Friday, October 03, 2008

The Monster, The Warning, and Strategic Voting

Earlier today in another post I had a little fun with the way the progressive party leaders hammered Stephen Harper last night. @%#$&!.... POW....SMACK!!!

I mean now that Stephane Dion says we should have fun, I guess EVERYONE must be happy. Eh?

But after the fun comes the WARNING.

I'm glad to see the Liberals seem to be recovering, that the NDP is giving them a run for their money, and that Elizabeth May is a STAR.

And of course that Margaret Atwood and I both think Gilles Duceppe is a Canadian hero.

In Toronto on Friday, Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe launched a blistering attack against the Harper government, saying the Conservative leader's vision is "alien to Quebec and, I suspect, to Canada as well."

Because he's right of course. A RepubliCon majority WOULD be a disaster for Canada.

And the cold hard facts are that as each progressive party gains in support,the MORE the split on the left is magnified. And the LOWER the threshhold for that hideous majority becomes.

Once they needed about 40 percent to be sure of a majority. Today or tomorrow they might need only need 37 percent..

Yeah yeah I know. There are more encouraging polls. But one should always plan for the worst case scenario. What if Harper's Cons ARE within range of a majority?

Even though he is a dangerous puppet of the failed Bush regime. Even though he would rape our beautiful Canadian values. Even though he will lead us to disaster. Even though he would turn this country into a neocon jungle.

Even though the monster is a threat to EVERYTHING we hold precious.

So that's why I plan to vote strategically. In a calm, intelligent, educated manner.

Using all the tools at my disposal.

And I urge everyone to at least consider doing the same.

Because our beautiful country is in danger.

And defeat is NOT an option....


P.S. I see on the CBC News that Harper is now telling people NOT to vote strategically.

* Whistles*

What does that tell you?


Beijing York said...

I love Margaret Atwood and I agree with you both, Duceppe is a real LEADER.

We are into the last week of the election and I'm scared of the outcome. I also have a raging cold that just started so I'm tired and cranky.

Liberals and NDP strategists and supporters. Cut the crap with attacking each other an keep Harper in your cross hairs. If you really care about Canada and Canadians, you will do this for us.

Harper may not have been victorious in the debates but he still came across as somewhat reasonable and civilized in the English debate. He was far more defensive in the French one and I have high hopes that Quebec won't be fooled.

But for the sake of the RoC, stop looking at this as a fight for who will get to lead the opposition. The fight should be to stop Harper in his tracks. Just say NO to a Harper minority -- that's the key message and prove him wrong and dishonest with every little shiny bauble of policy platform he tries to dangle before us between now and the election.

Why must the voters do all the heavy lifting to stop this monster?

Omar said...

Dear Leader was here in Yarmouth, NS this morning for a carefully crafted campaign stop with only Conservative partisans allowed to attend. The odd thing about the timing is that our local provincial MLA Richard Hurlbut was holding a Democracy 250 picnic not three blocks over from the museum where Harper was holding court. Speculation around town was that following the museum stop, Harper would head over to the BBQ, have a dog and you know, meet some people. Shake some hands, have a laugh, mingle with the voters he desperatly needs to claim this Liberal held riding. Well, guess what? Fat boy was a no-show. No going off script for this jerk. Our MLA is even a Progressive Conservative for fuck sakes! It will be interesting to see how this riding votes on the 14th as today's gaff certainly did not go unnoticed.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing York !! I'm sorry to hear you have a nasty cold. If it's any consolation I got it too... :(
And I'm also scared that Harper could get away with posing as a nice guy, after all the evidence to the contrary.
But I don't know if it's the chicken soup or the Saguenay tourtiere, but I'm still feeling optimistic.
I'm SOOOOOOO proud of Quebecers for turning on him over culture and children's rights, even after they way he has bribed them with shiny baubles. And I still believe that English Canadians will wake up and do the right thing.
Uh oh...I better go and take my temperature.
Hope you feel better soon :)
If they can put the

Simon said...

Hi know I can't believe how Harper has gotten away with this outrageous behaviour. Mugging his candidates and turning his own campaigning into some kind of closed sound stage.
To me it's an affront to democracy.
But then that's what his years in power have been.
I can't believe Candians would reward a leader for behaving in such an authoritarian manner. I mean this is a fully fledged democratic country not some sort of Banana Republik. Or is it ? :)