Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stop the Con Wolf ....Vote Strategically

Poor Stephen Harper I hear he's a real mess today. First the Con wolf couldn't sleep a wink, because he was up all night howling at the full moon.

And then this morning when the stock market surged he thought that might help his chances of a majority....and started DROOLING so much they had to call a fire truck to pump him out.

But that's OK. If we vote smart and STRATEGICALLY today, tomorrow we can call a garbage truck to haul him away.

And that would be EXCELLENT.

Not just because our beautiful, peaceful, tolerant country deserves better.

But also because my dog needs a new bed...

He'd vote for Canada if he could.

So make sure you and your friends do too.

Vote smart. Vote STRATEGICALLY.

Down with nasty Con wolf !!!

Long live our beautiful country !!!!


P.S. Once again here are two awesome sites to help you make an educated choice.

Now go VOTE....


RossK said...

Nice one Simon....

Lotusland's last chance picks to Stop the Cons at my place.....



Beijing York said...

So nice to come here Simon. The last two weeks have thoroughly disappointed me. Partisanship trumped camaraderie that was initially spotted at the beginning of the election in an effort to defeat Harper.

Ross I sure do hope people in BC are paying attention and scouring the blogosphere for some strategic advice. When the opposition parties became content to just keep Harper to a minority, I felt that they ALL failed to represent the will of the Canadian people.

Sure, we can demand for electoral reform and blame FPTP but in the meantime, Harper will further transform this country into something that is an anathema to most Canadians.

Simon said...

Hi Ross....Thanks. And I just saw your Con Stopping post and it was EXCELLENT. In fact after comparing it to my post I think I'm going to do something quickly...before people figure out that I'm lazy... :) Seriously though wouldn't it be disappointing if after stopping the Cons in Quebec, they won because of Ontario and BC?

Simon said...

Hi Beijing York!! I know how you feel. I love the progressive family...even the most annoying ones...and I know it's really hard not to vote for the party you love.But we are in exceptional times, and we have to be ahead of the curve not behind it.
I think Canadians would be very favorable to a Liberal-NDP coalition, so they shouldn't burn bridges to each other.
And as for proportional representation well sure...i think we ALL agree with that.
But right now we don't have it so we have to do what we can.
The way I see it strategic voting is just a way to try to make up for the folly of being DIVIDED...

Anonymous said...

ugh, we just got the same thing, but strengthened.....even though harper never acts like a minority.

sheesh the voter turnout was low but what do you expect with what there was to offer? i can understand why so many stayed home and didn't vote. most only think con or lib. they don't see the value in casting for an alternative....too bad.

let's see harper 'go for it' and tell people gawd told him to do it. i'll put in a call to air canada and order lots of barf bags :D