Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Time For Strategic Voting is Now

I was lying on the beach today soaking up some rays, when a bank of fog swept in over my island, and as I sat there suddenly shivering, I couldn't help thinking of the shape of things to come.

And it was HORRIBLE.

You know for most of this campaign the Nanos polls have been like a teddy bear to me. Helping me at least DREAM that things were going well.

But now the time has come to assume the WORST. Or just listen to what Great Ugly, Nice , Pretty , Ugly , Granny Wolf Leader has to say.

In a brief speech, Harper predicted the result of the election will "probably" be another minority government, either led by his party or the Liberals. The prime minister has been dialing down expectations in recent days.

Because when Stephen Granny Wolf Harper says don't worry about a majority, and as he said yesterday, don't bother to check the polls i.e. don't vote STRATEGICALLY.

You know he's so close to a majority he can smell its bloody red juices, and he's slobbering so much he's practically DROWNING in his own saliva.

Just like the progressive side will be drowning in its own stupidity if it DOESN'T vote strategically.Or VOTE SMART.

Because letting a failed neocon like Harper win a majority because of a time like this one... would be more than stoopid it would be CRIMINAL. Like more and more good Canadians now recognize.

We need to elect as many progressives as possible to deny Harper his majority, and so even if he gets a minority, we can overthrow him with a Liberal-NDP-Green coalition.

When this campaign began the movement for strategic voting was small and weak. Now it's a powerful grassroots force with the potential to change Canadian history.

Because we CAN stop Harper. We CAN bring Canadian values back to politics. We CAN reclaim our beautiful country.

We CAN save our burning planet...

OK I'm a sucker for bag pipes, and I wanna beat a drum, and shout "Down with the Tyrant !!!"

But can you imagine how AWESOME that could be? Canadians young and old from all parties joining hands to save our beautiful country, and defeat the nasty neocon?

The quiet Canadians standing up and shouting Enough is Enough. And My Country Comes FIRST.

And the best thing is we CAN do it ....but we have to act fast. Educate ourselves and our friends.

Because time is running out for Canada. The fog is rolling in.

And the monsters are at the door...


P.S. Here's another helpful site. And if I find any others...I know there are lots of them...I'll add them as well.


Anonymous said...

"You know he's so close to a majority he can smell its bloody red juices, and he's slobbering so much he's practically DROWNING in his own saliva. "

Good grief, you write in such stereotypes that you don't come across as rational!

Now attempt to imagine your response if a "progressive" leader, say Chretien, was described in such a manner. How TOLERANT would you think such a caricature is and how deep would you believe is the research that went into the post?

Simon said...

Hi anonymous...actually I thought I was understating Great Krazy Leader's reaction on being so close to a majority.
I could have added that he's wearing a tongue protector to stop him from chewing and swallowing it...and shades so people can't see how his eyes are bulging and starting to glow in the dark. As for rational did I ever say I was? Just more rational than anyone who would vote for Stephen Harper.Eh?
And finally please don't compare Harper to the little guy from Shawinigan. He may have been a thug but at least he wasn't sinister and undemocratic like your thug. And finally there was no research in that post. I'm lazy that way. Just simple common sense. Sorry.

Omar said...

Time to consider building a firewall around that big blue piss stain that is the Monster's fervent western support base.
My Canada does not include stupidity.

Anonymous said...

You're in luck - I play the bagpipes. Unfortunately, my boyfriend thinks they are too loud, but he'll grow to love them... I hope. ;)