Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Lukiwski Video and the YouTube Wars

If you want a good idea of the desperate shape the Liberal Party is in, all you have to to is read this post.

And watch the video...

Or as much of it as you can stomach.

I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. I'd rather concentrate on the Con enemy. But I'm afraid I have to agree with this blogger.

I found the clip dumb and offensive. As I wrote the other day, I've learned the hard and bloody way to let the faggot word slide off me...like shite off a duck's back.

But hearing it fifty times in less than a minute and a half....like it was a song or a cabaret act or a joke ....really pissed me off. And anyone who thinks that other gay people weren't hurt or disgusted should stick their dum heads up their big assholes and check out their liberal wiring.

But never mind. What also offended me .... and quite frankly scared me....was how crude and STOOPID it was. Irritating instead of persuasive.

The Lukiwski Affair SHOULD be used in the YouTube Wars to beat the Cons bloody...especially after this.

But it should be part of a more sophisticated and wider narrative. One that goes straight to the heart of the darkest fears Canadians have. The ones that are denying the Cons a majority.

Like what makes Stephen Harper such a strange and angry control freak? Who is the REAL Harper. Who are all those mysterious unelected people in the PMO Judge Gomery recently warned us about? Why are there so many theocons milling around in there?What kind of nightmare Canada are these shadowy figures planning if Stephen Harper ever gets a majority? What are they trying to HIDE ?

The irony is that one of the best YouTubes I've seen that plays on those themes....was made by the same person who made the stupid one above.

This humble little masterpiece...

Now we're talking. You can change the words... and add all kinds of other scary scenes.

But the menacing mood is EXCELLENT.

Remember when it comes to tv advertising....you're not selling a product you're selling a feeling.

In this case... what you see might make you nervous. But what you can't see might KILL you.

Or at the very least scare the living daylights out of you.

Like this classic scene....

Now think of room 237 as the monster Harper's sinister PMO.

What dark things WILL we find behind that locked door ?


Hey people c'mon. Why settle for a YouTube cabaret act?

When we can make a HORROR movie.....


Anonymous said...

I watched that first video yesterday and wished I hadn’t. I’ve never been able agree with anything Cherniac says. He’s one of those guys who has sat on the political fence so long that the hemorrhoids are affecting his thinking.

He may call himself a Liberal but he’s no different than any self-serving conservative who loves nothing more than to hear the sound of his own voice.

Simon said...

Hi Bruce!!! I just couldn't believe how stoopid that video was. I just stared at it while my face got redder and redder. Not a pretty sight :)
I also couldn't believe how insensitive Jason Cherniak was. Twisting himself into a pretzel deciding whether he should accept Lukiwiski's apology. As if it was all about him instead of us.
And then to be so dum to compound his error by running that idiotic video. It's people like him that are KILLING the Liberal Party.
Anyways...I guarantee you something. I'll be quoting that study a LOT... :)