Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stephen Harper and the Afghanistan Shocker

Thanks to Impolitical I discover that the miserable Con dwarf Jimbo Flaherty is going to hold a news conference tomorrow morning.

And I can't help but wonder if he's trying to bribe us into voting for the RepubliCons. With half a banana or a baby bonus. Or could it be he's going to try to DISTRACT us from this bloody bill?

The cost of Canada's mission in Afghanistan, slated for release on Thursday, could be more than double what the Conservative government has estimated, according to an Ottawa think tank.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has previously estimated that the total cost to date of Canada's mission, which began in 2002, is under $8 billion.

That's less than half the $17.2 billion that the Rideau Institute predicted in a study entitled The Cost of the War and the End of Peacekeeping, which was released Wednesday.

The institute said Canadians can expect another $11.1 billion to be spent between now and 2011, which is the date the Conservative government has pledged to withdraw most of Canada's military forces from combat duties in Afghanistan.

Which if true would prove conclusively that the Cons couldn't manage a LEMONADE STAND. Let alone a country about to be beaten bloody by a brutal recession.

Let's just hope the real report isn't another Con cover-up.

But if it isn't and the numbers are as out of whack as the Rideau Institute estimates they are, then the war that Stephen Harper tried to use to win himself a majority...and destroy the Canada we love....could be coming home to BITE him. Just in the nick of time. Just when there's no time to RECOVER from such a devastating blow.


I mean Woohoo!!!!! How did that song go? Oh oh oh what a lovely war.

Oh oh oh what a lovely war...

Oh heck. Why don't I just play it AGAIN?

Yes. It's true. Sometimes war is Hell. Eh?

And sometimes it's LOVELY...

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