Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bullied Gay Kids and the Bigot Principal

As if bullies didn't make life hard enough for gay kids.

How about a bigot principal?

In September of 2007, the principal at Hollis F. Price Middle College High told teachers she wanted the names of all student couples, “hetero and homo,” because she wanted to monitor them personally to prevent students from engaging in public displays of affection.

The two students now represented by the ACLU, Andrew and Nicholas (who have asked that their last names not be revealed), were two A students who had been seeing each other for a short time and were attempting to keep their relationship quiet and private.

Although the boys had never been observed by any school staff engaging in any sort of display of affection, the principal called Nicholas’s mother Nichole.

According to Nichole, the principal said things like “Did you know your son is gay?” repeatedly and went on to say that she didn’t like gay people and wouldn’t tolerate homosexuality at her school.

Both students say they’ve had to deal with verbal harassment from both teachers and students since word got out around the school about their principal’s actions.

“We never bothered anyone or did a single thing at school that broke any of the rules,” said Nicholas, a junior and honor student. “Every day I feel like they’re still punishing me, and I’m worried that this is going to hurt my chances to get into a good college.”

All I can say is I hope that bigot principal gets busted down to janitor. And isn't allowed within fifty feet of any child.

Because if there was any justice she would be locked up in a jail cell.... or an insane asylum.

The good news is that Andrew and Nicholas will probably discover...... like I did.... that adversity and oppression only makes their love stronger. And even MORE beautiful.

As well of course as being taught one more reason why we're better than them.

Which reminds me.... a local gay boy just scored a big award.

And he's got a message for those young gay lovers.

Take it away Rufus....

Yup. The one you love is the one you love.

Good luck Andrew and Nicholas.

Welcome to the big gay family...


sassy said...

Very alarming that an adult, Daphne Beasley wants to WATCH displays of affection between young people. Parents . . . be warned.

hummmm - register and monitor that homophobic abusive scumbag.

Anonymous said...

that is a terrible story. just terrible.

i wish them lots of luck.

no matter how many times i see it, I am always shocked about the homophobia of some people...


martinottawa said...

I am at a loss of words for stupid Americans when I read such a story. It is QUITE frightening to think that some crazy "principal" would go as low as creating a black list of gay/straight couples in "her" school. This woman need help and needs it soon...I, again, blame all of this on religion and sexual repression (not unlike the Harperism of the Deep West here in Canada.)
Long life to the two young men!*
*escape from Tennesse