Monday, April 14, 2008

I've Been the Victim of a Cruel Hoax

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I've been had. Somebody has taken advantage of my youthful innocence. Can you BELIEVE that ? !!!!!!

And not in the fun gay way either.

Yeah yeah yeah...I should have KNOWN there was something terribly wrong about the McCain Girls.

That cardboard cutout of McCain flying through the sky seemed a little over the top. Just like his Vietnam story.

Mayday!!!! Mayday !!!!

But who knew it was a hoax?

My only consolation? Poppy fell for it too.

“I think they’re wonderful,” Mr. McCain said on the Fox News Channel last week. “I have watched that video several times.”

Which should prove once and for all that he's the LAST person we want anywhere near the nuclear button.

Besides I want everyone to know I'm not the only sucker out there.

Now THAT'S dumb. Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton duck hunting together. C'mon.

Although it does make you wonder...


Nah. He'd probably MISS this time.


But they sure would have a lot of things to talk about. Like how the war they started is going .....and how hard it is to be a multi-millionaire.

Or what MORE they could do to help McCain become Poppy da Prezeedent.

Doomsday!!!!! Doomsday!!!!!

Politics in Amerika.

Don't you fucking LOVE it ?


P.S. I did manage to salvage something to cheer up our side.

A great video of the evil Republican toad Karl Rove.....getting dissected alive by a Harvard guy...

OK OK. I realize it's not much consolation.

Especially if the hunky host doesn't turn you on.

But these days..... if you're a lefty ...... like I am.

You get your cheap thrills.

Any way you can...


Anonymous said...

Awww, there there simon! don't worry, your still #1 in my books! yay for youthful innocence!

i vbelieve in things all the time... like in peopel! you would htink i would have learned my lesson by now! hehe. I mean jsut the otehr day someone on the bus moved seats when he noticed my rainbow pin on my backpack. psha!

Simon said...

Hi Rashid!!! Thanks. I'm still looking for my youthful innocence...but I'm sure I'll find it. :)
It's good to believe in people.I still cling to that belief...with my dirty fingernails. Mostly because religion depends on the notion that humans are bad to survive.
As for that homophobe....all I can say is it's lucky he moved away. Or you would have had to tell him to take a hike. I once found myself sitting next to a raccoon once...but a homophobe would be ten times worse.
Keep on wearing that rainbow pin. It does you proud...