Friday, October 10, 2008

Stephen Harper's Bullies Strike Again

As I've explained many times before I don't call Stephen Harper a monster, or hate him and his RepubliCons just because they're trying to force their evil, alien, neocon ideology down the unwilling throats of most Canadians.

The reason I REALLY hate them is because they are such foul BULLIES.

As their use of this no-news clip of Stephane Dion once again demonstrates.

It's a TOTAL non story. But as I write this the video is at the top of the Blogging Tories. The Uber Squealer Stephen Taylor is declaring it a "Liberal crisis." Oink!!!. Oink!!! The rube dominatrix at Small Dead Chihuahuas has jumped in like a bitch in heat with a post headlined Three Strike Stephane. Woof!!! Woof !!! Hump. Hump. Christian Conservative is so excited he's practically writing in tongues....or WANKING OFF I'm not quite sure. And even this dumb fuck has weighed in.

This clip, sent to me by a reader, is unbelievable. How can this man be leader of our great land???

I mean that's the LIMIT. Eh? My question: How can this MORON be a Doctor???

And what's wrong with these people? Are they ignorant, crazy or just DESPERATE ?

And where do they get that hideous bullying streak from? Because it's not Canadian it's Amerikan. It doesn't even make SENSE. Don't these Con cretins understand they've just BLOWN their whole campaign? I mean if even Adam Radwanski gets it, doesn't EVERYONE?

Your leader's biggest problem is that voters find him unsympathetic. You've gone out of your way to cast him as warm and fuzzy, the apparent failure of which has seen your lead erode in the campaign's final week. And as your primary opponent suffers an embarrassing moment owing to a poor grasp of English and possibly a hearing impairment, you put that leader in front of a camera to make fun of him?

And isn't this little scene DISGUSTING?

Stephen Harper came out to do a quick scrum on the subject. And, holy cow, Kory Teneycke even announced that the usual rigid rules with respect to asking the PM questions would be lifted for this very, very special event. “OK, guys, you can go old-school,” Teneycke said. “Just shout your questions out—you’ve been waiting for this.” Harper spoke quietly, as though much was riding on every syllable. “When you’re running a trillion-and-a-half-dollar economy,” he said, “you don’t get a chance to do a do-over, again and again.”

What a CREEPER. First they packaged him as a Nice Guy. Then they put him in a granny sweater. Now he's back to being Mr Ugly.The nasty angry nerd and Bush/Rove stooge we know all too well.

The guy who was whupped in both official language debates, who is watching his precious majority slip out of his slimy hands, and is so DESPERATE he's reduced to making fun of a decent French-speaking Canadian with a hearing disability. Huh?

How LOW can he go?

The good news? I think these Cons have overplayed their hand. I think Don Martin nailed it.

It’s the new low in a snake’s belly of a campaign.

In the end the incident they hoped to use to define Mr. Dion as a confused ditherer may actually provide more telling insight into the character of Stephen Harper.

I think it's going to come back and BITE them in the ass. Big Time. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they just lost the election.

Because I believe most decent Canadians will look at this latest effort to humiliate Dion, and will be so revolted, they'll PUNISH the Cons on election day.

Because Canada is BETTER than them.

Stephen Harper IS a monster.

And bullies are DISGUSTING....


P.S. Note to some NDP supporters. I'm not a Liberal. I'm an Anyone but Harper guy. So attacking Liberals for their POLICIES is OK with me. But joining in this bully fest is not right. It makes you appear as low as the Con Klowns.

So don't do it. Eh?



Scott in Montreal said...

Simon, you're on fire! And the Tories are TNT (Tanking Next Tuesday)

Omar said...

I shall never buy, read or even think about the Globe and Mail ever again. Unbelievable.

Good luck in your riding on Tuesday!

Simon said...

Hi Scott...thanks...I'm so burned out I'm not sure I can make it to voting day, but since I hate bullies of any stripe so much, that one was EASY... :)

Simon said...

Hi Omar...between the right-wing tyrant apologists at the Globe, and the Con stooge Mike Duffy at the Globe Media broadcasting arm, they disgust me. It really is outrageous that in a centre-left country we have so many right-wing columnists and other flunkies.
Good luck in your riding. In my riding the Cons don't have a chance...we will fight them on the beaches....we will fight them in the Starbucks...etc etc :)

Anonymous said...

CTV was wrong to use the video. The danger in politics however is having something caught on tape.

The good news out of this is that CTV may well regret their use of the video clip and Harper and the conservatives showed once again why many Canadians won't trust him to a majority.