Monday, October 06, 2008

Stephen Harper's Afghanistan Cover Up

A few days ago I told you about a report in Le Devoir that claimed that Stephen Harper and the PMO were muzzling the Canadian Forces.

Now the CBC confirms that report and adds another detail.

The last time I was here, in June and July 2007, field operations were going out every week. And there were offers from the military to get the reporters who are embedded here with them out on those missions. This time, for the first few weeks anyway, there wasn't a single mission leaving the base.

Which makes me wonder whether even the Great War on Terror has been placed on hold to serve Stephen Harper's election purposes.

If so, are we SAFE in our beds tonight?

And now that we know that victory in Afghanistan is impossible. Just like our mission.

And that the British ambassador in Kabul thinks what we need is an "acceptable dictator."

And that our friend, the former Governor of Kandahar, the one we gave the Inuit sculpture to when he from torturing people, is one of the biggest smack dealers in Afghanistan.

You know the brother of the President. Or the Mayor of Kabul.

Now we know all that ....could we please find out how much this bloody fiasco is going to COST us?

Why the Canadian Forces aren't answering ANY questions from reporters. And if it's true that's because Stephen Harper doesn't want ANYTHING to get in the way of his majority.

And if the bill for our stay in Afghanistan is billions and billions of dollars MORE than the incompetent Cons thought it would be, is that why this report hasn't been RELEASED?

Because it would show Harper is a LOUSY economic manager, and send a torpedo up his fat ass and into the side of his majority?

And who is the watchdog working for, the Canadian people or Stephen Harper?

Oh yeah. And two more questions.

Is our Canadian army still a Canadian army?

Or a Con Army?

And hasn't it been a lovely war?


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Beijing York said...

Seriously, the Canadians aren't even conducting any missions while the election is on? Is Harper afraid that if another Canadian soldier is killed, it will further tank his victory prospects? What a cynical prick.

The whole Afghanistan fiasco is FUBAR.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing York ! Can you believe that? Look if that means there's less of a chance of them getting killed I'm happy. But what scares me is the level of control this PMO has over everything. It's authoritarian and dangerous.
But what is more interesting is that I've heard that the Afghanistan bill for keeping us there until 2011 could be as hight as $20 billion as opposed to the $9 billion the Cons estimated it would cost. Which would put us into a virtual deficit the size of the surplus they EVAPORATED.
And deal Harper a mighty blow.
So I'm surprised our leaders aren't demanding that the report be released...