Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cussing My Way to Blogging Glory

Remember how the other night I told you that it might be hard to give up swearing on my blog?

Because I enjoy it so much.

Well now I can PROVE it.

Because the Blog Cuss-O-Meter doesn't lie.

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?

Wow. At first I was disappointed. A cuss level of only 48.2%? WTF? I felt like I had been some fucking bastard.

But then when I saw that it was still 503% MORE than other websites who took the test I practically wept with joy.That's the first major blogging award I have ever won and I'm so friggin proud of myself.

So dazzled by my brilliance. Holy Shit. !!!!! How can I be so GREAT ????

And yet so incredibly humble.

In that regard I'd like to thank the right-wing homophobes and other Con batshite who continue to inspire me to come up with new and disgusting words to describe them.

And all I want to say to them is thanks assholes. Sixty per cent.... or bust.

And a big fuck you.

Next year I'll do even better...


N said...

i am too glad to find this gay blog,i really like me all ur post...are u so so artist!...

follow so!



Simon said...

Hola N !!!! Muchas gracias. Yo tengo un lugar muy especial en mi corazon para la Argentina. Como sabes yo naci en Escocia. Pero mis padres pasaron su luna de miel esquiando en Bariloche....y nueve meses mas tarde... (musica)....salio ....Simon !!!! :)
Yo visite Buenos Aires tres veces y cada vez me gusto muchisimo. Y los Argentinos tambien.
Me da mucho placer ....y fuerza.... saber que soy parte de la gran y fantastica familia gay. Y que gracias a la solidaridad....nunca nos podran vencer.

Un beso y un abrazo...

Anonymous said...

Hrm, my site is only 1.3% cussing! hrmm... I guess it depends on your definition of cussing eh!

congrads though!


Simon said...

Hi Rashid!! You only scored 1.3%??? OMG. Excuse me while I sit down. You know what this means don't you?
I'm going to have to demand your IMMEDIATE expulsion from the Gay Boys Club !!!!! What's HAPPENING to the youth of today?
Seriously though... good for you. I was actually quite shocked by the results. Too much swearing isn't cool. *sigh*
Although SOME is fun.
But only if it's not racist or sexist or just cruel.
I'm trying to clean up my act but'sso fucking hard... ;)

Anonymous said...

im not sure if I was ever part of the gay boys club though....

something i should work on eh?

I agree with "n", or at least from what I understand from him... There is a lot of heart in your posts. Don't let that fade away :)

Simon said...

Rashid stop it. If anybody sees me conversing with a guy who got only 1.3% on the Cuss-o-Meter my reputation will be RUINED!!!!!!
The good news is that u will always be a member of the Gay Boys Club...and nobody can throw you out.
As for 'N' he's a gay brother from Argentina. Isn't that cool? I told him my bad Spanish... it makes me happy and proud to belong to such a big gay family.
And of course you're part of it too... :)

JJ said...

I flunked :( I am not swearing enough.

Hey Simon, I didn't know you were so fluent in Spanish. You speak quite a few languages -- an admirable skill for sure.

sassy said...

Buenos Aires - one of my favourite cities, a city full of life.