Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Obama Plot, the Skinheads, and the Blogging Tories

Howdy Doody. As if it wasn't scary enough that two skinheads thought they could dress up in white tuxedos and top hats, climb into a klown car, and take out Obama.

After killing eighty-eight other black people FIRST.

A plot so devilishly ingenious even the other rednecks in their rube town....which makes Appalachia look like Paris... are shocked. But not surprised.

Riddell said she tried to offer Paul Schlesselman a pet lizard she couldn't care for, but was warned by his family that "he would hurt it."

Now to add ignorance to injury, the Blogging Junker takes time out from denying the existence of global warming....and goes in search of Obama's inner Marxist.

Golly. That was ....um.....DISTURBING. Now I'm confused. Is paranoia a higher state of consciousness or a serious mental illness?

But wait ....to make matters even WORSE Small Dead Chihuahuas picks up his paranoid post and runs with it too. Woof Woof.

Which leads me to wonder is Dr Roy REALLY the dumbest Blogging Tory?

Wouldn't it be better if they ALL spent less time looking for Obama's inner Marxist...and more time digging through their lizard brains looking for their inner IDIOTS?

And if they are so stoopid will even this simple cartoon help them to understand why McCain is going to LOOSE?


Probably not. You see it's not just paranoia or crazy stupid....it's DESPERATION written large. Like a skinhead tattoo on their neanderthal foreheads.

Or this redneck father and son act...

Which of course is EXCELLENT.

Wooohoo!!! Put on your top hats everyone!!! In seven days we get to PARTY while the pathetic RepubliCons cry their hearts out. Woof. Woof. WAAAAAAAH !!!!

OMG. That's going to hurt soooooooo MUCH.

Isn't that a LOVELY thought?



P.S. You know sometimes when I read the Blogging Tories I can't help but feel like that poor family who ordered ice cream but got this instead.

"My friend thought I was over-reacting, but when she smelt it, she started screaming 'Oh my god, they've served us s***'."



Beijing York said...

I love that cautionary tale. Great cartoon.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing York !! It was cute wasn't it? I really should have said something about Con bloggers helping fuel the ugly current of hate in the United States.But I'm still recovering from the election and a cartoon was easier... :)