Thursday, October 09, 2008

Afghanistan: When the Truth Hurts

Well now the truth is finally out. My long search for it is over. Now we know for SURE that the RepubliCons can't manage a lemonade stand, let alone a country about to be hit by a recession.

Because they can't even COUNT.

Canada has spent $7.7 billion to $10.5 billion on costs related to its mission in the past six years, and may spend $13.9 billion to $18.1 billion by the end of the 2010-11 budget year, according to The Fiscal Impact of the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan tabled by parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page on Thursday.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had previously estimated that the total cost so far would amount to less than $8 billion.

Now what I want to know is why the Parliamentary budget officer couldn't get the information he needed.

"To date, Parliament has been provided with only limited information, often after the fact, on these costs, and has not been given estimates on future costs that may be incurred in the support of the veterans of these conflicts."

Why is all access to the military being controlled by the PMO?

And doesn't that bother Canadians?

Oh yeah and just a few more little things. I'd like to donate the $1,500 dollars I'm spending on this doomed mission to the poor women of Afghanistan.

Who are being punished for being RAPED.

I'd also like to pay tribute to the brave Canadian soldiers who died for nothing.

And of course I'd like to sing my favourite war song, just one last time...

Yes. It is true. The truth hurts.

But only if you care ENOUGH..

If Canadians don't care enough by now about what these Cons are doing to our country.

And how it's going to end up costing us EVERYTHING.

I wonder if they ever will...


Woozie said...

You guys are becoming more and more American by the minute. It's heartwarming! Maybe you can be our 53rd state someday since Israel and the UK already have first and second dibs.

One of us, one of us; gooble gabble gooble gabble!

sassy said...

Say what Woozie??

Simon said...

Hi Woozie...gooble gabble...gooble gabble? You mean I have to learn RepubliCON before I can become an Amerrricun? And I haven't even learned how to speak Canajun. No way. Eh?

Simon said...

Hi Sassy !! I think wookie is pulling our beaver leg...