Saturday, October 04, 2008

Warren Kinsella Throws in the Towel...

By declaring that Stephen Harper is the Canadian Everyman.

By design or by accident, consciously or not, Stephen is the Canadian Everyman. He let us know that early on, when he grinned and said that meeting Bono about peace was his predecessor's schtick - and when he carried his son's hockey bag to a game, and the resulting photograph said to a few million Canadians: "He doesn't just understand my life. He is living my life."

Oh REALLY ? An Everyman? A hockey mum? Like Sarah Palin?

Or the vicious little nerd who tried to abolish the Student Union in both high school and university? The guy whose only real job was a stint with Imperial Oil...before he started hanging out with the ultra-right wing fanatics of the sinister Calgary School.

A man who attends a church that believes the world could end tomorrow...and that's a GOOD thing. And that women are born to serve and stay at home, and gays are an abomination. A man whose first act in government was to strip the word "equality" out of the mandate of the Status of Women.

An ordinary guy who shakes his kid's hand on the first day at school. Has a personal stylist to make him look PRETTY.

And lets other men take his wife out on the every other ordinary guy. Wot?

A right-wing neocon monster who has run the most authoritarian and brutish government in Canadian history. A man who LIES all the time, and who let the thugs at Guantanamo torture a Canadian kid.

And then there's the "Canadian" part of the "Everyman." But why don't we let Bush Harper tell us about that one....

"Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it.... In terms of the unemployed... don't feel particularly bad for many of these people. They don't feel bad about it themselves, as long as they're receiving generous social assistance and unemployment insurance."

Golly. Who knew that a Canadian Everyman is someone who poses as a nice guy in a granny sweater.... so he can get a majority and rip the soul out of a country he hates so much?

Warren, Warren are we even talking about the same guy? And are you the same guy I once admired. And still sometimes do especially when you take on the right-wing hatemongers. Surely you must understand the banality of evil. Or are you just getting old and TIRED?

Because let me tell you something. To me a Canadian Everyman is a guy who fights for his country and our precious Canadian values. A guy who treats women as equals. Doesn't bully people or try to DESTROY his opponents. And doesn't want to turn our country into a neocon jungle like Amerika.

By killing the culture that keeps this country Canada. Killing the CBC. Or sentencing 14-year-old kids to be RAPED in jail.

And anyone who thinks differently must be confused.. or a DEFEATIST.

Stephen Harper is winning, and will win, not because of that Tim Horton's vs. Starbucks stuff I said in 2006. That doesn't apply anymore, because he's been in power for three years. Harper will win because he is the Everyman, and that is what folks want right now. They want someone like them.

Because Stephen Harper is not like THEM or US. He's a hideous neocon stooge who HATES who we are. Just like most Canadians HATE him.

And the battle to rid ourselves of this sinister freak will NEVER be over until the glorious day he is DEFEATED and dumped into the garbage can of history.

So throw another log on the fire Warren. Or roast yourself some marshmallows while we keep on FIGHTING to prevent Harper from getting a majority.

Because as I said in my last post, Canada is too beautiful to allow this monster to DESTROY it.

And defeat is NOT an option....


rww said...

First thought is - that's pretty extreme. Second thought is - that's right on.

Simon said...

Hi rww...actually it'
Poor Warren, maybe I was a bit hard on him. It's just that holding up a red ...or a white flag... with Stephen Harper "Canadian Everyman" on it at this point in the campaign just made me EXPLODE. I know the situation is desperate but Stephen Harper IS the worst thing to ever happen to Canada. He's the last person you could ever call an EVERYMAN. And it's too soon to quit.

P.S. After I wrote it... in about ten steaming minutes... it reminded me why I hate Harper, not Warren, so much.
And I felt a lot BETTER... :)

Beijing York said...

Kinsella and any other pundit that continues to spin the myth that Harper is some kind of regular, Canadian everyman deserves to be skewered for their part in deceiving the public. The sad thing is that 60% are not deceived.

I believe that majority feels confused and frustrated because our media has been steering them to some logical conclusion that innately makes them bristle to the core.

Harper is a bully and liar, possibly even a thief (judging from the little we learned from the In and Out scandal). We know that his mentor, Dick Cheney, is definitely all three as well as a sadist with a lousy shot.