Friday, October 03, 2008

The Night Harper Looked Like Nixon

First the good news. Last night like many Canadians I switched back and forth between our English debate and the one between Palin and Biden. But after a while I stopped doing that. Because OURS was about ten times better. More intelligent and more exciting.

Not bad for little Canada eh?

I hope the legions of yankee lovers in this country weren't TOO disappointed. Boo hoo hoo.

Now for the.....even BETTER news.
I thought all of the progressive party leaders performed BRILLIANTLY.

I thought they hammered Stephen Harper, the yankee lover in chief, like a Mexican pinata. I thought they exposed him as a liar and a smiling fraud. A dangerous ideologue, a hopeless incompetent, and George Bush's little bumboy. Or John Howard's poodle.

The poodle of a poodle of a poodle.

And didn't Great Crazy , Angry , Pretty , Fake Smiling Leader look AWFUL? The night before they put too much makeup on him so he looked like a painted whore. And sounded in French like a phone sex CREEPER.

Last night they didn't put enough on him so he looked and sounded like a pasty faced Richard Nixon.

"My fellow Americans....I mean Canadians." SPLAT. I wonder whether they'll send a helicopter to his Ottawa White House to take him away. Or a dump truck?

Congratulations to all the progressive leaders you were AWESOME. Now imagine how AMAZING it would be if we were united? Eh?

But never mind. Later later. Right now this is good enough.

Before the debate, 40 per cent of respondents believed Mr. Harper would win the night, and 53 per cent thought he was the most prime ministerial.

By the end, though, only 31 per cent believed he'd triumphed, and his appeal as Prime Minister had slipped to 47 per cent, making the Conservative leader the only person to fare badly in the debate.

Right now I just feel proud to be a lefty progressive. And a Canadian.

And since it's almost the weekend I just wanna dance.

Wow that was excellent.

But boys since you're in the washroom.... when you get to the toilet bowl where Stephen Harper is FLOATING. Wondering how much longer he can pretend to be a Canadian Prime Minister or a NICE guy. And whether he is still PRETTY, after the beating he got last night.

Don't forget to FLUSH it.

Sic Temper Tyrannis.


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