people are fighting. Leave the whining to the utopians who fantasize about conflict-free societies."

You also need to remember that Tom Flanagan and Stephen Harper are members of the sinister Calgary School.

And that if they ever get a chance they'll shrink the government that protects us from these Con predators.

Until it's so small they can drown it in a bathtub.

People.... know in their guts that Conservatives were protecting themselves when they sacked the nuclear watchdog for barking at safety violations or when they black out reports on Afghan prisoner abuse. Not so easily grasped beyond the capital is that the ruling party is at war with government itself.

That will please core Tories most comfortable when government is too small and discredited to be effective. But if that's leadership then this question demands an answer: Is the country being taken someplace it doesn't want to go?

Good question.

But of course that's really what the next election is all about.

Will decent Canadians prevail and preserve the country and its cherished values of tolerance and compromise?

Or will Stephen Harper and his Cons get a majority and turn Canada into a jungle?

That's all we really need to know.

Everything else is just DETAILS.....


P.S. I wonder if the Liberals will be smart enough to put the video of the raid online? Along with other footage of the Cons behaving badly.

So we can make our own YouTube videos and use them to hammer the Cons in the next campaign.

Call it a YouTube Seed Bank. When the future of Canada is at stake.

Every Tuber counts...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can Obama find his Baracky?

I think that Bob Herbert sums up exactly how I feel about this hideous neverending slugfest.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to blow this presidential election. This is a skill that comes naturally to the party. There is no such thing as a can’t-miss year for the Democrats. They are truly gifted at finding ways to lose.

That raucous laughter you hear in the background is coming from the likes of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, President Bush and Senator McCain. They can’t believe their good fortune.

Except that he doesn't hold his head with both hands and say "I can't fucking believe it !!!! " over and over again. Like I do.

You know when this slo- mo horror movie started I was leaning towards Hillary...just because I firmly believe that only women can save the world.

But after all that has happened. And when Bill "Blow Me" Clinton says things like this:

“If a politician doesn’t want to get beat up, he shouldn’t run for office.”

I can't help but hope that before we ALL go down for the count.

Obama can find his Baracky....


Uh just keeps getting worse.

Now she's channelling Osama...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

True Courage and the Revenge of the Bullied Kid

Oh no. I love my little island but I've got to leave a hurry. To go into the city to a friend's place...with TWO television sets.

One to watch my beloved Habs.

And the other to watch this ultimate fight.

Because Georges St. Pierre is one of my Canadian heroes.

Oh I know what you're thinking.

OMG Simon is a dum jock AND a gay animal !!!! Duh. Hit me with a frying pan.

I can't do much about the dum or the jock part. But if you've read this blog you know that I never wanted to fight. The bullies forced me to take up martial arts. I just watch fights to learn things. And I do recognize that true courage comes in many forms.

Like this Canadian's coming out story.

I don't know what will happen professionally ... that is the fear, but I guess I can't really be concerned about what will happen, because it's my truth.

Now THAT takes real guts.

Just like I recognize that sometimes there are better ways to get back at the bullies than learning how to fight them.

Why hurt anyone when you can.......... SING?

Like this bullied kid does...

Yikes. I have to admit that sad but brave little fella kinda choked me up. Thank goodness nobody saw me.

Although, probably because I'm gay and we have to endure so much... and even though I'm dum.... I also know that sometimes real men cry too.

I just want to make sure EVERYONE knows that I'm so damn butch.

I'll probably cry even MORE ..... if the Habs lose tonight.


Have a great weekend everyone !!!

Spring, Lucky Dube, and the Blogging Doldrums

When the big skating rink looks like this....and it's 23 degrees ...and the cruise boats are back.

And so are these guys...

Shamelessly begging for bread crumbs.

And down at the fake beach

The boys are boarding again.

Where they're not allowed to.

And hoping that these guys don't catch them...

It's time to declare that Spring has finally sprung.

And admit that it's REALLY hard to blog. Especially about the things I blog about.

You know....the neverending struggle against hatred and and bigotry. That can't be helped because I'm gay. And I'm proud to do. But unfortunately goes with Spring..... like dog shit and ice cream. With the bigots as the poop.

But luckily I don't have to blog about anything heavy.....because my big brother is in town.

And he brought me a copy of the latest collection of Lucky Dube songs.

I told you how sad I was when he was killed.

But the new album reminds me how great he was. And that this great post Apartheid anthem just about says it all.

So I don't hafta...

Different colours. One WORLD. One love.

How hard is that to understand bigots?

Just like Spring is finally here hosers !!!

Enjoy it while you can !!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Killing of Paul Croutch

His name was Paul Croutch. He was 59 years old. Once he was a newspaper editor in B.C. But mental illness slowly stripped him of everything...his money...his health...his dignity. Until he became just one of the thousands of homeless people surviving on the mean streets of Toronto.

On the night of August 31, 2005, he was sleeping on a bench in a downtown park. It was raining, so he was wrapped from head to toe in green garbage bags to try to keep warm and dry.

When three soldiers came out of a nearby armoury and savagely beat him to death.

Three Canadian soldiers kicked Paul Croutch, a sleeping homeless man, "like a football," then assaulted a woman who tried to intervene, warning her that "bums" aren't welcome in Toronto's Moss Park

Deganis thrust his military dog tags into her face, "saying that they gave them the right to do whatever they wanted to her and all derelict homeless bums...."

"`Tell all your friends the park is ours. We own it.'

Croutch was taken to hospital unconscious and died later. The attack broke several of his ribs, tore his spleen and caused a fatal injury to his brain

And one more little ugly detail. When the homeless woman tried to stop the beating. one of the soldiers told her she was a "dyke....a useless waste of skin" ..... so she "didn't count."

I hate bullies of any kind so much this story makes me sick to my stomach. How could healthy young men beat a helpless sick old man to death just because he was poor and homeless?

And the fact that they were soldiers makes it even worse. What kind of human trash are our Canadian forces recruiting?

And how dare those fascist goons think that a public park belonged to them? When if anyone has a right to claim ownership of that miserable piece of real estate, it's the poor desperate Canadians who call it home.

And where did they get off judging a human being for the "crime" of sleeping on a park bench? When there's not enough cheap housing, or proper shelters for the homeless to sleep in. And homelessness can happen to anyone.

“What that means is that 64% of the people who stayed here were men who were experiencing short-term homelessness,” says Dion. “The housing and job markets are so fragile that most people experiencing homelessness in Toronto today are those who simply cannot find the means to pay the rent,”

If there was any justice the armoury would be closed, and turned into a community centre to treat and shelter people like Paul Croutch. So they wouldn't have to suffer like he did.

But then if there was any justice those cowardly criminals wouldn't have been able to cop a plea. As they did today.

When all the evidence showed that the assault was clearly planned.

Immediately before the attacks, a senior officer testified, Deganis was overheard saying he hated bums and homeless people and wanted to take them on.

What a travesty of justice.

Poor Paul Croutch. Everyone who knew him said he was a kind and funny man.

But he couldn't shake his illness...or the voices in his head...that told him bad people were coming to get him.

How sad and ironic that when he least expected it, as he lay there helpless on a park bench in the rain covered with green garbage bags, the bad people really did come for him. And he never knew what hit him or why.

One moment he was sleeping...maybe dreaming of happier times...the next moment he was screaming in pain....the next moment he was dead.

In a way of course, we're all responsible for his death and the deaths of so many others...for not demanding that our governments do more to help the poorest and most vulnerable Canadians.

As for those cowards who ended that poor old man's life so savagely, I hope they get the sentences they deserve. Because this wasn't just was a hate crime against the homeless.

And it would send out a message that all human life is precious. Whether you're rich or poor. Sleep in a mansion or on a park bench.

More Canadians need to hear that message. If the bad men finally came for Paul Croutch.

Let's hope something good will come of it ...


P.S. Are we really sending soldiers like that to Afghanistan? How deep is the rot?

If they are as sick as that before they go....what awful crimes might they commit there?

And what will they be like when they come back?

Our Canadian forces. Keeping Canada safer. And bums out of our parks.

One body at a time...


P.P.S. Ok I take back those last two lines. As Sébastien points..... out it's not fair to blame everyone for what happened. So I'm sorry.

Although it does make you wonder about recruiting standards. And maybe the soldiers in the armoury could reach out to the poor people who live all round them. Tell them they're sorry about what happened.

And that it will NEVER happen again.

When you're poor and homeless those kind of small gestures can really mean a lot...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bill C-10, The Porker, and the Dancing Dog

Imagine how horrified I was when I returned from my tropical hideaway, to discover that the sinister Cons had introduced a bill that would limit what movies we could make.

And that in a Globe interview, the porker homophobe Charles McVety was claiming the credit !!!

It sounded like a serious threat. Until McVety turned up at a committee hearing today. And had them rolling in the aisles....laughing at his klown show.

The awesome Kady O'Malley has the delicious details.

4:22:12 PM McVety quotes a Compas poll that he claims shows 80% of Canadians don't support funding naughty movies. Call me crazy, but I'd like to see the methodology. And the questions.

4:30:12 PM McVety, interestingly, is running far, far away from that unfortunate Globe interview where he was apparently misinterpreted into claiming credit for the bill, which he never, ever did.

4:32:04 PM Wilbur Moore picks up where Tkachuk left off. The Globe article, he says, noted that he had "discussions" with Minister Stockwell Day, and other officials. True or false?

And now, the dancing begins. Sure, McVety says, over the years, he's had discussions with lots of MPs, and ministers, and... "Was Stockwell Day one of those ministers," Moore interrupts. Eventually, McVety admits to "discussions" with Day, and Rushfeldt to similar "discussions" with Rob Nicholson.

4:37:45 PM Something you don't see every day: Charles McVety singing the praises of the Liberals, and Stéphane Dion, for supporting the bill in the first place. When reminded they've changed their mind, he sort of shrugs and says something about how Liberals change their mind on all sorts of things.

4:53:47 PM McVety is going on and on about the survey from Compas, which, as it turns out, to no one's surprise at all, was commissioned by... Focus on the Family. I do love how McVety pretends to have been surprised by the results.

5:18:34 PM Charles McVety just made my day by mixing up 'necrophilia' and 'necromancy' while condemning the decision to fund 'Kissed,' which was based on a Canadian novel and starred Molly Parker...

5:21:36 PM Having had a chance to look at the survey, the chair is now picking it apart...The exchange then descends into utter farce when McVety is forced to admit that the only way he got his poll to say what it did was by asking a ridiculous question like, "Should the government fund child pornography?"

Oh boy. May I humbly suggest that the next time the porker homophobe decides to take his klown act on the road.

That he take it to this talent show instead...

Wow that dog was AMAZING!!!!

But I'm confident our porker could do EVEN better.

Imagine him running backwards on his hind he did today. Or jumping through a hoop....and not making it. SPLAT.

While keeping up a steady stream of gibberish and shite. Oink. Oink. Jebesus. Jebesus.

C'mon. Who could beat Big Bloater? Eh?

I want the movie rights....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pope and the President, the Rat and the Chimp

It would be hard to imagine a more revolting sight. The Pope in Amerika.

The Chimp kissing the Rat's ring.

One of them a war criminal with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis dripping from his hairy paws.

The other an old Nazi responsible for whipping up a murderous hatred against millions of innocent gay people. Attacking their love. Denying their humanity.

Treating women like chattel.....second class beings....daddy's little girls. Unfit to even control their own bodies.

While covering up the crimes his unholy perverts committed against thousands of poor children.

And what is the perfumed Rat offering now?

Nothing more than a prayer for the prey.

When you really consider Pope Benedict's solution of prayer to a problem that has devoured the lives of an unknowable number of children - with 5,000 revealed since 2002 alone - it's hard not to see a callous indifference that refuses to acknowledge the church's complicity in such atrocities because it leads to his own doorstep...

The dubious power of prayer has always had its practitioners - but few have been more cynical than this.

The Rat and the Chimp may escape justice in their life times.

And unfortunately there is no hell ..... just like there is no heaven.

But their victims will not be forgotten.

And one day these crummy criminals.

Will swing from the gallows of history...

Monday, April 14, 2008

I've Been the Victim of a Cruel Hoax

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I've been had. Somebody has taken advantage of my youthful innocence. Can you BELIEVE that ? !!!!!!

And not in the fun gay way either.

Yeah yeah yeah...I should have KNOWN there was something terribly wrong about the McCain Girls.

That cardboard cutout of McCain flying through the sky seemed a little over the top. Just like his Vietnam story.

Mayday!!!! Mayday !!!!

But who knew it was a hoax?

My only consolation? Poppy fell for it too.

“I think they’re wonderful,” Mr. McCain said on the Fox News Channel last week. “I have watched that video several times.”

Which should prove once and for all that he's the LAST person we want anywhere near the nuclear button.

Besides I want everyone to know I'm not the only sucker out there.

Now THAT'S dumb. Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton duck hunting together. C'mon.

Although it does make you wonder...


Nah. He'd probably MISS this time.


But they sure would have a lot of things to talk about. Like how the war they started is going .....and how hard it is to be a multi-millionaire.

Or what MORE they could do to help McCain become Poppy da Prezeedent.

Doomsday!!!!! Doomsday!!!!!

Politics in Amerika.

Don't you fucking LOVE it ?


P.S. I did manage to salvage something to cheer up our side.

A great video of the evil Republican toad Karl Rove.....getting dissected alive by a Harvard guy...

OK OK. I realize it's not much consolation.

Especially if the hunky host doesn't turn you on.

But these days..... if you're a lefty ...... like I am.

You get your cheap thrills.

Any way you can...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stephen Harper's Thugs and the Hidden Agenda

When you watch Question Period on TV, it usually looks like a noisy but fairly civilized Kiwanis club performance.

Except when the politicians/car salesmen have too much to drink .... and then it looks like a cattle auction.

But these days if you see what the cameras don't show you, it looks and sounds like a fascist carnival.

With Stephen Harper and his vile Cons carrying on like a bunch of bullies and thugs.

In the pungent, locker-room ethos of Parliament Hill, verbal pile-ons, puerile attack ads and wildly embroidered smears are theatre. Harmless. Invigorating, even.

But what outsiders see - lately, in the case of Dion - is bullying. Picking on the nerd. An ugly undercurrent of anti-intellectualism.....there is a personal edge - a cruelty, almost - to the Harper style, that hits new lows.

You don't have to be a fan of Dion's, or a Liberal, to be sick of it. Unless the corrupted culture changes, the bullies will not be vanquished - not soon, not ever.

OMFG. The Cons as a race of self styled Supermen. Mussolini and his braying blackshirts. The Duce and his douchebags. How disgusting.

Did we really fight the Second World War only to have a creepy gang of fascist bullies...and their weird cult of masculinity.....take over our Parliament?

As if real men bullied anyone. As if those brutish anti-intellectual Cons weren't a pathetic bunch of misogynistic, racist, and homophobic kooks and nerds.

The bad news is that because of the way the cameras are controlled in the House of Commons, Canadians can't see the Cons as they really are.

The good news is the lid has fallen off the garbage can of the Hidden Agenda. So now EVERYBODY can watch the maggots crawling out.

First it was Tom Lukiwski dividing people into A humans and B ones.

Now we have the SoCon homophobe Jason "Chastity" Kenney caught in the Big Lie.

Or the Big Drag Show....

The guy who spends every weekend meeting with ethnic and religious groups promising them they'll be able to bash gays as much as they like if the Cons ever get a exposed as a racist as well.

Oom pah pah ...oom pah pah .....oom pah pah.

Fascist goons in Parliament. The Big Lie. The Hidden Agenda. Dirty haters deciding who is a human and who isn't. Militarism out of control. A crazy leader who thinks he's some kind of macho warrior god....instead of an evil freaky fat nerd with delusions of grandeur.

Oh boy. It's not too hard to figure out where this country is going. Do Canadians really care?

Or has our provincialism and our goonish hockey culture turned us into a nation of bullies and followers?

All Hail Great Fat Kooky Leader !!

Life is a cabaret.

Isn't it?

Mein Herr...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Are Gay Cemeteries Really a Bad Idea ?

I see that gays in Copenhagen are making plans to gentrify a cemetery.

Homosexuals have been designated an area in a Copenhagen cemetery for those who want to be buried among people who shared their sexual orientation.

Matt at Queer Liberal thinks that's lunacy.

But I'm not so sure.

We have gay schools to protect gay children from violence. Gay safe spaces in universities for the same reason.

We have our own bars, gyms, libraries, community centres, and sports teams. We have our own rehabilitation centres and medical clinics because some straight doctors can't deal with our special needs...or are too bigoted to treat us.

Our gay kids depend on our help lines and youth services to help them survive the trauma of being savagely bullied in our schools.

And now there's a rush on gay retirement homes.

Because our seniors don't want to have their dignity insulted, or their bodies bruised by homophobes .... when they're frail and helpless.

So why not gay cemeteries?

There are Christian, Jewish, Muslim cemeteries. Religion is a choice that can be changed. Sexual orientation isn't.

So why not us?

After all there are PRACTICAL considerations. Because most gay people don't have children to maintain their graves into the future, their gay family can do that for them. Forever.

"We don't want to isolate ourselves but we also feel a need to be together. We see this as a family grave, one that will be taken care of by our family,"

Instead of being forgotten, the gay community can put flowers on their graves, and make sure it's the most FABULOUS part of the cemetery.

In life they were persecuted, in death they can be spoiled.

And then there are the hard feelings...

When I came across this grave in the middle of a Toronto cemetery I found it beautiful and moving.

I thought good for Roger and George.

But the next thing that came into my mind was whether it would be defiled. Because our subhuman enemies are capable of ANYTHING. And I wouldn't be the only gay person to think that.

Would our epitaphs....our last declarations of love... be more honest and secure in a gay cemetery?

After having their lives stunted or destroyed by straight people...can you really blame some gay people for not wanting to spend eternity with them?

Does gay separatism say something about us? Or something about them and the bigoted societies they created...and we are forced to live in?

Are graves for the dead...or really for the living?

Oh well .....I guess I'll dig that that grave when I come to it. I'm not saying I'm for gay cemeteries. I'm just pointing out from what bloody soil the idea springs from.

What I do find absolutely wonderful is that one of the gay people buried in that Copenhagen cemetery is the guy who wrote this story.

Poor Hans Christian.

I wonder what he would think of the gay cemetery idea.

I like to think that when the gay ghosts hold their disco nights every Saturday, he will amble over with the naked Emperor....with Thumbelina on his shoulder.

And might FINALLY get laid. Or find his swan at last.

Hmmm....who said it was lunacy?

This Copenhagen cemetery idea sounds like a fairytale.

Or a PARTY !!!!

And I LOVE happy endings...