Friday, October 31, 2008

The Flamingo that Wouldn't Die

Yesterday I told you about the horrible bullies who bashed a poor old blind flamingo.

Well today I got good news.

It's back on its feet, and back with its mate.

"I think it's very important they are back together. You can hear them calling to each other and that just shows that the bond is still there," senior birdkeeper Brett Backhouse said. "They feed off each other a lot. Yesterday, we were saying that they were very quiet, but they are talking to each other now and you could probably call that happiness."

After FIFTY years together.

Wow. That's some love story and one TOUGH old flamingo.

I'd still like to spend some quality time with those bullies.

But isn't that BEAUTIFUL?

Because it's Halloween Night....

And I'm too busy to blog because I'm still working on my costume. Thank you Devin.

And because the American election has been so SCARY.

And because I've been waiting to run this video ever since I saw them perform on CNN.

Here are the kids from the Ron Clark Academy to put it all into perspective.

Aren't they GREAT?

Obama on the left
McCain on the right
We can talk politics all night
And you can vote however you like
You can vote however you like, yeah

Yup. Democracy can be scary.

But it's still the BEST thing we got....

The Capitalist Pigs and the Golden Bull

As if we needed any more evidence that the Christianists in the United States have gone off the deep end. You know THE ABYSS.

First they call Obama the Anti-Christ. Now they're kissing the ass of the Golden Bull...and praying for money.

When of course of course if they want REAL relief or the next best thing to The Rapture, they should be banging on the doors of the Big Capitalist Pigs and demanding their money back.

There’s also bizarre stuff going on with regard to the mortgage market. I thought that the whole point of the federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the lending agencies, was to remove fears about their solvency and thereby lower mortgage rates. But top officials have made a point of denying that Fannie and Freddie debt is backed by the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. government — and as a result, markets are still treating the agencies’ debt as a risky asset, driving mortgage rates up at a time when they should be going down.

What’s happening, I suspect, is that the Bush administration’s anti-government ideology still stands in the way of effective action. Events have forced Mr. Paulson into a partial nationalization of the financial system — but he refuses to use the power that comes with ownership.

Hey, when the winner of the Nobel prize for Economics speaks people should really listen.

Because you won't get ANYWHERE waiting for these piggies to do the right thing. The only language they speak is greed. You know...ME ME OINK OINK.

So you have to TELL them what to do, and slap them, or JAIL them if they don't.

You see this isn't just an economic crisis it's a struggle for power between those who believe in jungle Capitalism. And those who believe in the power of the people and THEIR government.

And it's one the people have to WIN, or one day there will either be a REVOLUTION.

Or we will find ourselves in a very dark period.

Because in the Times of the Locust the moneybags who pull the levers of power....and their lackeys and servants.... have a tendency to play HARD BALL.

As poor old Howard found out....

And then Howard says: "I have seen the face of God."

And Mr Big says: "You just might be right Mr Beale."

Golly. Hang on to your toques hosers. Or your wallets. Or your FREEDOMS. Eh?

Because when you fuck with the Primal Forces of Nature.

ANYTHING could happen...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Margaret Wente, Shaidle, and the Moral Dimension

I fell in love with the native people of the Great White North long before I arrived in Canada. When I was a kid in Scotland I "borrowed" a book on native legends from the village library. I'd read it under the sheets at night, with the aid of a flashlight, and the stories and the illustrations filled me with wonder.

I knew they came from a rich and amazing culture. And when I arrived in Canada...after recovering from the shock of finding no natives in Montreal... I found it all to be true and their culture even more AWESOME than I thought.

And the only thing that disappointed and shocked me was to see how desperately poor they were, and discover how badly they had been treated. Even though we owe them so much.

As Scott the blogger points out so well.

So when I heard that Dick Pound had called natives "savages" it made me shudder. But I figured anyone can make a stupid remark and he should just apologize for being so IGNORANT. And of course resign his position at McGill University, because I went there, and I don't want my degree DEGRADED.

It's bad enough that Dr Roy went there as well.

But what really disgusted me was Margaret Wente's column. Not just because her facts are all wrong. But because of the moral dimension.

Why would ANY decent person try to put down the culture of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in this country? Instead of trying to boost their self esteem, help them to be proud of who they are, help them to escape from poverty.

Margaret Wente could have defended Pound without trying to defend the indefensible. But she didn't. Which makes her no better in my book than this wretched racist.

Can you believe that deranged dwarf and her equally pathetic and racist sidekick Small Dead Chihuahuas? How miserable and morally DEFICIENT can you get?

As for Margaret Wente all I can say is.... until she apologizes or gets her ass FIRED. Or is reassigned to the obit section...where she can write about dead rich know the people she wants to be. And their expensive shoes.

Or even better goes back to some Republican place in Redneck Land U.S.A. where she really belongs.

I would boycott the Con Globe.

Because you never know what nasty thing could bite you next...

The Unspeakable Cruelty of Humans

If you've read this blog you probably know that I love animals, and that I hate bullies of any stripe more than anything else in the world.

What you probably don't know is that I'm not allowed to fight, because after 14 years of martial arts I could kill someone.

Which quite frankly is what I would like to do to the hideous cowardly criminals who attacked this old blind flamingo.

And left it looking like this.

I can't believe that anyone could be so cruel. It makes me so angry.

All I ask for is one minute in a padded room with each of them.

I promise not to kill them...just hurt them a lot. Like they hurt that poor helpless old flamingo.

I KNOW it's not right.

But please Sébastien PLEASE?


h/t Towleroad.

Obama, the Cyclist, and the Guy Who Didn't Vote

With the result of the American election now depending on the turnout.

If voters are the same mix as usual, this vote could be a nail-biter (the poll has a margin of error of +/- 2, meaning a three point gap could be a dead heat, or even a slight McCain lead).

If however, an increased proportion of young and African-American voters head to the polls, as the Obama camp predicts they will, the race could be similar to President Bush - John Kerry in 2004, heavy turnout, lots of votes going both ways, but really never much chance for an upset.

The Obama campaign is reminding voters not to get as cocky as this guy on a bicycle.

And then there is this warning about what could happen to the one who didn't vote...and cost Obama the election....

But something tells me they don't have to worry.

Across the more than 30 states that allow no-excuse absentee or early voting, votes have been pouring in at a record pace, and the data show Barack Obama as the clear beneficiary.

In the Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll, 59 percent of those who said they had already voted backed Obama, and 40 percent indicated that they supported John McCain. So far, the numbers are a near-mirror image of the past two elections.

The wooden stake is sharp and ready. The Republican beast could be DEAD by next Wednesday.

As a Canadian all I can do is watch and cheer. And wait for our day of reckoning to arrive.

First they bury McCain. Woohoo !!!!

And then we bury Harper....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Proposition 8 and Harvey Milk's Message

On November 4th I will be hoping for a massive turnout in California to vote for Barack Obama. So he can lead the United States to a better place. A place called HOPE.

Even though I know that kind of turnout could shatter the hopes of thousands and thousands of my gay brothers and sisters who are trying to defeat Proposition 8.

In this historic presidential election year, political observers say high voter turnout for Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama -- who is predicted to draw record numbers of church-going African Americans and Latinos -- may spell the demise of legal gay marriage in California.

It's a hard and bitter thing for me and many other gay people to accept. To have fought against racism and for minority rights just as hard as we have fought against homophobia.

In my case since I was twelve.

Only to be rewarded...or betrayed... with indifference, ignorance, and hate.

Or ads like this one.

Am I angry and disappointed? Yes.

Could it ever make me hate Black, Asian or Latino people? Never. I don't blame THEM. I blame the curse of evil religion, that turns people into bigots and beasts, and leads them to deny the humanity of others.

Does it make me feel like giving up? Not a chance. Because I'm not like that.

And because last night in San Francisco they screened the new movie about Harvey Milk.

Who before he was murdered by a crazy bigot left us all a message...

And I got it. I got HOPE.

I think we ALL do.

Because if we didn't have it in spades, all the bitter disappointment we've had to endure in our long struggle for equality, would have CRUSHED us long ago.

And it hasn't and it NEVER will. It just makes us fight harder.

Oh yeah. One day. One day. *whistles*

Yes we can.

Yes we WILL...

Steven Page Gets a Second Chance

I'm really glad to see that Steven Page won't be going to prison.

The lead singer of Juno-winning band Barenaked Ladies will not serve time in jail for drug possession charges laid over the summer in upstate New York, a U.S. judge said Tuesday.

New York Judge Thomas Miller said Steven Page must seek drug treatment and stay clean for six months.

Because he's a real nice guy. A good defender of progressive causes. And when he isn't farting around....or making music for kiddies... he can really ROCK.

So I'm hoping this unfortunate episode will help clean his life up.

Get him back to playing REAL rock n roll.

And as I said when he was arrested, help him stick to the good stuff.

Like alcohol....

Because as I said when he wants to he can REALLY rock.

Welcome back Steven.

We missed you...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Obama Plot, the Skinheads, and the Blogging Tories

Howdy Doody. As if it wasn't scary enough that two skinheads thought they could dress up in white tuxedos and top hats, climb into a klown car, and take out Obama.

After killing eighty-eight other black people FIRST.

A plot so devilishly ingenious even the other rednecks in their rube town....which makes Appalachia look like Paris... are shocked. But not surprised.

Riddell said she tried to offer Paul Schlesselman a pet lizard she couldn't care for, but was warned by his family that "he would hurt it."

Now to add ignorance to injury, the Blogging Junker takes time out from denying the existence of global warming....and goes in search of Obama's inner Marxist.

Golly. That was Now I'm confused. Is paranoia a higher state of consciousness or a serious mental illness?

But wait make matters even WORSE Small Dead Chihuahuas picks up his paranoid post and runs with it too. Woof Woof.

Which leads me to wonder is Dr Roy REALLY the dumbest Blogging Tory?

Wouldn't it be better if they ALL spent less time looking for Obama's inner Marxist...and more time digging through their lizard brains looking for their inner IDIOTS?

And if they are so stoopid will even this simple cartoon help them to understand why McCain is going to LOOSE?


Probably not. You see it's not just paranoia or crazy's DESPERATION written large. Like a skinhead tattoo on their neanderthal foreheads.

Or this redneck father and son act...

Which of course is EXCELLENT.

Wooohoo!!! Put on your top hats everyone!!! In seven days we get to PARTY while the pathetic RepubliCons cry their hearts out. Woof. Woof. WAAAAAAAH !!!!

OMG. That's going to hurt soooooooo MUCH.

Isn't that a LOVELY thought?



P.S. You know sometimes when I read the Blogging Tories I can't help but feel like that poor family who ordered ice cream but got this instead.

"My friend thought I was over-reacting, but when she smelt it, she started screaming 'Oh my god, they've served us s***'."


Monday, October 27, 2008

Religious Fanatic Threatens Quebec Teen

I was quite amused to see that a teenager in Quebec has been poking fun at religion by among other things, drilling holes in a holy cracker.

A devilishly mischievous Canadian boy who mocks a central Christian ritual on YouTube has caused an international stir and earned the wrath of the Catholic Civil Rights League, which has called for his offensive, and popular, videos to be removed from the Internet.

The teenager from Quebec named Dominique, who tags himself "fsmdude," has posted 40 videos in which the Catholic Civil Rights group maintains he desecrates the host, the small circular wafer that Catholics ingest during Eucharist service.

"I'm attacking the belief," Dominique says, holding up a wafer, "that this thing, this cracker, is someone that can feel pain." He calls the host "just an object you can eat."

Which seems pretty harmless to me. Just one more bit of payback for the misery the Catholic Church inflicted on Quebec during the so-called Great Darkness. With Dominique as the new face of the Quiet Revolution.

So I was disgusted to see that he had to pull down his videos after his father received a disturbing letter.

I will not inform the general public about where he lives. I have informed the Church in Québec and other organization whom act in defense of the Catholic Church. I will not inform the public because with the emotions involved with attacks against any religion someone might do him harm. I don't think that is what Jesus would want.

It took a lot of work but it was not that hard to find out were Dominique lives. Eventually someone else will find out were he lives. I can only hope they will be concerned for Dominiques safety as I am.

I will continue to pray for Dominique & the rest of your family. Good bye.

Now first of all I want to say that the family should hand the letter in to the police, so they can try to catch this deranged religious fanatic and lock him up in a jail ....or an insane asylum.

Secondly I want to express my TOTAL solidarity with Dominique, and remind him that it's not for nothing that one of the most popular swear words in Quebec is HOSTIE!!!! Which is usually followed by CRISSE DE TABARNAC !!!!

So don't give up. Eh?

Thirdly I want to know what's more DISTURBING? Pretending that you are eating the flesh of Christ and washing it down with his blood? Or drilling a hole in a cracker and feeding it to the ducks? Huh?

Yup. It's not too hard to get the parable of this story.

Religious fanatics are crazy and DANGEROUS.

Religion is the bonfire of free and intelligent thought.

And a holy cracker is a cracker is a cracker.

Unless it's a PIZZA...

Oh more thing. The religious hatemongers who have made life hell for women and gay people for so long, can threaten a Quebec kid.

But they better not bother me. Because I hate bullies.

And I am not afraid...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is Sarah Palin Running a Rogue Campaign?

Well I see that Sarah Palin has decided the time has come to cut her ties to John McCain's sinking campaign...and save herself.

As the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign enters its final week, reports are bubbling up about internal strife within the Republican ticket that suggest vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is trying to distance herself from the top of the ticket, John McCain.

“She’s lost confidence in most of the people on the plane,” said a senior Republican who speaks to Palin, referring to her campaign jet. He said Palin had begun to “go rogue” in some of her public pronouncements and decisions.

Even though poor old Poppy is still trying to defend his choice as a "cold political calculation" to counter those nasty liberal feminists.

Which to me means that McCain is either crazy or senile. Or a nasty old misogynist. Or just a LIAR.

And that Sarah Palin obviously feels she has a bright future in the Republican Party. Just like this guy thinks she does..

Palin is clearly OF the conservative base in a real and meaningful way; they view her as their first real spokesperson on the national stage in recent memory -- perhaps since Ronald Reagan. It's hard to imagine those feelings going away because she has not worn well with either moderate and independent minded voters of the conservative media.

Which might seem to be a SCARY thing. I saw a picture of a redneck the other day wearing a t-shirt with this on it: "Nigger, please. It's the White House." And there are millions of them out there.

On the other hand it could be the BEST thing that ever happened. Because if Sarah Palin becomes the Evita of the rednecks and the Christianist hordes she will split the Republicans, drive moderates out of the party, and keep them out of power for a GENERATION.

She'll be John McCain's little FrankenSarah who not only destroyed his campaign. She ATE the Republican Party. Gobble. Gobble.

And to think that I once wondered whether she was the Anti-Christ.

Don't you LOVE happy endings?



P.S. Unless of course John McCain wins the election. In which case she's fucked.

And we're DOOMED...

The Quebec Nation and the Two Canoes

It was great to spend a few days in my old Montreal neighbourhood, in the province that denied Stephen Harper his majority.

Only to discover that although I'm still celebrating.

And the election signs are still up.

The province has already moved if the election never happened. As if every year that goes by the federal government is less and less relevant .

Which for some reason brings me to this column by Paul Wells.

Now I don't blame the Quebec Liberals for thinking that enshrining Quebec as a nation in the constitution might be the only way for them to regain some cred in the New Quebec...apart from proposing to abolish the monarchy. Except that it's probably too late. Iggy's probably not the guy.

And of course... details details... English Canada would never go for it. All you have to do is read some of the comments in Paul's post....and these are fairly reasonable ones. A lot of other English-Canadians are just Quebec bashers, and re-opening the Constitution would bring them out in droves.

Which as I walked through the leafy lanes of Mount Royal with my companion Sébastien , made me wonder where the two solitudes I live in are going. I think I know where Quebec is heading.

But where is English Canada going?

Because it seems to me that a country with an English Queen, that keeps looking for its identity in the bloody muck of Vimy Ridge or Passchendaele

If all people get from this was that Canadian troops were the best of the best and saved the day for the British Empire in 1917, and there was once a place called Passchendaele that should be spoken of in awed tones, it was a well done thing. For, on this kind of shared understanding of history is patriotism based.

At a time when most English Canadians called themselves BRITISH....and most of the CANADIENS were against the war.

But is too deadly afraid to touch its own Constitution, and adapt it to its own unique REALITY, is hopelessly lost. Or trapped in a bog of denial...even as American culture hollows it out.

Which seems like a tragedy to me because we're still such a young country and ANYTHING should be possible.

And there's room on the bench for all the different nations that share this beautiful country.

(click pic to enlarge)

So why I wonder are we so afraid of ourselves? Why can't we recognize each other for who we really are? Why don't we have the self confidence to do what needs to be done?

Why do I have to feel like I've got one foot in one canoe, one foot in another, and they're pulling me apart? Forcing me to choose which one I want to ride in. When we could each have our own canoe and paddle on merrily side by side forever. And I could ride in BOTH of them.

Oh well ....the other smaller disappointment was Sébastien and I couldn't find the two sets of initials and a heart I carved on a tree the summer we met.

Somewhere near this little bridge, where after rescuing me from a bloody bar fight, our two lives ....and two cultures .....came face to face for the first time.

But it doesn't really matter. English Canada needs to carve something on a tree somewhere, but I don't.

Because I already KNOW that when you respect someone, and you respect yourself, and you make a real effort to understand each other. Not as each one wants the other to be, but as you both really are.

It's amazing how you can end up falling in love.

And then ANYTHING is possible...


P.S. Just in case that post failed to move you....and you know Montreal .....and you like smoked meat.

How about this tragic shot?

Where's my smoked meat and swiss cheese sandwich ...and my CHEESECAKE ???


Time marches on....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Homeless Woman and Mount Royal

The good news is that now that it's cold they've drained the pond, and soon we'll be skating on it.

The bad news is the cold has already killed a poor person.

"People say they recognize her, but they don't really know her," he said. "People say 'yeah, yeah, we know who she is, but we don't know who she is.'."

"If it is from exposure, it's a sad death," he said. "As wealthy as we are as a society, for somebody to die from exposure, it's sad."

Yup it is. WORSE than sad.

But then EVERYTHING is so depressing in Canada these days. Everybody is disappointed. Either gnashing their teeth or licking their wounds or pretending the election didn't happen.

In the U.S. the progressive forces are getting ready to PARTY. But in Canada all we can look forward to is a brutal recession, Stephen Harper, winter, and of course having to lug around a suitcase full of Canadian pesos.

To pay for our Caribbean vacations....IF we can afford them.

Which means that I NEED to take a break right now and recharge my batteries.

So I'm taking off for Montreal...and The Mountain.

I need to spend some time on Mount Royal before all the red and golden leaves fall from the trees, kiss the ground like Jacques Cartier did when he planted his cross...about four HUNDRED years ago.

And thank the Great French Nation for saving us from the horror of a Stephen Harper majority.

And of course PARTY until I drop...or can't remember that the election ever happened. Duh? Wot?

Oh yeah.... since Sébastien will be walking through the woods with me, we'll also be looking for two names carved on a tree.

When I was a teenager wandering Mount RoyaI under a fulI moon, I used to dream that politics could change the world.

I wonder if somebody loved that poor homeless woman and misses her terribly?

I hope so.

Did I tell you I Iove the Great French Nation? The one so many English Canadians hate so much.

You know..... the FROGS.

Who saved Canada...

How many ways can you write je t'aime?

And PARTY !!!!!!!

See you all soon....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin,The Terminator, and the Christianists

Well I suppose it had to come to this.The Republicans are so DESPERATE they had to call in The Terminator to say something nice about Sarah Palin.

Because she's KILLING THEM

It may yet turn out differently, but at this stage in the campaign for the White House it appears that if John McCain loses in November the turning point will not be the financial crisis hitting in late September but his choice of Sarah Palin as his veep in late August.

Two new national polls show that voters cite that choice as the main reason they have turned from McCain.

But all Arnold could bring himself to say was that Palin is a "quick learner".....and she'll be ready "some day."

Which means I suppose that John McCain is just about TOAST. Unless God can convince a lot of Americans to vote for him.

Like this Christianist..

Hmmm...I'd love to call that lady up and tell her that Sarah Palin is the Anti-Christ. And the reason I KNOW that is because Jesus told me PERSONALLY.


But before you laugh...just remember it's Amerika.

There are MILLIONS of them. And in country full of frightened, angry people...where God gets to vote.

ANYTHING could happen.

So I'd just like to address the youth of America tonight, from the relative safety of my reinforced igloo, and tell them that in 13 days they will face a TERRIBLE choice.

Between The Messiah and the Anti-Christ.

Or to put it in even starker terms......this song:

And this one:

And I think you know which song we Canadians prefer.

So for fuck sake make sure you register and VOTE. Eh?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ever Feel Like a Blogging Vegetable?

You know? Depressed by the election results. Feeling a little WILTED?

Well now you're not alone.

A plant that blogs has become a minor celebrity in blogging-mad Japan.

The pot plant - a hoya kerii, more commonly known as a 'sweetheart plant' - has been wired with sensors which measure bio-electrical signals and then translates them in to Japanese.

"Today was a sunny day and I was able to sunbathe a lot. I had quite a bit of fun today," reads one of its typical entries.

Hmmmm....wouldn't it be EXCELLENT if all we needed to inspire us was a sun lamp and a watering can?

And BTW if we lefty bloggers are like roses and lilies, and rutabagas?

Does that mean the Blogging Tories are like stinkweed, poison ivy....

Or this nasty plant?

Stephen? Stephen TAYLOR?

Feed me. FEED me !!! Bring me the head of DION !!!!

Yikes. How about Mike Duffy's porky BUTTOCKS? Eh?

I mean where's a Roto-Rooter when you NEED one?



P.S. I must admit that when I first heard that the Japanese had a blogging POT plant I was even MORE excited.

"What a grooooooovy day. Turn up the sun baby. Hey YOU !!!!! Keep your hands off my BUDS !!!!!!"

But I guess you can't have EVERYTHING...

The Obama Pumpkin and the Canada I Don't Recognize

As the leaves pile up and the first snowflake of the season lands on my nose, in the Canada I know.

And in the United States Americans prepare for an election that could bring down the failed neocons, by carving messages of HOPE.

On pumpkins...

I wonder about the Canada I don't know ...or RECOGNIZE.

Where forty percent of Canadians didn't bother to vote in the recent election. And a failed neocon was re-elected with 36 percent of the vote, because the centre-left is divided. Even as a brutal recession closes in , and the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow.

The report said both Canada's poverty and income inequality rates spiked between 1995 and 2005 until they both exceeded the 30-member organization's average.

A country where when the pompous right-wing owl Jeffrey Simpson writes a jackass column blasting Quebecers for voting for the Bloc Quebecois...the party that saved Canada from a Harper majority... the comment section is full of ugly shite like this:

The rest of Canada will never ever be able to satisfy this self-centred spoiled child. Kick it out of the home with out a penny, cut it lose, let them find out how it is in the real world - it's called ' Tough Love '

Enough of this Quebec culture nonsense, what is culture when everyone else has to pay for it.

Talk of separation should be considered an act of high treason punishable by lengthy prison stays or a trip to the firing squad

Or when another Globe columnist writes a story about Dion's painful struggle to come to terms with his defeat, another hoser weighs in with this priceless bit of Canadiana:

The Bull from Canada writes: boo fricken hoo.who cares?

i have no sympathy for geeks like this.

i don't trust anybody that can't skate to be PM.


And after all of that I wonder what should we carve on OUR pumpkins?

Hope. Eh?

What happened?

Or just HELP?

John McCain, the Feminists, and the Stolen Election

Uh oh. Batman. Batman. I think John McCain has flipped his lid. After calling our friend Obama a terrorist and a shady crook now he's back to calling him a dangerous LIBERAL. Golly. And blaming the media and the feminist left !!!!!

"My friends, it's remarkable the comments of the feminist left about Sarah Palin," he said to a chorus of boos. "I want to tell you, I am so proud of the way she has energized America. She is a reformer, she is a great leader, she is the most popular governor in America, and I can hardly wait to introduce her to Washington, D.C."

Holy snowmobile Batman @#$%@ that McCain guy is starting to remind me of some evil genius. I just can't put my gloved finger on it.

Robin Robin. Who else could be so brilliant....and yet so INSANE? But that dastardly tophatted villain....


Gosh Batman not the monocled MANIAC? Holy Mr Peanut what do you think he's going to do next ?

Robin Robin lay off the Bat Pot please. What do you THINK he's going to do now with only two weeks to go? Except try to STEAL the election.

The US presidential election will not be free and fair, because millions of electors will either not be allowed to vote or will not have their votes properly counted. It could cost Barack Obama the White House, even if he wins most of the votes on November 4.... in some states for every new voter registered in the last couple of months, two voters have been removed – negating Obama's massive voter registration drive.

#$%@&# Holy smokes Batman that's SCARY. I hate Amerika. But you're SOOOOO BRILLIANT

Yes Robin I am. Now go gas up the Batmobile at the cheap place around the corner.

Because we've got WORK to do....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dion and the Politics of Personal Destruction

Well I see Stephane Dion has decided to quit, but it's going to be a long goodbye.

Just like I told you it would be last night.

Oh sure he didn't say how angry he is and how he can't wait to go after Stephen Harper. But don't worry just watch him... it's going to be FUN. And if he can cause a little trouble for some people in his party...and influence the course of events in the leadership race...well who can blame him. Eh?

But of course I'm not interested in the pattycake of politics. Yawn. I just want to see Stephen Harper crushed and DEFEATED.

And one thing Dion said today hit me like a blow torch in the face.

"Canadians did not know this Stephane Dion. They knew another one ... they believed that (the other) character was real," he said, referring to the Conservative attacks.

"I want to see that the next leader is not as vulnerable to the low propaganda that was directed against me."

Because it's the kind of truth that BURNS.

Before you send your troops over the side you first need an artillery barrage to chop the enemy into little pieces. Or DEFINE them. Harper did that to Dion, but we didn't do that to Harper. That's why he won.

That's why we are going to have to make sure that doesn't happen next time. If Great Ugly Leader is so enamoured with the politics of personal destruction I say we give him some.

I know it isn't easy to crawl through the gutter, but at some point you have to give the bullies a taste of their own medicine.

Now I did try to do a bit of that during this election by portraying Harper as a monster...

But unfortunately that only seems to work in Quebec. If you tell people in that province that Harper wants to send juvenile offenders to jail so they can be raped they say Tabarnac...what a COCHON.

If you say the same thing in English Canada too many say Oh goody goody. Or so WHAT?

So if our campaign of personal destruction is going to succeed I'm afraid we're going to have to go a step further. We're going to have to strip the nerdy wonk of his faux manhood and turn him from a so-called "strong leader" into a wimp. Because we seem to HATE wimps. Look what happened to poor Joe Clark.

We seem to like our leaders big tough and rough. Or in Stephen Harper's case... fat, ugly, and mean.So all we've got to do is turn him into a caricature of something fat, ugly, and WEAK.

Or small like a stooge chihuahua.

Like he's going to feel when he meets President Obama, and tries to explain why him and his Canadian RepubliCons tried to SABOTAGE his campaign.

OK OK I'm sure you can do better.

But the idea is to make people LAUGH at Harper and mock him like he did Dion. The way I see it you can get mad or you can be sad or you can get EVEN.

They destroyed the career of a good and decent man with their attack ads.

Now it's OUR turn....


P.S. Portraying Harper as an Alberta-First fanatic and a stooge of Big Oil who is SCREWING US at the pumps in the middle of a painful recession isn't bad either.

That one should work in Quebec AND English Canada. Except of course in redneck trueblue Alberta.

But who CARES?

Stephane Dion's Last Stand

I see that CTV is reporting that John McCallum will be interim leader if Stephane Dion steps down tomorrow.

But I wouldn't be surprised if McCallum, and his allies in the Ignatieff camp, were really disappointed.

Because I think Dion is going to announce that he will resign, but intends to continue as Liberal leader until the convention in May.

And that he intends during that time to be a REAL leader not a figurehead ....and lead the charge against Stephen Harper and his economic policies.

I say that because I know Dion is such a proud man I can't imagine him consenting to the humiliation of being dismissed like a servant.

And because he's ANGRY.

Angry because of the way he was ambushed by Mike Duffy and his friends.

Angry at the way Stephen Harper used that tape to destroy the momentum of his campaign during the last crucial days.

I think he finally realized what the Cons did to him and he wants REVENGE.

Which if things work out as I think they will. And with six months in politics being an eternity. And a budget due in February in the cold winter of an economic crisis. And an angry Dion who has nothing to lose.

Means that ANYTHING could happen.

Stay tuned this one is not going to be over until the thin man sings.

Something tells me he's not ready. Stephen Harper is going to feel his pain.

And it's going to be a long goodbye....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bullied Children and the Gay Bashers

As you probably know I hardly ever attack other bloggers. Except when they cross the line of human decency and attack the rights of bullied gay children in our schools.

Like this Con blogger does.

Making the Correns the "consultants" on matters of sexuality, when they have no more credentials to human sexuality than you or I, is patently absurd. Just because these men happen to have homosexual copulatory experience, does not make them experts in any matter of sexual orientation.

First of all what the fuck is this pompous jackass talking about? And why is he so obsessed with sex? When being gay is not about who you sleep with but who you LOVE. And this course has nothing to do with sex....and everything to do with RESPECT for the humanity of others. I checked out the course description for Social Justice 12. As you can if you want to here. (PDF)

The aim of Social Justice 12 is to raise students’ awareness of social injustice, to enable them to analyse situations from a social justice perspective, and to provide them with knowledge, skills, and an ethical framework to advocate for a socially just world.

And all I found was an excellent course on human diversity and tolerance that just happens to include gay people. As it should. So I don't see what the fuss is about. In a country as diverse as this one it should have been implemented YEARS ago in every school in Canada.

Especially since the kind of racist or homophobic intolerance it aims to prevent can lead to brutal cowardly attacks like this one.

And a situation where no gay person in Canada can truly feel safe. And religious hatemongers are allowed to poison our schools with their evil nonsense.

And drive bullied kids to depression and suicide.

I KNOW because I was one of them. If my companion Sébastien hadn't saved me I'd probably be dead....or in prison.

That's why I have written so many posts about Canada's shameful bully problem.

That's why I can recognize a brutish homophobe when I see one. Like some of the commenters in Unambiguously Idiotic's cretinous post.

I do not think our taxpayer funded schools is the place to study alternative risky lifestyles. In my opinion if parents want to discuss this with their kids it can be done at home. It is bad enought that we as taxpayers have to pay for the extra medical costs created by this lifestyle let alone increase school costs.

Wake-up people, this has nothing to do with Human Rights, this is a bunch of bitter agnry GAYstapo militants wanting to im pose and affirm their lifestyle .

I still say the Homosexuals will rue the day they marched with the Pro-Abortion men-hating feminists because one day Science will decode the DNA and find the Gay-Gene for sexual preference .Once HOMO-cide Abortions add to the DownSyndrome abortions there will be no way to deny a female from aborting a Lesbian or gay male baby.

OMG. It's hard to believe these people are Canadians ......or even human.

Why are we allowing these and other bigots and religious fanatics to tell us how to act, and stop us from doing the right thing? Why are we allowing ANY Canadian kids to be bullied to death?

Why are we still obsessing about kids with two moms or two dads? Or whatever. When what counts is the love and support they give their children. And in other more enlightened countries so much more is being done. And good gay parents are celebrated just like good straight parents are.

And sometimes even SUNG about...

Wasn't that cute?

Isn't homophobia DISGUSTING?

When will the hatred STOP?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Strategic Voting and the Left Wing Fools

Now that the evenings are cooler and the boats will soon be out of the water. And I've run out of positive things to say about the election to try to cheer us up. Here are a few final thoughts.

As you probably know I supported the idea of strategic voting, to compensate for the divided state of the centre-left. And try to stop the Cons from slithering up the middle like a contingent of slimy eels.

So how did that work out? so good.

And not just there but in quite a few other ridings too.

Now I can't be as angry as Canadian Cynic, because some of my best friends...actually ALL of them... are left-wing fools who would rather EAT their ballots than vote for another party. And I don't blame the Dippers for getting the distinct impression that when the Natural, Governing , Liberal Party said vote strategically they meant vote for THEM.

But that doesn't mean I'm not very disappointed. According to La Presse, the vote split cost the progressive side about twenty seats...which just happens to be the same number of seats the Cons gained.

But I have no regrets. I thought the movement for strategic voting was a brave attempt to make up for our divisions. And I want to thank all those who threw their hearts and souls into this non-partisan effort to save Canada from a Stephen Harper majority. The ones who put up websites like this one and this one ....and all the others. You were AWESOME. And at least we tried.

I also hope that one day it will be seen as the first faltering steps towards a united centre-left party that will crush the Cons and drive them from power FOREVER.

Which reminds me....since Great Strategic Genius Humble Pie Leader is still beating his head against a wall because he didn't get his majority. Or wiping his ass AND his smelly armpits with the Quebec flag.

And I love all my progressive brothers and sisters ....even when they're wrong. Because I know their hearts are in the right place.

And it's Saturday night and the left-wing fools are banging on my door. And I have to decide whether to give them shit. Or go DANCE with them.

What the heck eh?

Oh why oh why do we make it so hard for ourselves?

Have a great weekend everyone !!!!