Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Proposition 8 and Harvey Milk's Message

On November 4th I will be hoping for a massive turnout in California to vote for Barack Obama. So he can lead the United States to a better place. A place called HOPE.

Even though I know that kind of turnout could shatter the hopes of thousands and thousands of my gay brothers and sisters who are trying to defeat Proposition 8.

In this historic presidential election year, political observers say high voter turnout for Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama -- who is predicted to draw record numbers of church-going African Americans and Latinos -- may spell the demise of legal gay marriage in California.

It's a hard and bitter thing for me and many other gay people to accept. To have fought against racism and for minority rights just as hard as we have fought against homophobia.

In my case since I was twelve.

Only to be rewarded...or betrayed... with indifference, ignorance, and hate.

Or ads like this one.

Am I angry and disappointed? Yes.

Could it ever make me hate Black, Asian or Latino people? Never. I don't blame THEM. I blame the curse of evil religion, that turns people into bigots and beasts, and leads them to deny the humanity of others.

Does it make me feel like giving up? Not a chance. Because I'm not like that.

And because last night in San Francisco they screened the new movie about Harvey Milk.

Who before he was murdered by a crazy bigot left us all a message...

And I got it. I got HOPE.

I think we ALL do.

Because if we didn't have it in spades, all the bitter disappointment we've had to endure in our long struggle for equality, would have CRUSHED us long ago.

And it hasn't and it NEVER will. It just makes us fight harder.

Oh yeah. One day. One day. *whistles*

Yes we can.

Yes we WILL...


Martin Gamache said...

Yikes! The anti-gay ad is crazy.

I don't understand why gay marriage scare these people. Although, I have heterosexual preferences, I simply don't care that other persons have different tastes. It simply is not my business, and I don't see how it could threaten me. It's like saying that I should feel threatened because some people have different culinary tastes than mine.

I hope we'll never get that far in stupidity (although with Harper and Mario Dumont...)

Anonymous said...

So when are you going to get married Simon? ;)

Simon said...

Hi Enkidu's palace !! Yeah it really is crazy isn't it. Just like all bigotry.And of course gay marriage doesn't threaten anyone. The more love the better. And BTW...and forgive me but I can't resist...some of my best friends are heterosexual... :)
Vive la difference !!!!

Simon said...

Hi anonymous...oh I don't know probably because I'm so wild and free I can't be domesticated. On the other hand if by any chance you are know it's because I'm LAZY... :)